Sunday, March 23, 2008

Godless but the Easter bunny knows I'm a grown up

We forgot that it was Easter. Nick remembered and wished me a happy Easter.

At which point I said, as I do enjoy saying, "Day of the Risen Lord!"

At which point Nick called me "godless" - which isn't that far from the truth. I tell people that I was practically raised a heathen, and they think I'm saying it to be funny. It is an exaggeration, to be sure. But not that far off.

Growing up, we knew who Jesus was, of course. I mean, we knew about Jesus and we'd read some of the stories. But we didn't have any particular reverence instilled in us. In fact, Maude had a crush on him she'd developed from a very cute depiction of him. Jesus could be hot, just like anyone else could.

So on Friday we had an all-staff meeting. And someone said they were surprised we'd have a big meeting on Good Friday. Good Friday! Right! I'd forgotten.

I asked if they were Catholic, or if it was a general Christian thing. Because Catholicism is my only sort of entry point into Christianity, and I must admit to not having paid much attention to larger Christian tradition.

And when I ask things like this, that's when I say I was raised a heathen, and I just generally and truly don't know. I wasn't raised with it, and I've never delved.

Which brings me back to Easter. I've said this before - I was an adult before I realized the Jesus-Easter connection. I mean, I know at some points along the way we intoned "Christ-has died-Christ-is-risen-Christ-will-come-again."

But when you're chanting it, with hardly a break between the words, you're not really thinking of the meaning. You're not connecting the Day of the Risen Lord! Died! Rose again! Risen! Because he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand..."

In the couple of years that we were forced to go to Mass, we said the words. We just didn't parse out the sentences.

And so, here we are, godless, but with a delightful basket of goodies. Betty loves us.

I've never gotten one with precisely this array of ingredients. In case you're wondering if there's floss hidden in the bottom; there isn't.


  1. I don't know about Christianity either apart from a very vague easter-and-Christmas have something to with jesus kind of way.

  2. As a Jew, I only know enough about Easter to repeat my dad's favorite joke when people talk about the crucifixion and, in particular, the (inaccurate) accusation that the Jews killed Jesus: "what's the big deal? he was only dead 3 days..."

  3. haaaaaaaaa wendy! never heard that one. as a fellow jew, I will have to use that.

  4. Maiden Metallurgist - I am glad to hear that. I feel like I'm one of very few who just doesn't know.

    Wendy - Hilarious! Also, I'd love to introduce you to a wide variety of delicious chocolate, which, in my opinion, is the best thing about the holiday.

    SD - Haaaaaa is right!


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