Friday, July 27, 2007

Off to New Orleans!

So last night I went out for dinner with John Neighbor.

When I said I'd have dinner with him, he wrote to ask if I had any particular dislikes or allergies. And so I replied that I dislike Ethiopian food and steakhouses and am allergic to cats.

So he ruled out Ethiopian, steak, and cats. And came up with Tabaq, which is charming and has delicious food and strolling distance from our building. And, it turns out, a lovely wine list. We had some super delicious wine made by some famous Australian golfer. I mean, I'm sure he doesn't make the wine. He just made loads of cash and bought a vineyard. And, yum.

It turns out he's not all that much younger than me. And he's bright. I dunno. Anyway, I didn't say much of anything stupid, and kept my fingers out of the butter. All in all, shockingly well behaved.

And now I am snorting chocolate like it's going out of style in preparation for my flight to New Orleans this afternoon. I was going to not eat all the chocolate, because I will be eating nothing but butter and fried butter and buttered butter for the next five days. Seriously. Our meeting planner said she was having the hardest time finding options that weren't battered and buttered and fried. And that was just for breakfast.

So I thought, better not eat all these sweets before I go. And then I thought, but what if I jinx it? I'll be so pissed if I die on that plane not having had enough chocolate beforehand.

I never said I was rational.

I imagine I'll check in with you all - I always do. But if not, have a fantastic weekend! See ya sometime next week!


  1. In fact, that's the perfect reason to eat all of the chocolates.

    Have fun in New Orleans (how could you not) and enjoy all the butter!

  2. What you don't realize is that butter is the 'lite' option. The other choice is lard.

    I will contain my jealousy enough to wish you a safe and fun trip. But I'm a little green over here.

  3. Do you know whether you'd suffer an allergic reaction if you actually did eat a cat? I mean, presumably it'd be fur-less, so what would be the danger?

  4. Good thing to have the chocolate, just in case. I love N.O. and will be going there next month.

    We'll be driving, so I won't have to eat chocolate, but when I get there? The food and drink debauchery will ensue!

    Have fun. Safe trip.

  5. I thought that they served buttered butter after my first trip, but found some really fabulous spots with healthy (!) options. If you get this in time, try Dick and Jenny's (and for a non-healthy dessert, even if you don't normally like it, you'll love it---try their lemon meringue pie), Upperline, and lots/most of the little places on Magazine St. Also, best place to shop---Magazine St. I love Hemline and other little boutiques along that strip. They have a vintagey place right near Hemline that is called something like the VINTAGE STORE, or something obvious like that, but of course, I cannot remember. Really, I've had a total change of opinion about New Orleans!


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