Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I love DC summer. Love love love.

Someone said it's going to be in the 90s! I'm so excited!

I feel more alive in summer than any other time. Something about the heat and sunshine just makes me feel good. I'm probably a little reptilian in that way.

There are 54 gazillion things I love about summer. Here's the barest beginnings of a list.

Sunshine so hot it settles into your bones and warms up your soul
The childhood-inducing smell of Coppertone
Breezy little sundresses
Flip flops
Happy hour cocktails outside
Waking up to sunshine and going home from work in the light
The smell of meat grilling
Tank tops
Walking barefoot in grass
The heat-induced laziness of a Saturday afternoon
Big floppy cotton hats
Sweating like crazy when you go for a run
Super cute platforms with flowers on them
Gazpacho appearing on restaurant menus
Sweet corn, especially grilled till it's crispy
Diving into the pool after getting so hot you can't stand it another second
Hot sand sliding through your toes at the beach
The cool dark of the movie theatre on the hottest evening
The lovely lazy stretch of an entire sunny Saturday with nothing you have to do

Can you tell how much I want to be stretched out in the sun with a book, an icy iced tea with lemon, so cold it sweats the second you walk out the door, and no agenda?



  1. Sailing on the Bay with my beloved intended...

  2. Ugh... Heat + Humidity = Sweat + Pain + Headaches.


  3. Summer rules. Winter drools.

  4. Great list, you paint a pretty picture. My list would also include sitting on the porch in a rocking chair sipping lemonade, fireworks on July 4th, less traffic (no school buses on the road) and going out for ice-cream.

    Yea summer!

  5. Amateur - Plenty of those days to come.

    VVK - Oops. I forgot you're a summer heat hater. :)

    Cannan - Yes. Exactly!

    HKW - Oooh - all great additions! It started POURING here and feelng so not summery!

  6. Summer totally rocks! Great list! Plus sprinklers, patio dining at restaurants, frisbee, badminton, italian ices, pasta salad, fresh peaches, the smell of honeysuckle ...

  7. I totally understand what you mean about feeling more alive during summer.

    Hence my moving to Southern Cali, haha :)

    I love the freckles! Summer! Freckles!


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