Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Month 22: Airplanes, mud, and dining suggestions

Dear Jordan,

This has been a huge month for you. You were on an airplane! Multiple airplanes! And the runway! And you got to TOUCH AN EEPLANE!

"Touch an eeplane" for you is a perfectly valid conversation opener.

As is, "No alarm today."

This was your conversation starter with pretty much everyone you met at the wedding we attended. This necessitated our explaining how interesting our alarm system at home is, and how the rental didn't have one.

You have gotten simultaneously needy and bossy.

In the last month, you've stopped wanting to walk anywhere, and demanded to be carried. You don't ask; you demand. "Uppa Mama!" "Daddy cayy you!"

I think you get shy in crowds, which was why you wanted to be carried around at the wedding. That I get; I get shy too. It was frustrating, but understandable.


Whereas you used to revel in your new-found ability to walk, and in the freedom it gave you, you now refuse to walk down the sidewalk, even to the park. To the point where you will throw a tantrum. NOOOOOOO WAAAAAALK MAMA CAYYYYYOOUUU.

You have definite preferences depending on the day. The days you are all about Daddy, you are not subtle. If I'm around, you look at me, wave, and say, "Bye bye Mama."

You are having a wonderful summer with your nana. I come home so many days and you're both soaking wet and running around on the back deck having a great time.

I've gotta say, though, she's not the role model I thought she was. In fact, she's a corrupter.

She's single-handedly introduced you to: milkshakes, ice cream cones, chocolate pudding, and pound cake.

I should thank my lucky stars she's not a crackhead. I mean, for many reasons, of course.

But seriously, sometimes I'm feeding you dinner and you're not all that interested, and you look at me and suggest, "Go to the Diner?"

Which is where Nana takes you for batter-fried shrimp and milkshakes.

Yesterday I came home and you had chocolate ice cream all over your face. You'd had an ice cream cone and gotten it all over the steps. And in the process of washing the steps, she of course squirted you with the hose, because oh, you love the hose. Almost as much as you love dirt.

It was impossible to tell where the chocolate ended and the dirt began. You were delighted.Your little friend who'd stopped by in clean clothes and real shoes was very envious. Until we took you both out back, got you nakey nakey, and put you in the pool. You love it. You run around saying, "Jordan's nakey!"

That served as your bath. I missed a lump of dirt in your ear, I later discovered. Nobody's perfect.

These are the best days, they really are. Although I keep thinking that, and then they get even better. So these are the right now best days.

Love love love,



  1. This is a very cute boy. I love the conversation starter: "Touch an eeplane," sounds like a motivational speaker.

    "Okay, I WILL touch an airplane today!"

  2. That's it. I'm moving in with you and staying with nana all day.

  3. Cheryl S. (formerly cla517)6/22/2011 1:54 PM

    It's a grandma's job to corrupt your child! Believe me, my mom picks Jess up from camp every day (so she doesn't have to stay there until 6pm when I could get her.) Yesterday, I found my almost 6 year old jumping off a tall dresser onto a mattress on the floor in the playroom. Grandma was right there egging her on.

  4. I would frame that first picture of the two of you if I were you. Melted me. Thank God the good days keep coming.

  5. love that picture. and great post. your little boy is getting so big!!!!

  6. Anthony - That's funny. I think I'll touch an airplane today, too!

    Lisa - They have a MUCH better time with their days than I do at the office. Goes without saying, I suppose.

    Cheryl S - That is really, really funny. What an image! And what fun!

    Lynn - I love that picture as well. :) We were chilling out on a hammock in the yard where the wedding was going to take place.

    mrsmac - Thank you! And they really do grow so fast, don't they?

  7. What a cute photo of the two of you. One of you is confused about the weather though :) You're in a tank top, he's in a sweater with a polo underneath!

    Jordan is very lucky to have such a great Nana to take care of him!

  8. I love the pictures, especially the first one. :-)

    Also, this:
    It was impossible to tell where the chocolate ended and the dirt began. You were delighted.
    ... makes me happy.

  9. I love the first pic of you two, gorgeous. Mamas are always corrupters in disguise as sweet older ladies, don't let those beguiling innocent nana looks fool you.
    Then again I would so let Betty corrupt me with fried shrimp and milkshakes too.
    Also Ben says water and dirt are one of natures most perfect combinations.

  10. And oh freaking yay I can leave comments again but it seems only when using the iPad for some bizarre reason .

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  12. Heh, he is soooo cute! Such a cheeky face! Sorry been rubbish at commenting but I'm here, lurking and reading!

  13. @ Go Betty:
    I too, have a very hard time leaving comments. Just when I've almost give up entirely, I'll try one more time, and then it works - go figure, eh? I'm actually thinking Blogger's been hacked.

    ...sigh, let's see if it works this time...I've attempted to post this, this morning, 10 times but am feeling determined. I'm promising myself though, this will be the LAST time...

  14. Oh gaaaaaawd, sheeeeesh, woooooow!

  15. I love all of your posts but the letters to Jordan are my favorite. The mix of sweetness and reality is just perfect. You've inspired me to write letters to my kids one day.

  16. Little boys are supposed to spend their summer days covered in dirt, mud and chocolate. It's in their job description, look it up.

    Great pic.

  17. I love this line:
    "So these are the right now best days."
    Because you're absolutely right, it's always getting better.

  18. the top photo is the sweetest thing :)


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