Thursday, June 09, 2011

Don't blame it on good times; blame it on the boogie

I'm pretty sure nobody wants to turn their kid into a nose picker.


I came home last night and Jordan and Betty were having a fine old time out back. They had the hose out and the little plastic pool was full. Getting doused with water was the only way to be comfortable.

So there was my boy, running around the back deck all nakey nakey with this big booger all hanging out. I thought about seeing if it would just come out on its own with all the splashing in the water. But after a while it was clear that it was hanging on for dear life, and while it didn't seem to be bothering him, it was driving me crazy.

So I reached over and said, "Oh, big boogie!" and pulled it out. I said it like it was something kind of exciting. So he wouldn't fight me the way he fights every blessed time we brush his teeth.

In fact, he was quite interested. "Oh! Boogie!" And we were all very pleased with the outcome.

But I think I've now made the boogies my responsibility.

Because a little later, he came over to me and pointed at his nose and said, "Big boogie!"

Which was true. He did, in fact, have another big boogie. Which I obligingly pulled out.

I think it's getting to be about time to teach my son to pick his own nose.


  1. bwwaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa! that is all.

  2. btw, i wrote an enormous, rambly, awesome funny comment two posts ago, and blogger ate it. and i was too hot to recreate it. so now i am sad, as i'm sure you are as well, to have missed my wit and charm. sigh...stay cool!

  3. So, forgive me for being the organized data analyst but this post should clearly be tagged TMI Thursday. In addition to Love and Happiness and The Boy :) -HK

  4. The day my kids figured out how to pick their own noses was huge. Come on, Big J, do it!

  5. Aaah! The toothbrushing! A friend of mine recently hit upon a solution -- one of those spinny toothbrushes. Her 18 month old can't get enough of it. Ours just arrived yesterday and last night it was a big hit. We'll see how soon the the novelty wears off, but for now, it is such a relief.

  6. This must be a "mother" thing, as I'm currently dry heaving at the thought of touching anyone's boogies, even my own.

  7. So funny!

    OK- two things; first I LOVE poicking my nose, and I struggling with quitting, since I want to set a good, non-nose-picking example. Second- Blame It On The Boogie was our wedding song! And now it is stuck in my head.

  8. Nathan is fine with poopy diapers, but the sight of our 3 month old's tiny boogers makes him literally gag. I find picking them out sort of satisfying.

  9. This and just food on the face. I ask three year olds, "Do you not notice or do you just not care?"

    She goes, "Not care."

    I guess there's my answer.

  10. I could totally see my niece being all over this, in her practical, take-charge way. My nephew, on the other hand, would insist on having it done for him for as long as possible.

    Good luck!

  11. Coleen - Blogger is a fickle bitch. That happens to me with commenting so often that I now copy them before I hit the Post button. Because if I reply to a bunch of comments and then it eats it, I kind of lose my shit.

    HK - I love you for this. I really do.

    Wendy - That's really funny. I never thought of it as a milestone...but it is a skill to learn!

    Laura - OH! I will investigate! Because seriously, every time I brush his teeth it is the biggest fucking battle.

    freckledk - I think it just varies person to person.

    Maiden Metallurgist - This really makes me laugh. I've never heard anyone say that. I'm sure it's true for lots of people but nobody admits it. And it's a fun song!

    frugalveganmom - Isn't that interesting? I'd so much rather deal with boogers. I found the hand and toe lint pretty gross but fascinating as well.

    Anthony - Hilarious! "Not care." I love that.

    Jessica - That's pretty funny. So far he's not remotely interested in dressing himself, nor in boogie picking.

  12. Ha! My child has recently discovered the recesses of her nose. And delights in digging around there (and mine too for that matter. She hasn't moved onto strangers' noses yet which is a small mercy!). She digs around in there and says, with great satisfaction 'makamasi!' Which is Swahili for snot! Good for when the in=laws are here, we can pretend it means something a little more polite. tho I'm not sure they'll be fooled when accompanied by frenzied nose digging.

  13. I got lucky there. LBM seems to enjoy getting his teeth brushed. He really likes those new vibrating tooth brushes that change colors to let the kids know to change zones? It really was the only way to get him to do it. :) We turn the lights off and it glows. Oh pretty-pretty!

    And our nine year old taught him how to blow his nose, so now there are tissues all over the house, wadded up with big boogies in them. :P

    It was either that, or nose picking. I think I'll take the tissues.

    Good luck!


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