Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hi turkey and pizza rocks and Boston's drinking water

In some ways toddlers are the most enthusiastic people on the planet, and in others, they're the most blasé.

And you know, wherever they go, there they are. Location is kind of abstract, I suppose.

"Jordan, we're in Boston!"

"That's Boston!"

(Wow, he gets it!)

"Boston's drinking water!"

(Uh, maybe not.)

So, you take Jordan somewhere beautiful like Martha's Vineyard and you stand there gazing out at the ocean, wondering if he's just as in awe of the blue vastness as you are. He doesn't really react.

And then you put him down on the beach and he is all, "Holy shit! Look at that! That rock looks like a pizza! And there's ANOTHER shell!"
We rented a house with friends, a house with a nice yard, down a dirt road off a main road, and on our last morning, a wild turkey strolled through the yard.

"Jordan, a turkey! Look, a turkey!"

We were all, ooh, a turkey!

Jordan just said, "Hi, turkey!"

The turkey strolled away through a hedge, and off Jordan went to find him, clutching his sleep sack all the while.
"Hi! Turkey!"


  1. Winnie the Pooh has a cameo in the clip! I LOVE Winnie the Pooh!

    (Jordan is cute too though!)

  2. brookem - Well, really it was three hours in Logan. But yah, Boston!

    P - Jordan adores Pooh bear. So much so that he is now fine with the leash.:) And thanks!

  3. I love the Pooh shot and the fact that Big J likes the leash now.

    Also, I wouldn't drink Boston's water either little dude. Although I suppose it's okay. Here where we live, you can't really drink the water. It tastes ... sulfur-y. And not in the yum, I'm getting vitamins and minerals sort of way either.

    I love how they react to things. LBM likes Lobsters. Not quite sure, but for him -- that's the bee's knees!

  4. I love these videos. There's nothing quite like seeing what they see even if we can't see how they see it.

  5. My cochles are all warm. So so cute, that kid of yours. Sigh.

  6. That little guy is so sweet! Love the video!


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