Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Splishy splashy kisses

If you ask Jordan if he wants a bath, you get one of two answers: "No!" Or a dash for the stairs all, "Take a bath take a bath take a bath!"

Either way, once you've got him near the water, he can't wait to get his clothes off. You cannot take them off fast enough.

It's kind of interesting how the bath has evolved, as he's grown from a little lump whose head you had to hold up to a big boy who can do all kinds of things for himself. And prevent you from doing the things you want to do for him, like maybe wash his bottom. Ahem.

But as Jordan can do more and more stuff, it's gotten both more fun and more irritating, depending on what he's up to.

For instance, he will lie back in the tub, but first he'll announce it. "Jordan lie down!" He'll lean back with a mixture of fear and glee on his face. And then he'll look up and say, "I see you!"

This I love more than I can say.

He will also, however, try to sprint from one end to the other, which seems a surefire way to crack one's skull and head straight to the emergency room. Also a surefire way to annoy one's mother.

One of the things that started out as irritating has become superfun, though. He'll lie down and then kick his legs to splash me. And since I hate being splashed, I'll close the sliding doors on the tub.

It's this process of kick kick splash splash, doors close kicking stops, doors open, kicking starts, doors close...

At some point I started mashing my face against the door as soon as I closed it and made kissy faces. And this is now what we do. We close the shower door and mash our faces against the side.

We both find this hilarious. We do it a lot.Although now that I'm looking at that picture, I wonder if my nose gets that red as well?


  1. Aaa! So cute! :) :) :)

  2. Well! That first picture is the cutest damn thing I've seen in a long time. I love your Jordan stories - SUCH a little personality in that one.

  3. Adorable! The two of you are so sweet together and share such laughter. The file names you come up for photos are delightful :) -HK

  4. I LOVE that first picture. He's too adorable. And he looks too cool for school in that second one. He's like, "Yeah, I'm taking a bath. What of it?" Ha!

  5. The pictures are so adorable! And My daughter hates having her bottom washed as well. She always gives me this look of such violation. Quite the attitude for only 13 months. Glad she's not the only one with a dirty hiney.

  6. I love how much fun you and Jordan have together :)

  7. See now this is why you should never stop blogging. Reminded me how Ben loved the bath but was terrified of lying down on his back in the shallow water, he would happily lie on his face blowing bubbles but wasnt at all comfortable lying back, made washing his mop of hair a mission. He has however grown into a water sprite like his mum, Loves being in, on or around water and is always draining the hot water so I make sure I shower before he does at home.
    Those pictures are so damn cute. Ben at 18 will still press his moosh to the window when he races over and locks me out of the house when he is being an egg, not nearly as cute or attractive at that age somehow but it still makes me laugh.

  8. Ah! This makes me feel very happy as a mommy who is both enamored and annoyed by bath time antics. LBM loves his bath, most of the time. Sometimes however he refuses to take one on the basis that he would rather do so with Dada or Mum-Mum. All things aside, I think he just doesn't want to play in there alone.

    It scares the crap-tastic-ness out of me when he does that whole I've got dance-dance fever in the tub. I worry about the entire skull cracking episode. :)

    Good luck to you!

  9. Yes, when a child is fearful but courageous despite his fear, that is cuteness manufactured.

  10. CUUUTE! I love bathtime too. We use this liquid soap stuff and Lara stands up and instructs "shampoo bottom". So that bit is easy. But the teeth? Oh my.

  11. That first picture is heart-melting!
    After reading this I wish I had a door to close of the bathtub, or even just a curtain, when mine splash (they take a bath together) I get to wash the bathroom floor right along with them (maybe they're not being annoying...maybe they just want to help me keep up with the house cleaning...)

  12. You are such a good Mommy. That kid is a lucky sonofagun.

  13. Laura - Naturally, I think he's the cutest thing I've ever seen. :)

    Kate Bee - I think it's kind of frightening, but it cracks me up! He does have a LOT of personality.

    HK - He is a huge sweetie. When he's not pissing me off. :) And you always notice the file names! Cracks me up!

    Nicole - Thanks! I like that second one, where he's all answering the door, "Can I help you?"

    Tempest - EXACTLY - like you're violating them! With the bath and with the diaper change, huge attitude. Pain in the butt.

    vvk - Thanks! :)

    Hillary - You will be living it soon! It's so fun - so, so fun!

    Go-Betty - You make me laugh. You make sure you shower first, and he locks you out and makes faces in the window. You're both such characters! I love it!

    Moue - Even when he says no, he has a good time once he's in there. Until it's time for it to end. And then he has a fit.

    And it is scary! A fall would be so terrible!

    Anthony - It is an adorable combo, you're right.

    Miranda - "Shampoo bottom" is fantastic! I love it! I have to do a stealth shampoo bottom and he gets very indignant. And the teeth. God, let's not talk about the teeth. Or the fingernails.

    Moomser - I don't know what I'd do without a door/curtain. The splashing drives me crazy.

    Do they not have those pressurized rods in Italy? I had one of those for my last bathtub to hang the shower curtain on.

    freckledk - Thank you! I try! I don't always succeed, but I try.


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