Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Because better vision only gets you so far

I got new glasses at the end of the year. I had FSA money to use, and so I ran out and got some fabulous glasses.

They are everything I could ever want in an eyeglass, but for one thing.

They're made by Lafont, a trendy, spendy French brand. They are greenish, as you may or may not be able to tell in the picture, with a subtle purple pattern that shows when you turn them at an angle. They sound hideous, but the overall effect is really subtle and pretty.

Somehow, this potentially ugly color/pattern combination blends really well with my pale skin and blonde hair.

They're also shaped as kind of a rounded cat-eye. I had a brief fear of looking like a Far Side lady, but I have been assured that I don't.

But here's the thing. They stick out more on the sides than I'm used to.

Which would be fine if I were a normally coordinated human being.

Which I am not.

And so I keep banging them into the things - the edge of open doors, mainly - and slamming the side of my glasses into it. Which then shoves them hard against the bridge of my nose. Which hurts. As you may imagine.

I've currently got little red marks on both sides of my nose.

I know, I know, the solution is simple. Stop walking into doors.

This is easier said than done. For some of us.


  1. Ohh, ahh - cool glasses. Perhpas the globe has tilted or something, I keep running into stuff too.

  2. The solution is simple: you just need to always be wearing a set of those springy antenna things, like for St. Patricks or whatever, to serve as LG's curb feelers. It would be both festive and functional.

    Because really, how many people would be all that surprised to seeing you wander around in those on any given day? I'm just saying.

  3. Doh. I'm still getting used to wearing glasses at all. :-\

    Glasses look cool, but they're hard to deal with. Blargh.

  4. HKW - I like the tilted globe theory!

    WiB - That's a GREAT idea. Because it might also give people the idea that I'm nutty and unpredictable, thus inspiring fear. I like it.

    VVK - I like your glasses. I prefer glasses to contacts, and generally find them easier...except for this pair!

  5. I frequently wish I had glasses because I think they're so sexy and sophisticated and I would like to be just a little bit more sexy and sophisticated. You have made me realize that since I am uncoordinated as well, glasses might cause the opposite effect. Hmm.

  6. Good lord, how skinny are these doorways you are trying to get through? Also, it would seem to me that you are taking corners much too tightly. Slow down, walk through doorways like a normal person and this should solve your problem.

  7. Nicole - I'd like to think that sometimes I'm sexy and sophisticated in my other glasses. :)

    Anon - I do walk too fast and take corners too tightly. You are exactly right!

  8. I'm cracking up picturing a Far Side version of you, but then even that version is too damn cute! In a good way.


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