Monday, September 01, 2008

Sneaks or tennies?

I was just thinking about how today is Labor Day.

Which made me think several things. One: Oh, fuck, it's fall. (Which is something I've been thinking for a while now, with the shifting of the light.) Also: Holy crap, it's September! Four weeks till the wedding! And then: Man do I have a terrible mouth. And last but not least: no white after Labor Day.

Then I thought, no white what? Is it no white clothing at all? Or just no white shoes?

Which then got me to thinking, I don't have any white shoes anyway, unless you count my tennies.

This further led to trying to remember if we called them "sneaks" or "tennies" when we were growing up. I called Betty.

Tennies. Definitely tennies.

Even though his mother is British and would call them "trainers," Nick grew up calling them "sneakers." But not "sneaks."

And now I am wondering if the English ever abbreviate them to "trainies?" Or is this kind of thing limited to my dorky family?


Whatever you call them, and no matter what color they are, I hope you're having a great Labor Day. And if it's not Labor Day for you, I hope it's a happy Monday.


  1. Growing up in Jersey and NY, we called them sneakers...or sneaks.

    And white is appropriate after Labor this Fashion Diva on that one...That style rule died a long time ago. Hurray!!

    Plus winter white is almost as chic as fall equestrian. :)

    Just don't go for white slides...never appropriate ever!! ;)

    And I was talking to Lemm--if you ever need any last minute wedding-related or fashion advice--I am your girl.

    I have three of my best friends weddings this year--and have had about 40 in the past 3 years. Always here for an ancedote or some last minute advice if ever needed. :)

  2. Oh and beauty and hair advice. :) I'm crazy about hair.

    Happy Labor to have some crabs.

  3. definitely tennies. if people start saying "trainers" next thing you know they'll be calling sweaters "jumpers." i'm just sayin' it's a slipper slope.

    liz j (still in gmail hell)

  4. We call them gym shoes in Chicago.

  5. The 'white rule' has more to do with temperature rather than a specific date.

    If the temperature is warm enough and white shoes would complement your outfit best, then wear white.

    Think about it logically-- would you only wear darker colours after Labour Day if you lived in the Caribbean? Sub-Saharan Africa? What about when you lived in India?

    This was just one more made-up rule to get women to spend more money on clothing and accessories.

  6. Sneaks sounds funny to me. Tennis sounds natural. Happy Labor Day! I'm really looking forward to Fall this year.

  7. Any day that allows me to float in the 68 degree Atlantic and lounge on the beach for several hours is a happy day.

    I can't tell you how incredibly sad I was to leave my small patch of sand today.

    And I don't think I was the only one, judging by how many people were still hanging around close to 4:30 p.m. One lady said to her friend, "If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I could stay here forever."

    I agreed wholeheartedly.

    I hope your Labor Day was fabulous, too, Lisa :)

  8. KassyK - I definitely, definitely trust you as a fashion diva! Yay - I like not having constraints on wearing white!

    As for wedding stuff, I may turn to you for advice and I so appreciate the offer. I cannot even imagine that many weddings in my lifetime, much less in the last three years. Holy cow!!!

    Liz - Sorry about Gmail hell. That sucks. Yah, absolutely not calling a sweater a jumper. I don't care what his mom calls it. :)

    Amelia - So interesting! I'd never heard that!

    Aimee - I am sure you are right. Overseas we didn't know about any of these arbitrary rules.

    HKW - I bet fall in Austin is lovely. Plus you never have the super dreaded icky cold winter to contend with!

    BrownEyedGirlie - OK, that sounds like a kind of completely perfect way to spend the day! So hard to get up and walk away from that!

  9. Trainers.

    Jumpers (or jerseys)

    Oh, and labour has a "u"


  10. we called them sneaks in my house. tennies didn't go around much though, we pretty much said sneaks or tennis shoes.

    and i follow the rule of nothing white below the belt (even though it includes the belt). i wear white tops until it's actually autumn which is still 20 days away!

  11. I call them tennies, Scottish bro-in-law calls them trainers, my mom calls them ugly.

    Also, it's white shoes and accessories, pants and skirts that you're not supposed to wear after Labor Day.

    It's totally a Southern thing, but it's largely ignored nowadays. Pity, though.

  12. They were always "gym shoes" in my schools; however, I prefer trainers. More importantly, I only prefer to wear them when actually training.

  13. I have just discovered your blog and it's very witty.... I'll keep reading.
    I'm from BC, Canada and I hear it is perfectly acceptable to wear white after labor day.


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