Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I was quiet as a mouse when I snuck into your house and took roofies with your spouse

The state of the hole:
Seriously, look at this! And look how beautifully they curved the wall and did the molding!Still unclear when the actual elevator is going to arrive. But we've got some beautiful holes in the meantime.

Rat update:

Stacey said the rats ate the parsley as well. Those motherfuckers are shameless. Next they'll be asking for mints and turndown service.

Nick's giant electrifying trap has not yet arrived.

Speaking of elecrifying:
We have a bunch of electric green paint, and I have to figure out which room could appropriately be that particular color. It's a color I like. It's just, uh, complicated.

See, we have this kitchen that's painted yellow - I'm sure you've seen it in some of the photos or videos. And we have a room right behind it which shares a wall. It's kind of arbitrary where the kitchen ends and the back room begins.

As I have an overdeveloped sense of confidence in my color-picking ability, plus caution is boring, I picked the kitchen yellow from one small paint chip. And I picked the back room green from one small paint chip...

It turns out that strong yellow lining up next to electric green makes you dizzy. And nauseous. You'd hit the edge of one and practically fall down.

It's all yellow now.


  1. They did a really great job on this! :) Can't wait to see when the elevator gets there and all the antics that will shortly follow no doubt.

    I wonder, does Big J understand the concept of the elevator going there? Does he has a phrase or word for it? :)

  2. All I can picture when I look at that is Augustus Gloop being sucked up into the chocolate tubes in Willy Wonka's factory.

    Which is pretty awesome.

  3. Moue - They do such nice work. And we really like them. Which is fortunate since they practically live with us.

    He has no idea. He likes pointing out the circle. The elevator is going to blow his little mind.

    Jessica - Can't. Effing. Wait. And you, my friend, will have a golden ticket!

  4. So, going back to Friday's post....

    "The state of the hole
    Rat update
    Speaking of electrifying"

    Soooo not boring :)

    Regarding the paint - I say go for it. Your appreciation for the 80's and modern, bright colors make you well suited to mix yellow and electric green. I think I'm as anxious as you to see the final install of the elevator. Beautiful job on the wall and molding.

  5. That looks awesome. I wish I had a reason to have an elevator!

  6. Or you'd feel like you're constantly drinking a 7up.

  7. If you're not already the coolest family on your block, that elevator is going to make it happen.

  8. What a great job they did! As for those colors, I'm the wrong person to ask. In that way I'm daring. Sometimes it works, sometimes I'm heading right back to the paint store. Living in a beige rental has been a challenge.

  9. I have a potting shed going in my back yard. Guys been working on it for a month of Sundays and STILL hasn't gotten much done. I am coveting your workers, not to mention that sweet hole in the ceiling. Wow, looks great even without the elevator.
    I was thinking of the rat problem you have there in DC. I think they should take all the homeless terriers and put them to work. Hire folks to walk them all day looking for rats! (only they can't hunt for them at the steps of Congress,that's too easy)
    Can you tame that green paint down with something? You should ask that question on Houzz. Bet you get lots of ideas.

  10. HK - Hugs hugs hugs!

    No, sadly it was truly terrible. Seriously hideous. They painted over the green with yellow. Now I just have to figure out where else it can go.

    Miss Dallas - I never, ever thought I'd live in a house with an elevator. Who knew?

    Anthony - While spinning in a circle a little too fast.

    Dana - I imagine it'll be a big draw when J hits school. :)

    Lisa - I know when offbeat things work and I know when they are screamingly awful, and this combo fell in the latter category.

    I can totally understand how beige would bore you.

    Lynn - We lucked out with Australian builder and his guys. They are really great.

    Are there a lot of homeless terriers? We have a lot of homeless people. Perhaps we should send them to the steps of Congress...

    No, it is not to be tamed. It is BOLD. And I like the color, it just needs to be elsewhere.

  11. Wait, what? An elevator? I went back through some of your older posts but didn't see a reference to it - I mean, I think i's cool, but why are you getting it?

  12. I would lend you Mac or Mia one of my terriers but they wouldnt like the airplane ride, they are however fantastic ratters. Jordan however would love them, especially Mia she loves little kids and plays with them endlessly.


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