Thursday, July 12, 2007

If it weren't today and I were as impetuous as I used to be I'd take the orange plastic handled scissors from my desk drawer and chop it myself

If you are looking for depth, there is none in this post. Not one iota. I get my hair cut and re-blonded this evening. I cannot wait.

I've had a fairly classic bob for ages and ages. Sometimes it's longer, sometimes it's shorter, but it's mostly the same shape. With subtle blonde highlights.

This last time, though, I told my stylist I'm trying to grow it out. Because Lindsey, my ex-stylist, who moved to South Beach to be a high-heels-by-the-pool girl, cut it shorter and shorter over the prior year. To where, suddenly, I had a Very Short Bob. Too short.

But whatever he did to try to let me grow it out, the back is driving me batshit crazy. It's too blunt or something. It hits my neck (and I hate the hair on my neck feeling) and then sticks straight out. Or sideways. So it hangs nicely in the front and then the back chunk swirls out sideways.

So people are probably thinking, oh, poor girl, she takes the entire back of her hair and tries to make it into a Nike swoosh. She sure does look normal from the front.

Anyway. You know how sometimes you are fine with something until a point? And then, at that precise moment in time you feel you can bear it no longer?

That's what happened with my hair two weeks ago, when the back swoosh really kicked in. And it's just barely too short to pull it all back. But my stylist is a busy busy man. And so I knew I had to wait.

Because my days of messing with my own hair are done. They were many, they were varied, and sometime I'll tell you about the time my dad dyed my hair in the garage. But those eff up my own hair days, they are over.

And so I have been waiting and loathing my hair with ever fiber of my being.

But now! The wait is over! I have on the cute trendy dress! I will bring platform shoes so I can change out of my commuting sneakers before hitting the salon. I will apply makeup before I leave work this afternoon.

And, god willing, by seven this evening I'll have the sticky-outy back of my hair issue resolved! I'll have the nicely layered elegant bob again. I'll have new highlights! Yippee!


  1. I totally agree with your make-up/dress/shoe issue. Even years after I have been going to Tracy, my hair always comes out better when I look the part.

    I also have similar cowlick issues. The right side of my hair curves right, the left side of my hair, also, curves right. I have to flat iron it just so that it looks symmetrical.

    And why is it that when you leave the stylist, your hair looks perfect, and they give you the two minute tutorial on how to do it at home, and yet even though you took copious notes, you never get it right. I blame the brush, honestly. Because the round brush and I (and mortals everywhere) are not friends. The round brush I think, only obeys the commands of the gods. (i.e. my stylist.)

    Anyways- yeah for you with the highlights!

  2. If I let my hair get long, it starts curling around my ears and getting bushy and making me look like Scrooge McDuck... It looks really funny.

    Shaving my head once a month a by far the easier approach.

  3. Honey, you're going to be utterly fabulous tonight!! I loved your hair as it was, but I'm sure that this will give you a lovely, elegant look this evening. I want pics when it's done!

  4. SL - Yah, it's always impossible to recreate what your stylist does. But I profess to being profoundly lazy with my hair, so I never think I'll get it anywhere close anyway.

    VVK - Heh. Scrooge McDuck. The super short works for you.

    AF - Thanks! I would like to have long(er) hair but I feel much more back to me now.

  5. Where's the cute off kilter photo of you?

    I miss it so.

  6. Ah, thanks! Minor technical difficulties. I deleted, thinking I would switch it out. And then changed my mind, but can't find the URL to put it back up. So might change after all. Not sure. Feeling capricious.


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