Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yet another reason I will never be an accountant

Everyone who knows me at all knows that I am not a numbers person.

I have learned that when the numbers in front of me mean something concrete and relate to my life, then I'm much more likely to figure them out.

But not always.

Because you guys, I ordered 150 save the date! magnets. Since we're inviting, at the absolute max 130 people (which is really pushing the limits of the space), in my mind I needed 130 save the dates, just to be safe. Right? And because you have to order them in increments of 50, I ordered 150.

So Maria and I have been talking about invitations, because I am ordering (orange!) envelopes and she is getting printer quotes.

The numbers I kept coming up with were so much bigger than hers. Like, pretty much twice as big.

Why, you might ask?

Or you might not.

Because you might be one of those people who doesn't need to use fingers and toes to do math, and then get panicked when the numbers exceed your digits. Who realizes that you don't need to count every single possible attendee when coming up with invitation numbers.

You might be one of those people who would look at your spreadsheet and realize that couples? Share an invitation. You only have to count them once for these purposes.

The magnets? We will have easily twice as many as we need.



  1. The magnets are going to be awesome!

    Maybe put some extras out at the wedding so people can save them if they want? Or you might always come up with more people to invite? Or you can just decorate your entire fridge in the leftovers?

  2. Hey, I'd like a magnet!

    And I promise I wouldn't take it as an invite:)

    I'll put it on my fridge- Dan can look at it and become anxious- "Are these relatives of yours? Are we going to their wedding?"
    Fun! Of course we don't have cable so my standards for fun are low.

    Also- the math thing (or whatever) is why you get married. Hopefully Nick is good at math, so he can check that stuff (he sounds like a good egg who'll do his part)

  3. Keep some around for the future... you know, to help Nick remember your anniversary. Just think... 50 years from now, sometime in mid September, you put one of these on the fridge. That way, Nick will have no excuse for forgetting!


  4. Make a collage out of them! Tres adorable.

  5. Sarah - You are fabulous! I have a feeling my parents' fridge is going to be a big STD fest. (heh)

    Mary - You can certainly have one if you want one! And Nick is much better with the math than me - he said he knew I was overordering but figured I wanted a surplus.

    VVK - Hey, that's an excellent idea! They'll come out for decoration ever fall, kind of like we bring out the same ornaments for Xmas every year. :)

    Kerrie - Collage! Tres adorable, yes.

  6. yes, my evil plan to get a save the date magnet from you has worked. I was in your brain, messing up your ability to count.

    *mwah ha ha ha ha*

  7. I had a comment, but vvk's idea for the extras is actually really funny and practical!

  8. Ooh! I want one too! I could send you postage -- do you have a paypal account? [giggle!]


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