Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What to do when you only have two hands and the world is so full of shiny stuff

I am one of those people who always overestimates how much she can handle physically.

I'm always certain that I can carry more groceries than I am able, or can lift a piece of furniture twice my size. I'm really stubborn, and this gets me pretty far. But sometimes you just have to realize your physical limitations.

One of the things Jordan is just starting to understand is that you can't hold everything you own in your two hands at the same time. Until recently he'd have both hands full, then try to pick up another toy, thus dropping one of the first ones. So he'd pick that up, start over, drop a different one...

This could continue for quite some time.

But on our trip, I saw the first glimpse of realization that he has two little hands, and thus can pretty much pick up two sizeable things - one in each.

He was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with one hand and holding a car in another. And then he spotted his favorite ambulance. Must pick it up!

He looked down at one hand and then another. And then tucked his PB&J under his arm for safe keeping.


  1. CUTE! And clever. Our little C does the same kind of juggling act. It is always interesting to see her figure it out.

  2. Just wait until he figures out that he can keep stuff under a HAT. At least maybe he'll let you put one on his head, then. :)

  3. So I am about three dozen years older than Jordan, but he seems to be ahead of me on this particular learning curve... mostly metaphorically speaking, that is.

  4. That's one savvy kid you have there!

    This post makes me want to have a PB&J sandwich now...

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. At my niece and nephew's 4th B-day party, they dumped out a garbage can full of foam rubber balls for the kiddies to throw at each other. Watched the nepehew gathering up ammo - he'd get five of them in his arms, go for a sixth and end up with two. Very funny.

  6. I'm still learning that lesson myself (I'm only 55). It's just not as cute when I do it....

  7. That kid is a shoo-in for a summer gig waiting tables. I know 24 year-olds who would have difficulty with what you've just described.

  8. We've found bits of chicken nugget and french fries in his little pockets ... because LBM can't let go a good nugget or fry. It's impossible. So, he uses those little pockets that they put on tiny kids clothes (whoever thought those up, gee, thanks!) and I find them later when I'm checking pockets.

    With my other half, it's usually chap stick and the occasional glove (he works at a hospital), but with LBM it's fries. Sissy it's stickers and sometimes cash.

    I'll take a tip any day! :)

  9. Because heaven forbid you put something down!

    J has been known to carry around a truck in one hand, a pb&j in the other, and have a book in his mouth. I keep telling him he's got it backwards...

  10. Genius! What a teriffic problem solver!


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