Thursday, May 01, 2008

If you have an opinion for something very LG

Suddenly today I'm all, this is plain! Too plain!

When I set up LG I just wanted a place to write. I chose a very basic template, because I prefer a white background, and I didn't want distractions.

Also, while I am quite proud of some of my designs on fabric (Indian flavored scarves, bags, and more scarves), when it comes to graphics, web page layout, etc, I find it really difficult. I do much better when I can pick something up and feel it and turn it around, and manipulate it physically. If I can't touch it, it's hard for me.

I can look at a site and think it's pretty, or cool, or works well, but I don't know how to come up with one. But I have colleagues who do this kind of thing on the side, who I could pay for help. I just haven't, because it hasn't been a priority.

But now I'm wondering if LG is boring? Maybe I should add color on the sides? Add a masthead at the top?

What's kept me from it, mainly, is that I have no idea what I want. None. What would be very LG? I don't know.

If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Thoughts on graphics or personality or anything that I could use to shape ideas.


  1. what if you put some pics of your bags or scarves at your title? you could do a collage or pick one of your favorites. that would be really pretty! i think it looks great but if you are looking for a change, that would be interesting and meaningful.

  2. Definitely color. I love the idea of something exotic to reflect your traveling self. Because of the lemon in your title, I see some yellow....

    Whatever you come up with be fun, I'm sure!

    Perhaps some emergency shoes?

  3. Mrsmac - I love that idea! Maybe I could do several and change every once in a while, depending on mood (and ease of changing them)!

    DCup - Yes, color and some kind of exotic flavor! Emergency shoes should figure in somewhere for sure - hilarious!

  4. I was going to suggest exactly what Mrsmac said--Pics of the artsy stuff you are good at made into headline banners, or some such thing. Then it's something you're already good at and proud of, and we can oooh and ahhh over it and make you feel special!

    However, this endeavor will *clearly* require new shoes!

  5. I am a terrible lurker here, but I'll chime in anyway - I don't think your site is too plain - it is a nice, clean design, which is better than lots of fuss. And your picture is evocative too, so that makes its own statement. I have a friend,, who without a great deal of tech savvy, was able to incorporate some color and photos of her work that very simply evoke her personality - you might take a look at her blog. Plus, I really admire how embodies her creativity within her site design.

  6. I don't like change, so current state is good. In the vein change can be good - simple is best, simple is functional.

    Maybe you could incorporate here some of the things which will change at home due to the merging of the stuff / home with Nick? Hints of periwinkle on LG?

  7. I like it as is. It's a blog about your writing, and the writing is front and center.

  8. Sarah - OK, will think in that direction. Ha - I am all about anything that requires new shoes. Thank you!

    Cheryl - Thanks for de-lurking and thanks for suggestions! I appreciate both!

    Amateur - Yes, yes, of course and always.

    HKW - That's good input and I appreciate it. I don't want to change just for the sake of change. But maybe hints of new life. Or color.

    Rich - Thanks, man. That's so nice to know!


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