Friday, June 13, 2008

Super girly

We took my mom's wedding dress, which is now my wedding dress, to the dressmaker last night.

Betty took pictures and I was all, ooh, I'll post them! But apparently this is not the thing to do. You don't show the world how you look in the dress till you're actually getting married in it.

So no pics. Even though I am dying to share. And even though I look like a hot sweaty mess in the pics. Because I was. It was in the 90s yesterday.

But you guys, it's my dress! And it's got all of this love from my mom and my grandmother sewn up in it! And it's so pretty!

It caught me off guard, how emotional I got about this dress. We've all been fairly low key about this whole wedding business.

And then yesterday I was telling one of my friends at work that I was going to get my dress altered that night, and I started to cry. Out of nowhere.

So Betty and I took the dress to the dressmaker, who was super impressed at the fact that Betty had made it all those years ago. And that it's held up so well. For nearly 50 years it has lived in tissue paper in a cardboard box. The fabric looks fantastic. The seams are perfect.

I put it on, and the waist just fits. When I say just fits, I mean, fits enough to breathe regularly. But not enough to have a full stomach. And there isn't enough fabric to take it out or move the zipper at all.

So I absolutely will not be gaining one pound. I don't have many absolutes about the wedding, but looking and feeling great in this dress is one of them.

The top needs a lot of alteration. Because not only am I a different size, but an entirely different shape. The era of the crazy pointy bra is long past. Thank goodness, no?

Apparently there are suck-you-in undergarments that can help with a myriad of things. Which she said I need to decide on before she does major alterations. Also, I need to find the exact bra that I'm going to wear. Because this can make all the difference in not only size and shape but where my boobs will sit in the dress.

Who knew?

Plus, I need to get a crinoline before she can shorten it. She said they're expensive, and to borrow one from a recent bride, since really, when will I ever, ever wear it again? Good point.

She also asked about a veil. If I want one, this is another thing she said not to buy. Because they can cost $400 or $500! !!! She said they're shockingly easy to make, and I could make it myself or have her make one.

Do I want a veil? I thought not, and then she said, "When else in your life are you ever going to have the opportunity to wear one?"

And now I realize how slippery a slope all this wedding stuff is. It's once in your life. Why not crazy expensive shoes? Why not a massive princess dress with real crystals? Why not a tiara?

She is very practical and down-to-earth, but with so many people, this is the message you get, over and over: It's once in your life. It's your day. You can have anything! Anything!

It kind of makes me want to ask for a pony.


  1. Appropriate, schmapropriate! I want pictures!

  2. Appropriate, schmapropriate! I want pictures!

  3. How fun! The dress is beautiful, even more so with your bright, smiling self wearing it gracefully.

    I usually don't give advice but strongly suggest having a veil. Make one, buy one, whatever, but have a veil. Maybe not for all brides but with your dress, oh, so pretty.

    Unlike a fragile wedding dress which is an ordeal to take out of storage, you can wear a veil again. Around the house. It's easy. I've done it a few times. It's so fun and girly.

  4. "The era of the crazy pointy bra is long past. Thank goodness, no?"

    YES! Good bye to the crazy pointy bra era and good riddance. Even Madonna let the cone thing go.

    You could have the pony be the ring bearer!

  5. I was amazed at what an emotionally charged thing the wedding gown turned out to be. When I was trying on dresses, I had put on a few before the saleslady pulled out The Dress for me to consider. It didn't look like much on the hanger, but when I put it on, I looked in the mirror and promptly burst into tears. The saleslady drily remarked, "I guess we've found it."

    I think it's soooo cool that your mom wore (and made) your dress. What a treat for both of you, to have you look gorgeous and to have so much history and emotion wrapped up in the garment as well.

  6. no pictures!!?!? damn those superstitions ;-)

    i can't wait to see you in it!! and do a veil, they are inexpensive to make (she's right) and worth it!

    although a blusher, that wasn't for me. i didn't want it in my face, sticking to my lip gloss. but some of my friends loved it!

  7. FreckledK - I'll email you one. I'm not posting and getting in trouble with Betty.:)

    HKW - OK, I LOVE the idea of you wearing your veil around the house. And I appreciate your input. I am really going to think about it.

    lacochran - Hah! I'll see about the pony. I can't even imagine those pointy bras. Horrible.

    Wendy - You looked beautiful in your dress! It really is shocking how much emotion is involved. And you are not all girly girl about things. It's always been really important to me to wear this dress precisely because of all the history and how close I am to my mom and was to my grandmother.

    VVK - :) to you!

    mrsmac - I'll email you as well. I hadn't thought about the pros and cons - lipgloss sticking, for example.

  8. OMG, I can't wait to see it! It sounds beautiful!!

    I said I didn't want a veil either. Have you ever tried one on? Do it. When it's on you will know immediatly if you want one or not. I started off with 'no veil' mindset and put one on and didn't look back. Well, I looked back at the CATHEDRAL LENGTH veil I wore. I actually found mine at a resale shop for $25! Good luck!

  9. Oh, and btw, I made my veil -- it was easy.

  10. How incredibly awesome that you're using your mom's wedding dress! That has to make it super ultra-special. :)

  11. I'm voting for the veil.

    There is so much history in your wedding dress that it would be a shame to forgo the symbolism of seeing each other for the first time, as husband and wife, when the veil is lifted for your first married kiss.

  12. You TOTALLY made me laugh out loud with the pony comment!! I have now my cat staring at me thinking I'm nuts.

    But damn, you would be the only bride with a pony!! No?

  13. I'm with Canaan. Try one on. You will know immediately. When I tried one on I suddenly saw myself standing on a crescent moon, perhaps holding a small Christ child. The sales lady looked a bit awkward when I said I looked like an icon. Definitely no veil for me, but a possible painting waiting in the ever expanding wings.

  14. That is so sweet you're wearing your mom's wedding dress..

    I veto the veil (personally), but I totally understand how it can get out of hand for wedding stuff... if you ever watch Rich Bride Poor Bride on, you can see some girls go NUTS

  15. Maybe a small veil? I kind of picture you with a little one just in the back. I don't know. The dress is just utterly beautiful.

    I've always said I'd marry the first man who actually buys me a pony. Till then? No dice, boys.

    As an aside, I think you must be the only person in the U.S. to have TWO people named Maude/Maud commenting on your blog.

  16. Canaan - That is great advice. Thanks very much! I will definitely try some on.

    Wendy - Good to know. Thanks.

    Zandria - I love love love the fact that it's my mom's dress.

    Rio - I am going to have to see if it feels like ME or not. But I'm liking the idea better and better.

    Beach Bum - It's good to keep cats on their toes. :) And haha - yes, I'd be the only bride I know with a pony!

    Maude - I am going to bet the saleslady had no idea what to make of you with that remark. Yes, will try one on.

    Fabulously Broke - Thanks. As I've said, it's a really big deal to me. And no, never seen the show, but I picked up a couple bride magazines and they scared me.

    Maud - Ah, thank you! And haha- I love that as a stipulation! No kidding - Maude/Maud is such a rare name.

  17. I believe you should in fact ask for the pony.

    It's funny, with so many people I know (or bloggie friends who I feel like I know) getting engaged, it has me thinking about my own wedding and wow, I don't know, every time I think about it I realize I want to be more and more low key about it.

  18. This is so much fun to read about! That is so cool that you're getting married in the same dress that your mom and grandmother did. If you want a veil, wear a veil. I always thought it made me look more dressy. And I second Wendy -- I made mine with a friend with directions of the internet -- with the crystal comb, crystals scattered about and waist length, I spent about $30. It was SO easy. Definitely borrow the crinoline. Or can you rent one in DC? I drove all the way to Rockville to buy mine and it was WAY overpriced.


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