Thursday, March 20, 2008

And then it turns out I'm Groundhog Day

You know how you might do the same thing over and over and just not realize it till someone points it out?

I used to be someone who never knew the temperature or forecast. I’d make my best guess and run out the door.

I would get up as late as possible and roll out the door in whatever clothing I could find that was clean and semi-presentable and put on-able within 10 minutes. I bathe at night. And my hair is pin straight. I can get up and not even comb it and it doesn’t make any difference.

So my mornings used to be fast. And uninformed. No checking TV, no radio. Just a glance at the sky and maybe a hand against the window.

Sometimes I would freeze on the way to work. Sometimes I'd swelter in wool on a warm day. I can't even tell you how many street vendors have sold me umbrellas in the rain.

But Nick has this little thing on his wall that connects to an outdoor thermometer. And so you can look at it and know what the precise temperature is. So now I look, every morning.

And it turns out that every morning, I profess surprise.

"Fuck! It's 42 degrees! Can you believe it?"

"It's 39 degrees out there! What the fuck?"

"33 fucking degrees! How can it be that cold?"

It seems that Nick has been holding his tongue on this for some time now. And then yesterday he said, "Our mornings start in exactly the same way every day."

"They do?"

"Yes. You say 'fuck' and express your surprise at the temperature."

"I do?"



"And Lis, you're the only one who is shocked and horrified by the temperature. Every. Single. Day."

I've gotta admit, it's true.

Fuck! Can you believe it?


  1. You should get a WeatherNow from Oregon Scientific. It shows you a four day forecast, and all sorts of other weather information. All at one glance. So if it's wonderful out right now, but going to rain later in the day, you'll see the rain cloud and know to take one of your many umbrellas! The amount you save from not having to buy umbrellas from street vendors will more than make up for the cost!

    Then the vendors will be the ones saying "Fuck!"


  2. You aren't the only one. I'm wearing booty shorts and wellies today. Thought I was covering my bases, but no such luck.

  3. No Today Show? No anally watching the 7 day weather planner so you can plan out the rainy days? You so crazy.

    I gotta take Nick's side on this one.

  4. you aren't the only one! it has been entirely too cold in the mid-atlantic this past week. i want spring!

  5. It's at this point that I realize that I do the same thing. And so I'm checking the weather for tomorrow. Thanks! :-)

  6. I'm with Beach Bum - you crack me up! Spring is near - this weekend is all bunnies, eggs, robins and chocolate.

  7. At least it's shocked THEN getting dressed, and no longer the other way around :)

  8. I never check the weather. EVER. Unless you count looking outside while I am getting ready. So I am always surprised when it rains later in the day and I am wearing wedges. Or when I get into my car, turn up the heat, and have cold toes all day. Because I am wearing flip flops. Mostly I make inappropriate footwear choices.


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