Monday, January 03, 2011

Talking about a resolution

I'm not so much of a resolution-maker, and when I do, it's stuff like eat more bacon.

Also, hi! Happy 2011!

I've decided that I actually want to set some goals for myself. One of the big ones is to get better at taking people as they are. I think this is important.

The friends to whom I've told this have laughed and said, "Yeah, let me know how that one goes."

But I'm going to try.

I'm also going to create a To-Do list sort of page on the blog, so I have something concrete - that I can't crumple up and stick in a pocket and ultimately lose - to refer back to. I always feel good when I check items off a list. I just suck at making the lists in the first place.

So I suppose another resolution is: make a damn list already.

Also resolved: clean up language in front of the kid. Jordan now mimics everything. I really don't want him running around exclaiming "Jesus Jordan!" and Dammit! This might be the hardest one. We'll see.

And I want to dress more professionally for work.

Sophie, you'll be particularly happy to hear this - I got the Ikea closet! for Christmas! It got delivered last week and Nick finished putting it together at about 9 pm last night.

It's fantastic. And it has two mirrored doors. So now not only can I see more of my clothes, I can also see how I'm dressed head to toe before walking out the door.

Thus decreasing my likelihood of realizing I'm dressed like an asshole once I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror at work.

So, to sum up:
  • Take people more as they are.
  • Make a damn to-do list.
  • Decrease profanity in front of the kid.
  • Dress more professionally or at least like less of an asshole for work.
I think that's a good start.

How about you?


  1. I'm exhausted just reading your list.


    Good luck.

  2. The profanity thing is hard -- we make every effort to not swear in front of the kids (though once Zeke learns how to spell, we're screwed) -- but every once in a while he'll say, "Jesus!" and I know it's time to redouble my efforts. Good luck withit.

  3. I kind of like the "eat more bacon" myself. I try not to set the bar too high. ;)

  4. Taking people as they are is really, really hard. Especially when how they are is not even at all close to how you'd really like them to be.

    It does reduce one's frustration quotient (F.Q. - say it quickly) considerably, though.

  5. lacochran - Well, I've got a whole big year in front of me. :)

    Wendy - He's starting to repeat all kinds of things. I really really am going to work at this one.

    Just Plain Tired - Eat more bacon is a win-win however you look at it.

    Jessica - This doesn't mean I'll get close to the people who are far from how I'd like them to be. I'd just like to be kinder, gentler, and of course reduce my F.Q. (said very quickly).

  6. I resolve to read your blog every day.

    And wash my face before bedtime every night.

  7. Believe me, if the resolution not to swear before the kiddo doesn't do it, the first time he looks at you and goes "FUCK!!!" at the top of his lungs, most likely in public, you'll quit. Trust me. I know this from experience.. . .

  8. freckledk - Ahh, sweetie! The face washing is a much more critical goal. Keeps you looking young and fresh!

    cla517 - I would really, really like to avoid that horrifying moment. Yikes.

  9. The language thing is so hard. I am in the same boat with my niece. I know very soon she is going to start repeating things and I would prefer that "MOTHER FUCK!" doesn't come out of her mouth.

  10. My brother once said he was scared his daughter's first words would be "The light is *green* ASSHOLE!"

    I'd say you have a decent, modest list for 2011. Good luck. I have a thought in mind for myself, but I'm not quite ready to make it public just yet.

  11. a piece of advice? (since I love giving it whether you ask for it or not)?

    Sean and I are professional list makers- we have lists for everything, chores, meals, work, projects, life in general etc etc etc.....

    at the top of each list, write for item #1 "make list".

    Then, when you're done making the list you can cross it off, it's very silly but highly satisfying.
    We are so happy you have an IKEA closet in your life, it is like comfortable high heels, the BEST THING EVER!


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