Friday, July 06, 2007

Gee, it's really dark all of a sudden!

Bob and I were out walking around downtown at lunch.

He asked if I was aware of all the men checking me out.

"Really? Men? Are checking me out? Me?"


"Are they gross men or the kind of men I might be interested in?"

"I'll have to pay more attention. It'll be awkward, but I'll do it for you."

"But really? Men are checking me out?"

"I figured you were pretty much oblivious. But see, they're looking at you, so they don't notice that I'm observing them. It's quite interesting."

"Eric and Kay are certain I'm going to get kidnapped because I walk down the sidewalk so completely oblivious."

"But you'd recognize if you were stuck in the back of a dark van, right?"


  1. OK, you would really know if you were stuck in the back of a dark van, right? ;)

  2. AF - Ha ha! Yes. I'm not THAT oblivious!

  3. One of my partners at work is a curvaceous, attractive blonde. She's not my type, so don't think I'm about to get untoward here... (we are, in fact, referred to at work as the "sexless, old, married couple"), but when I walk down the street with her it's like HOLY CRAP.

    The dudes are relentless.

    She's just learned to constantly filter.

  4. Rich - The thing is, I'm not filtering. I was totally shocked that he said that. Men don't talk to me in bars, don't go out of their way to get my attention. I have friends that I see this happen to, but it doesn't happen to me.


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