Thursday, September 04, 2008


I have always envied people with nicknames. Being named Lisa means you don't really tend to have your name shortened to much of anything.

I'd say the best thing about my name is that no matter where I've been, people have been able to say my name. Consonant vowel consonant vowel. No consonant clusters or dipthongs or anything of the sort.

I always wanted to have a nickname growing up.

Sometimes people will play on my name. Not many, but close people.

Maude's mom, who is southern, will occasionally call me "Lisa pisa puddin' pie" - which always makes me smile. Avery's mom calla me "Lisie." I like this. And California Jane will call me "Poo-Poo." It's just a term of endearment in their family, in the same way my family uses "Pumpkin."

You don't really think about these things and how they sound. Until your fiance opens a response card over the phone.

"Hey, we got one that says accepts with great delight. And can't wait for the big day. . .Poo?. . .Poo? What? Poo? What is this?"

"Jane! That's my Jane!"

"Poo!? What about the poo?"

"That's just what she calls me."

"What's with your people?"


  1. Ha! I love this.
    When I was a kid, I insisted that my nickname be Doo Doo (until I figured out that it meant poop.)

  2. that alone says your wedding is going to be a BLAST! (and not because of Nick's guests... though i'm sure they're all very nice : )

  3. Ha! That is so great! And funny. Yay - wedding responses :)

    Growing up I had a nickname, my initials "HK". Heather, my middle name (and a whole other story), is too long and my 1st name Jill, too short.

  4. My sister generally manages to confine her nicknames for me to their acronyms, but occasionally the one from this movie slips out. In front of a significant other.

    And by slips out, I mean she totally says it on purpose. It's a useful sorting mechanism, though. If they can't handle the nickname properly (with spontaneous, uncontrollable guffaws), they're clearly not for me.

    And what's with your people, is that they all have exquisite taste.

  5. heh. Poo Poo the Bride.

    Heh Heh Heh.

  6. Hillary - Ha - that's very cute! I don't remember asking to be called anything. I need to ask my mom.

    notsojenny - My friends are so much fun, and so fantastic. I cannot wait to see them, absolutely can't wait!

    HKW - That explains the HKW! I was wondering why J for Jill wasn't in there.

    Jessica - I have never seen that movie! What does she call you? Drop Dead Fred? I can only imagine it's something terribly shocking, if you use it as a guage! And yes, my friends all have exquisite taste - every last one of them! :)

    Slightly Disorganized - Heh heh, no. No no and more no!

  7. I don't know what is with your people, but I think I might just love them.

  8. My name I go by is a one ever calls me my "real" first name. I graduated with people, who upon hearing my name called, were like "WHO?"

    My mom calls me a nickname to my nickname...and it is ridiculous. If you want a laugh, I will email it to you.

  9. my sister is named "sarah" but we always called her sally, until she was over 30 and decided she wanted to be called sarah. i balked, and made up a nickname for her which i still use:"sarally"

  10. me and a dear friend affectionately refer to each other as "stupid bitch" It started in college and never let go. It definitely causes a few head turns/shakes when we use it in public.

  11. FreckledK - All of my people are fantastic. You included.

    Lemmonex - I could see that. It's clear that it comes from your real name, but not till you stop and think about it. As for the nickname, love it love it.

    LJ - I've thought about changing my name, but at some point decided it would just be hard to get used to a new one. I support her sticking up for her own real name, though.

    convolutedconfusion - Ha - I have to imagine you do turn heads with that one!

  12. When I was little I insisted on being called "Da-den". At first my parents thought I was trying to say Daddy, but it turns out I was referring to myself. Apparently one of my babysitters called me "darling" and "da-den" was my pronunciation.

    Other than that, I have about 5 or 6 others used currently. I guess I am just the sort of person who attracts nicknames (not that I don't appreciate them).

  13. My moniker is also a nickname...for some reason all of my college girls and I call each other by our last names, even once they have been married.

    Maybe its because within a group of 9 girls there are 3 Jens and 2 Laurens.

    Oh and I have a HARD last would not believe the way people try to say it.

    I was always jealous of people with easy last names...

    But those with the easy last names tended to be called by their FIRST names. Weird huh?

  14. OH and to add to that...almost all my friends outside the immediate group who have married have gone from easy peasy last names to crazy long difficult last names.

    Its only fair. :)

  15. I love that like me, you and Nick call them your "people."


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