Friday, January 07, 2011

Buttons, laces, clips, goals, and my utter inability to take things off before putting things on

One of my goals for this year is to sew on missing buttons, hooks, etc, and not just clip and staple my clothes together like a hobo.

I don't know if hobos do that, but you know what I mean.

Also, see those shoes J is wearing in the photo? He chewed one of the shoelaces in half. Yes, like a dog.

I need do to something about that. Along with the buttons.

Which I haven't done so far, but I still have the bulk of the year to hit this goal. But what this leads me to is this: There are people who learn and people who don't.

And I think I fall in the latter category.

Because I am one of those people who will put a T-shirt on over her head without taking off her glasses. I know it's a bad idea, I know it's going to jam my glasses onto my nose, and yet each time I somehow think that this time it'll be different.

It's the same with pulling pants on over shoes.

It's always faster, if you decide to change pants after you've put on your shoes, to take the damn shoes off, rather than laboriously working one pants leg and then the other off over the shoes. And then pulling on the new pants. And maybe falling over in the process. Because even with boot cut, it's hard to squeezle your shoes through pants legs.

And yet, I insist on doing so over and over and over.

It's like the binder clips. I know it hurt last time, and the time before, but I still have that curiosity.

I wonder what this means?

Happy weekend, all!


  1. I cannot sew, not even a button. I'd recommend outsourcing this task to the dry-cleaner, feeling no shame and putting a check-mark next to this item on your resolution list. I fall down more than I'd like to admit when putting on tights in the morning.

    Jordan is adorable in this photo! Happy weekend.

  2. I have many shirts missing buttons hanging in my closet. I also have a little basket of random buttons. I own a needle and different colours of thread. I possess the knowledge and ability to sew. And yet. The shirts continue to hang and I am wearing a frumpy t-shirt to work today.

    Also, I hem my pants with scotch tape. I will not be shamed by this.

  3. I have a pair of slacks that I have worn for years--YEARS!!--with a safety pin hem on one leg.

  4. Two of my favorite and best fitting shirts have buttons missing. I even have the buttons. I just need to pull out the needle and thread.


  5. lisa.. this is hilarious. and i am the exact same way. i have stapled holes together on multiple sweaters. i've also locked myself into my bedroom a countless number of times because apparently i still haven't learned that it locks automatically. and each and every time i'm just as freaked out and upset as the first time.

  6. When my kids were young I was a single mom, I swore by duct tape and staples. And, sometimes I still looked pretty long as you didn't look too close (that's what I tell myself)haha! And that was on skirts, pants, and even shoes - oy!

    That picture of J is adorable!!

  7. There has been a safety pin in place of a button on one of my jackets for literally over two years. I have the button to replace it sitting in my closet yet I cannot find the motivation to just sew on the new button already. So I totally get where you're coming from.

  8. I grew up with a pseudo step-father who used baling twine to keep his pants up and duct tape to mend the holes in his shoes. So when I "hem" my slacks with a stapler, it's actually an IMPROVEMENT.

  9. HKW - I can sew - and more than buttons. It's just something I avoid like the plague. Unless it's a fun art project.

    Hillary - I am glad to hear this. You are totally my people. And I'm going to follow your lead and decide not to be shamed by it.

    lacochran - I have done this with sooo many pairs of pants. It's just ridiculous.

    vvk - I know. It's such an immense effort. Once you have the needle threaded it takes, what, three minutes? But getting to that point can take years.

    carly - Not that I'm glad you lock yourself in, but you totally get it! I don't know why I'm like this, but I am.

    Kate - I think these little mending tricks have nothing to do with hotness. I'm certain you looked hot. It's hard to hold everything together! Clothes are the least of it!

    Nicole - Yes! Why is this? I drive myself crazy with this.

    J - I have totally duct taped boots. I understand.

  10. LOL at all of you, this post and the shameful confessions it has brought about made me laugh.
    I am a dressmaker/designer by trade and shamefully yes I too have safety pins holding clothes together.

  11. I spy a Boden bag in the background and feel jealous without even knowing what luxurious clothing item came inside.
    Also, squeezle.

  12. Go Betty - If you're a dressmaker by trade and you do this, well, anyone can. Makes the rest of us feel much better!

    Dana - Christmas presents! Jammies for J and sweaters for Nick! On sale and lovely - perfect combo.

  13. I finally decided that I was going to pay someone else to sew buttons back on. I just never *got around to it.*


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