Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And really, all I wanted was a snow day

For Richard Stands

When Nick was a kid, he thought the Pledge of Allegiance went as follows: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for Richard stands, one nation under God, invisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Nixon was President at the time, and so "for Richard stands" made sense to Nick. The nation being invisible made not so much sense, but who was he to question it?

Humor Impairment?

We watched the Hangover on Saturday. Actually, Nick watched it. I gave up after about 20 minutes. I just didn't think it was that funny.

WHAT is my problem? People thought the Hangover was hilarious. Other people love Will Ferrell, and I'd rather be burned with cigarettes than watch his movies. Other people laugh out loud at the Fokkers. Me, I get so irritated with Ben Stiller in those movies I want to bludgeon him.

I like comedy. I like to laugh. I want funny...but my funny doesn't seem to line up with the normal people of the world.

We Used to Talk Like Grownups

I made myself some pasta last night while Nick was watching TV. He came downstairs and saw that I had a bowl of something.


"No. Tata with broccoli."


  1. Oh my god, I thought the EXACT same thing about the pledge of allegiance! Except I was a kid during the Reagan years so it made absolutely no sense. I kept thinking, Who the hell is this Richard character?

  2. I fell asleep during The Hangover. And I was drunk (our theater has a bar, weeeee!), so if there was any time that I should have found it funny, it should have been then.

    I do love Will Ferrell though.

  3. I loved the Hangover. Mainly because I have the sense of humour of a 12-year old boy.

  4. Stevie - That's so funny! We didn't say it overseas, so I didn't learn it until 5th grade, but never gave it a moment of thought. It was more: Ipledgeallegiancetotheflagoftheunitedstatesofamerica....you get the picture.

    Lisa - Ooh, there's a cinema and draft house that I used to love, but it's in Virginia and we don't get out so much.

    Hillary - I do, too! I wanted to love it! I do feel like there's something wrong with my humor if everyone else things things are funny. I feel like I'm lacking something.

  5. I used to say eeemoaf

    Which of course, means meatloaf.

  6. THANK YOU! I always feel like some kind of humorless snob because I don't like those movies. The majority of sitcoms too...if I ever catch a few minutes I find myself in disbelief they're even on the air.

    I'm trying to think of what does make me laugh.... Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Office Space, the headlines bit Jay Leno does on Monday nights...

  7. oh yeah, and http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ never fails for a good laugh!

  8. Being an alcholic in recovery, I thought The Hangover was the stupidest movie ever. It didn't even portray what I would consider real problem drinking. So not funny.

  9. I feel like Will Ferrell's characters could be funny if played by someone else. They seem like characters I would get a kick out of thinking up. I just get no kick out of watching him embody them.

  10. SarahLeigh - That is adorable. Eeemoaf!

    frugalveganmom - Love Jon Stewart (but not Colbert, surprisingly) and the Office - British and American - and sometimes 30 Rock, and I wish Arrested Development were still on. I liked the first season of Flight of the Conchords. Those all make me laugh.

    I will have to check out the awkward family photos! Thanks!

    Kate - I don't have that perspective, but I could see how that would make it extra irritating.

    Maude - Agree. Totally agree.

  11. will ferrell makes my soul die a little inside. I dont find anything hes in even remotely funny. Even looking at him bothers me.

    Also, I about died laughing at the we used to talk like grown ups. My family still does this though. Growing up I called banana's magas (yeah i dont know either kids are weird) and now 25 plus years later we still call them that.

  12. trees (broccoli) and roast beast are still common terms at my house, even though the short people are nearly grown...

    Also hate Ferrell and Stiller movies.

  13. I really enjoyed The Hangover, but I can see how it wouldn't necessarily appeal. Love The Office and 30 Rock and like Modern Family too, but none of those are traditional sitcoms. I guess my taste in humor is kinda variable, but pretty pedestrian.

  14. I so get you on the Will Farrell and Ben Stiller thing. They irritate the fokk out of me too.
    Oh and Yayy for Flight of the Concords...good old Kiwi humour. It's Business Time lol.

  15. I still miss the time when Declan used to call strawberries "dubba dub" and scooters "doodahs". But it's OK, cos Rob and I still refer to them as such :)

    And now Erin call spoons "mooses" and shops "wapsh", I will miss them when they go from her vocab, but I'm sure they will live on in ours :)

    (Plus, I also hate that "sledgehammer" humour - this is funny and we will it you over the head with it to prove that)

  16. I didn't like the hangover and neither did my husband. My kids thought it was hysterical.....I'don't know. I like Will Ferrel sometimes.

    On the other topic, how bout this: Hail Mary, full of grapes, the Lord is a tree, hahaha!! I was a little Catholic then: )

  17. It's sad, the no longer talking like grownups. Even without kids around, Jason and I will excuse ourselves "to go potty." Pathetic.

  18. Clearbluewater3 - The only movie I've liked him in was that one where he was the character in a book and he was trying to avoid getting killed off. But I liked him because he wasn't his typical Will Ferrell.

    jill - Roast beast is so cute! And broccoli totally looks like trees. I wonder what J will call it.

    J. - I need to watch Modern Family. I know so many people who like it. I don't think my taste is terribly sophisticated...like, I loved Something About Mary and Superbad totally made me laugh. But that surprised me.

    Go-Betty - Ooh, I know what you're trying to say, girl. You're trying to say "Aw yeah, it's business time, it's business time"

    Love Jerome!

    Nicole - Dubba dub and doodahs are so very cute. I would keep saying them forever.

    Sledgehammer humor is a good way to put it.

    Kate - Hahahahaha!

    My dad, who was raised Very Catholic, said that when he was young he thought that the word "ass" referred to your penis. So when he heard, "...and Jesus tied his ass to a tree and walked into Jerusalem" (or something like that) he couldn't imagine how that might happen.

    Wendy - We haven't started saying that to each other, but I'm sure that's not far behind. No pun. Hahahahaha.

  19. I HATE those movies! I crack up at stuff like Being John Malkovitch and Oh Brother, Where art thou? While everyone looks at me like I'm nuts, so I guess that's the trade off!

  20. "I like comedy. I like to laugh. I want funny...but my funny doesn't seem to line up with the normal people of the world."

    This is so me. I don't get why a lot of people find that type of humor funny ... but I keep trying. I remember when Zoolander came out -- actually, I still hear friends mention it from time to time -- and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why people thought it was so funny. Still can't.

  21. I have a Comedy Theory: it's all about expectations. We saw Anchorman -- for example -- after a lot of people told us they were disappointed in it and we laughed our asses off. We were told Napoleon Dynamite was THE FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER MADE and we turned it off mid-way because really? REALLY? We saw The Hangover before it became THE HANGOVER, you know?, and we thought it was hilarious. But then rewatched it recently and it's less funny.

    I think I'm onto something with my theory here :)


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