Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And then sometimes things don't come out the way you mean them

When I was single I liked dating, for the most part, but the idea of having found someone I want to be with forever ever just feels so incredible.

I was thinking recently how much I love Nick, and how lucky I feel to have found him. And how happy I am about the idea of never going on a first date again.

And then I started thinking, you know, if for some reason this doesn't work out with him, maybe the universe doesn't mean for me to be with someone. I think this is it, and if it isn't, maybe I should just give up on romance and focus on something else.

I told this to Nick.

I said, "You know, if for some reason we don't work out, I'm giving up on romance entirely. I'm going to move somewhere like Italy or Finland or Holland - somewhere with really cool design - and go to school and just throw myself into a design career."

"But we are going to work out. I'm not going anywhere."

"Well, yeah, I know you aren't going to leave me. But you could still die in a fiery car crash or a weird blimp accident or something."

"You're sitting around thinking about me dying in a weird blimp accident?"

"No! Well, yes. It could happen. And then I'd be done with romance."

Clearly the "I love you more than anything" intention didn't come across.

A few hours later, however, he said, out of the blue, "I guess it's flattering. I mean, you are essentially saying you'd give up on men after me."


"I still wish you'd stop imagining me in dramatic and tragic accidents."

"OK. I'll stop."

"I do have life insurance, though."

"That's good. Design school is expensive."


  1. Bizarre blimp accident! That's now officially how I want to go out. It sounds so damn cool.

  2. Blimp accident is cool - very Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

    Last week in my presentation class, we were told to make eye contact with each audience member for 3-5 seconds. After my presentation, someone mentioned I made eye contact but more of a glance.

    To which I responded "I just can't look at yall that long!"


  3. Lisa... you rock. :-)

    Also, my keyboard doesn't like you any more. It's covered with Cherry Coke Zero... It sort of spurted out of my mouth while I was reading this post. :-P

  4. I had this same conversation with my Nick after we'd been dating a year or so. I think it's something a lot of women go through when getting into something really serious...sadly our conversation wasn't nearly as clever and slightly more dramatic :-)

  5. "I do have life insurance, though."

    Ha- he *gets* you. Lovely.

  6. Take it from me, design school IS expensive. Maybe he should up his policy. I hear that there is a blimp convention next year in DC.

    Ok I made that up.

  7. The Ex - You know, that probably wouldn't be the worst way to go out, actually.

    HKW - Ha ha! Probably somebody needed to say that!

    VVK - Ahh - sorry about your keyboard, but that really makes me giggle. :)

    Jo - It's kind of wild to realize and then to say, isn't it?

    Nicole - Yah, he does. Yippee!

    SD - I'll suggest that once we're married. Heh.


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