Tuesday, January 04, 2011

She thinks she's found a magical land...In the upstairs wardrobe.

OK, so I was going to write this whole post about the awesomeness of my new closet, and then I was all, "Really? This is what your life has come to? Rhapsodizing about a closet?"And then I got totally depressed, but then I ate some Reese's cups and gave myself a good talking-to and yes, this is what my life has come to. I love my new closet.

Because I don't know if you've ever lived somewhere alone with lots of closets and gotten totally closet spoiled and then moved in with someone else and had to squeeze your whole life into one and a half of his closets? Which made you kind of bitter, but you set it aside because you were still in the throes of new love plus huge relief about not dying alone?

And then you moved into an old Victorian house with huge rooms and pretty much no closets, which meant you were forced to pile your stuff on the floor, much to the chagrin of your tidy husband? And also you wore the same three things all the time for work because you didn't have access to your hanging clothes?

And then after a year and a half you just decided that enough was enough, and you finally convinced your husband that Ikea was the solution? And then he put it together for you?If you haven't, let me tell you: this closet has changed my life.

And lo! there was much rejoicing, because look! the process of hanging and away-putting, it has begun!

Tra la!


  1. I'm so jealous. What with the lack of closet space at the little shack on the prairie and D, like Nick, thinking we should only invest an in heirloom-quality armoire - (Do you feel like a pretentious ass saying that word out loud? No? Just me then.) - but simultaneously being too miserly to do so. I would rejoice if I had your closet too.

    Also, not having a full length mirror at home, I can totally relate to that feeling-like-an-ass moment when I catch sight of myself if the full length mirror in the ladies room at work. Doh!

    Enjoy your new closet!

  2. Your closet is fantastic - the perfect balance between pretty and functional.

    Luke moved his clothes out of our closet on Sunday. Not even more closet space can cheer me up these days.

  3. YAY! I'm so glad you are properly closeted.

    Um. Well.

    You know what I mean. :o)

  4. Do you mind if I copy your furniture, Lisa? Because I really, really, really want that closet.

    And maybe, um, Nick could put mine together for me, too?

    No? Well, I had to ask...

  5. Keenie Beanie - Actually, I don't. But I also don't feel like a pretentious ass pronouncing foyer "foyay" - so there you have it. :)

    And the mirrors makes me so happy. I'm totally having nightly underwear dance parties. Plus dressing better for work, of course.

    HKW - I'm so very sorry. It just sucks.

    Jessica - The first thing Jordan did when he saw it, pre-doors, was to climb inside. Of course we had a good time with that.

    freckledk - Of course not! It's essentially this: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S09876464 with white sides and the Vikedal doors. Very affordable.

    As for Nick, highly unlikely. He was pretty irritated with the process and spent the bulk of the time cursing.

  6. so happy for you and your new closet - i wish you a fulfilling life together!
    i remember my excitement when i moved out of row houses and into places with closets, oh the elation!!

  7. Yay! We live in a very old house with almost no closet space. It has, unitl now, been fine because I use the closet in our room, he uses the closet in his office and I use the closet in the guest room. But... Now the office is the nursery- so baby stuff is going in there, and the guest room is for guests who will actually be staying, so now I have to downsize to one hal of a closet. And these are not full sized closets. They are old house closets. And I want to cry. And we have no room for Ikea solutions. Only tears.

  8. Ah the joys of being *in* the closet, no? Congrats!

  9. An organized closet is enough to make me horny these days.

    Hi. Happy 2011!

  10. I have closet envy.
    We have been fighting about Ikea closets for weeks. We have 2 closets. It is RIDICULOUS. We need some sort of extra storage solution but Shawn is all "Ikea is cheap and gross." And then I don't talk to him for an entire afternoon because of course it's cheap and gross! Cheap and gross is what we can afford!

  11. I have a walk in closet and far too many clothes. I have just spent this morning cleaning out my walk in and throwing tonnes of clothes into large bags for my friends to ferret through before they go to a second hand shop. I am spoiled I guess.

  12. this post requires no apologies! cleaning out and organizing is soooo therapeutic! I wouldn't say I'm a neat freak, but I hate hate hate looking into a drawer or closet full of junk and not knowing what's in there or where to find something.

    and we have a tiny house so all that nesting/organizing has been in especially full swing in the pre-baby weeks =).

  13. jen - I'd never live in a house this old!

    Maiden Metallurgist - I'm sorry. It's so hard to lose that space! My friends Sophie and Sean live in a small place, and they've done all kinds of amazing things with Ikea stuff. Really amazing. She sent me this spectacularly detailed email on how to plan an Ikea closet.

    Stevie - Sometimes in the closet just feels very peaceful. :)

    Lisa - Uh, I'm not even sure what to do with that. Happy 2011! :)

    Hillary - We had these fights. Then Nick went to Ikea with me, and the closets look really nice, and he agreed. It is true that the materials are pretty cheap - like, the back of the closet is little more than cardboard, but even Nick admits that the design is great. Honestly, this closet, now that it's bolted to the wall, is totally sturdy and is not going to fall apart. And it's amazing space and I love how it looks.

    All this to say...sometimes my husband buys something big without my input and while I get really upset, I don't make him return it...And they do deliver for a fee, and I have it on authority from a Canadian that they put it together for 15% of the purchase price, which isn't a ton.

    Go-Betty - I am totally going to weed out clothes this year. I hang onto far too much. Especially now that I'm seeing clothes I haven't seen in ages, I realize it even more.

    frugalveganmom - I wish I were more like you. This is totally atypical behavior for me. I'm not an organizer by nature. But I'm so excited to have my stuff accessible!

  14. I've had my eye on a Ikea closet similar to yours for ages, but we can't quite afford it yet. So I got a Billy bookcase for my shoes and foldables as an intermediate step.

  15. Our house was built in the 1930s. Apparently people didn't wear clothes back then because my closet is like 2-feet by 2-feet. People literally gasp when they see the size of my closet.

  16. Hate to break it to ya Nick, but I think she's going to need another one of those things!

    It's pretty neat. I think I need one. Or two...

  17. Yay!

    Also, don't take Turkish Delight from the Snow Queen. Or, you know, do. Your choice. Whatever.


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