Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My new happy place

My ring is my new happy place.

I don't know if you know this about me, but in terms of "pretty, shiny, sparkly" I have been Rain Man for a very long time.

Really. I'll be talking to someone and then see something brightly colored or sparkly go by and I'll get all distracted. I'll keep talking to the person but my eyes will be all fixed on the sparkle.

I'm silently thinking, "Oooh! Sparkly!"

I'll be typing and then the light will hit my ring, and I'll forget what I'm typing. Sparkly!

If I'm sitting through a dreadful meeting, I'll look down in my lap, turn my ring, and just get all sucked in. I don't think my eyes glaze over and I hope my jaw doesn't go slack, but I do find it pretty mesmerizing.

I'll be in the car or on the metro and I happen to glance at my hand. And immediately I'm like a magpie. Unable to focus on anything but the sparkle.

Honestly. It's shocking I haven't fallen in a hole on the way to work. Actually, I probably will now that glove weather is over.

One of my colleagues caught me going to my happy place in a stab-your-eyes-out dull meeting the other day. I had my hand in my lap under the table. I was looking down, turning my hand to catch different angles of light, all, happy place! happy place! She caught my eye and raised an eyebrown and smirked.

What could I do but shrug?


  1. What a great happy place! Be careful in the happy place as it would be dreadful to fall in a hole.

  2. It really is a spectacular piece of jewelry, that ring. Positively perfect in every way.

  3. Don't knock your happy place. Enjoy it in all it's sparkly goodness!

  4. i think it is unnecessarily cruel to talk of all the sparkly goodness when we have no idea what it looks like! :) I'm so glad you have the sparkle, and if, god forbid, you do happen to fall in a hole, that shine will keep you warm ;)

  5. This sounds like the best ever happy place. Ever.

  6. As it should be, having seen it first hand, let me say that your ring is MY happy place too.

  7. HKW - Heh. I haven't fallen in any holes lately, although I used to a lot (lack of coordination, lack of looking down).

    Kerrie - Thank you! :) I love it unreasonably much.

    Sarah - Love the sparkle, really love the sparkle!

    Moosie - You made me giggle. The sparkle would definitely keep me warm in a hole.

    Nicole - I feel like that, I really do.

    SD - Ha ha ha! Thank you! I'm delighted to share my happy place. :)

  8. How come we have not seen a picture of this yet?

  9. Exactly why Alexandra said. So?

    Hugs, but still. So?


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