Saturday, January 29, 2011

When you're back where you belong

Last night, I told Nick I'd get up with Jordan this morning.

He woke up around 7:00. Not an unreasonable hour, but oh, I was so warm and cozy tucked up against Nick.

I said, "I'll get up in a second. I just want to enjoy this a little."

"I'd be nice it he slept till 10."

"Or if somehow, Mary Poppins could magically appear and take care of him."

"Yeah. Or maybe that guy Steve who hangs around in the alley."


  1. He's pretty adorable. J, not Steve. I don't know Steve. :)

  2. Yeah, the guy in the alley - they could have poo contests!

  3. Does he ever cuddle in bed- my daughter can go about 5 minutes before telling "mommy dress!"

  4. Jessica - Yah, me either. He sounds like bad news, though. :)

    Laura - He is sweetness wrapped up in jammies and Mama's fake fur hat.

    tammater sammich - Hahahaha! You are so right!

    mary - I would LOVE to cuddle with him! He cuddles for approximately 17 seconds before he pokes you in the nose, or gets up and stands on your head, or something of the sort.

  5. You mean mongoloid, Anonymous.

    (I hope Anonymous isn't actually a weirdo jerk and is just amused by Jordan's outfit and slightly dazed expression, but I couldn't resist quoting C, Lisa.)

  6. Oh yes, we have that same conversation pretty much every weekend. And, lately, I have been getting MRA out of his crib about 7:15 and bringing him to our room for cuddle time but all he does is start signing for food. When does the cuddling start? When does the sleeping in start (tell me it is before 13.)

    I think J looks adorable. LOVE the little hat.


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