Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charmed by the charm bracelet, $52 cream, and no Internet

These things are not related, except that they happened to me.

Nick fixed my charm bracelet and I am wearing it. I love it. Please note bullock cart with wheels that turn and scissor that can actually snip paper. Hours of entertainment.

Also. Yesterday I spent $52 on face cream. And we had no Internet.

Face cream: I am a huge proponent of Cetaphil, which I think is just the best stuff ever. I've had it recommended to me so many times.

And then yesterday I saw my dermatologist for a full-body check. The kind you ought to get yearly, to make sure you don't have any random cancerous bits growing. They check everywhere. Even places the sun doesn't shine, even though you think it's all related to the sun.

But in any case, I am going to be public-servicey and say that it's a good thing to do. Especially if you are fair and spent your childhood in the sun. With no sunscreen.

Regrets? That's a big one. Wear sunscreen!

So I don't have anything worrisome growing. Relief.

But when you have a well-respected professional peering very closely at your face and saying, "You know, you ought to consider something that will soften your skin and get rid of some of those fine lines..."

You wind up whipping out your card and paying 52 damn dollars for a little jar of something supposedly miraculous.

I'll let you know.

Internet: Also, we had no Internet last night. No clue why. Cable worked but wireless didn't. And neither of us could get on anyone else's network either. There were no networks to be had.

Was it possible the whole neighborhood had no Internet? This is what Nick contended, as I was frantically clicking and plugging and unplugging and generally working myself into a lather.

Because how can you do wedding crap with no Internet? How can you obsessively check email? How can you Google anything?

You cannot. Just like the olden days. With Ma and Pa Ingall on the prairie.

Or, um, life prior to the late 90s.


We fiddled and fussed and turned the cable thingy and both our laptops on and off and on and off approximately 92 times.

We had to call my parents and make them get a pen and write down information. Because we couldn't email it to them.

Same thing this morning. It just doesn't work.

No Internet!? No explanation?! What if we go home and it's the same story all over again?!

Embarrassed to say the idea makes me a little batshit.


  1. No internet! Scary.

    I have a girlfriend who bought some $100 face cream, I was shocked and I laughed at her. A month later her skin was absolutely clear and glowing, so I asked what she was doing differently, and she mentioned the cream, and then she laughed at me.

    I hope your results are as spectacular as hers, if so I may have to think twice about my $7 cream.

  2. Hm. I worship at the altar of Olay's oil-free with SPF, but am always interested in hearing about other options.

    Also? If I had just done that and then didn't have internet with which to search for online reviews of said face cream? I'd be more than a little batshit.

    May the series of tubes be with you.

  3. Maiden, what was the name of that cream?! I'm hitting the wall, hard and fast!

  4. being fair and growing up in hot, hot places, i had my share of sunburns and sun poisoning as a child . . . as a result i've shunned the sun for the past thirty years (and have had many precancerous lesions removed), only to be diagnosed with a severe vitamin D deficiency last year. so, as the saying goes, "everything in moderation, including moderation!"


  5. hmm... I love that bullock cart. What's the charm at the top?

    Re: the life without internet... that's what Crackberry's are for. :-\

  6. Love the charm bracelet! Cupcake was all ooooooh, look at that!

    When our piddling connection blows on us, we have to go to the library so that life can go on. I could not live very long without the internet.

    Maiden - I want the name of that cream, too. Please! And, Lisa, I'll be curious to see the results of your $52 cream!

  7. In re: no internet...this happened to us a few weeks ago. My brother asked if anyone was doing any construction in the area, or there were any loud noises, because sometimes the frequency can throw off your router. We had to just go into our router and change some setting. I clearly was not the one who did it, but everything was fixed after that. If it's happening to BOTH of your computers, and I assume you have a router...that might be it?

  8. You should use your internet-free time to:

    Smell the flowers, take a walk, sit and read, spend time with Nick by just talking - enjoy the break from technology.

    Ha, just kidding! That sucks. I hope it's working when you get home. Btw, LOVE the charm braclet.

  9. Maiden Metallurgist - OK, you have us all ready to plunk down $100 for radiance! And I thought 52 was extravagant.

    Dagny - Oil of Olay SPF is my daily! This is for night. And then you need SPF during the day even more than ever.

    FreckledK - You are NOT hitting a wall. That said, who couldn't use a little magic?

    LJ - Interesting you said that! I have been taking Vitamin D at my dad's behest!

    VVK - That's the clasp. I like how it looks not claspy, actually.

    As for a crackberry...I think one is on the horizon. Or maybe a new iPhone!

    DCup - I really, really love it. Glad she loved it too!

    Library is a good idea.

    And I'd love then name of Maiden's friend's cream as well!

    Janie - I'll tell Nick that and see if he can do that if we don't have internet tonight. Very frustrating!

    Canaan - I KNOW, you are so right! How come we didn't do anything zen or constructive with the time?

  10. Your bracelet is fantastic and totally reminds me of the randomness of mine. I've got a cannon with moving wheels (from Gettysburg), a plane with a spinny propeller (from my grandfather's days in the Air Force), a chalice with a communion wafer floating above it (First Holy Communion present - yay Catholocism!), a diver with a painted on red swimsuit and white swim cap, and even a Notre Dame "ND", because my aunt was positive I would go to college there. Oh the hilarity! I wouldn't trade it for anything though, and I do wear it on occasion! I'm so glad Nick was able to fix yours, and make sure to keep it to gift to your potential future daughter!


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