Thursday, September 25, 2008

Orts, pre-wedding orts

I'm more of a paragrapher than a list-maker, but I've currently got a bunch of disconnected bits and no story.

So my orts. Numbered for ease of separation, but in no particular order.

1. We've gotten a lot of advice. Some really touching and make me cry-y. And some just plain funny. I appreciate all of it, and the kind, loving place it comes from. At some point I'll print it all out and put it all together.

2. I'm about to pick up Nick's ring. Super exciting!

3. Maude and family are in town! With any luck I'll see her later today. If not, then tomorrow! Can't wait, can't wait!

4. Jen has made it to DC via stops in two other American cities, with one other wedding on the way. She never stops, that one. I like to call myself an international woman of mystery, but the truth is, it's her. This is a woman who takes long weekends in Greece, for goodness sake, and had her bridesmaid dress made for her. Glam!

5. Nick is wearing a tux, and breaking out the mega-bling gold jacket for the dancing.

6. My dad is wearing a tux for my wedding. I've never, ever seen him in a tux. He's going to look gorgeous.

7. Our band cannot play Safety Dance. Not enough time to work it up. And so I really want to sneak in an iPod and speakers. Which will be a delight in two ways. One, we can get pics of Nick in the gold jacket doing the S-S-S-S-A-A-A-A... And two, the staff at the house museum would lose their shit immediately and completely. Yes, I would like to induce this. Yes, I am wicked.

8. Even though I promised Marta I would be vigilant about rubber gloves in textile class last night, I wasn't...I mean, I was up to a point, and then I wasn't. Sort of like teenagers and condoms, I supose. So anyway, I currently look like Lizzie Borden. I even somehow smeared some on my face. Fuchsia dye seems to wear off pretty fast, though, so by Saturday we should be good.

9. Please cross your fingers for sunshine. Because the current weather? Sucks some decent amount of ass.

10. And total non sequitur - I'm signed up for Twitter, but I don't. I just don't really get it.


  1. I am on twitter too, but I ALSO do not get it.

    Isn't that what blogs are for?

    Fingers crossed for sunshine. Although isn't rain supposed to be good luck? Or is that just some BS some mother of the bride came up with to console her daughter on her downpour wedding day? Sounds like it....

  2. I'll hope for sunshine in DC. It will go so much better with your wedding colors.

    Luke and I had our rings engraved with "I Choose Us".

    When we picked them up, they'd mistakenly engraved "I Choose You".

    A slight error. But sort of like we were the last ones chosen for kick-ball or red-rover on the playground.

    Something we laugh about. Only because they were able to fix the rings in time.

  3. in response to SD above... i think rain is a fertility thing... like you'll have TONS of babies so i hope that's what you're going for : )

    how exciting!! have such a great a fantastic wedding day!!!!

    and p.s. i had to look up "orts". that'll be my learning for tomorrow : )

  4. Your wedding colors ARE sunshine-y. Soooooo, even if it rains, it seems like it'll be sunny inside. It's not like we'll all be outdoors, under some awning, hoping not to melt.

    I have to believe the whole good luck side of rain on your wedding day has to have started because all of these rituals and traditions and religions and such began in the desert, right? So it seems to me that RAIN, in this case, IS a good luck sign. And fertility, right? Makes things GROW....right???

    Rain is good luck.
    Sun is fun.
    You are doing well either way.

    It rained on our wedding day, and that's been a good sign for us...

  5. My wedding was on a beach in Jamaica - it was a simply beautiful backdrop for the start of the rest of our life. It rained all morning, and then as almost a blessing of our union from Mother Nature, the clouds parted, the sun shined and there was a rainbow in the distance.

    We were separated 16 months later.

    Sometimes the weather is just the weather.

    p.s. I refuse to twitter

  6. Twitter is all sorts of addictive awesomeness. I can explain it to you :)

  7. Yay - it's finally here! I hope it stays dry and you stay stress-free.

    BTW, did I miss it - what wedding song did you choose??

  8. You could make fuschia work - of that, I am absolutely certain.

    I am very nearly as certain that you won't even notice the weather on the day. I say very nearly as certain because if it is sufficiently sunny, I suspect the gold jacket might blind you.

    Opa! :o)

  9. Rain on yr wedding day is good luck! Can't wait to C U tomorrow!!!

  10. Slightly Disorganized - I feel like there was this push to sign up for it, and then, um? Yes, good luck. But still, raindrops on kittens, not so much my fave.

    HKW - That is very cute! Although I like "I Choose You" as well, even with the choosing for teams on the playground connotation!

    notsojenny - We'd be psyched about the fertility bit! As for orts - people have definitely asked me what they hell they are before.

    Boo Boo's Mom - I like that idea! Sunshine no matter what! As for rain on your wedding day - definitely did well for you. I'm glad to hear that. :)

    RestaurantRefugee - Well, yes. Weather is weather. But still, sun is always nicer, no matter what's going on. And Twitter. I don't refuse, I just don't get it.

    Wendy - Yes, you put it well. It does seem like a lot of navel-gazing already. As for the sunshine dance - totally appreciate it.

    Nicole - You will have to explain it to me. I somehow have missed the charm.

    Canaan - Thank you! I hope so too! And we finally decided - we are going with I Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

    Jessica - I love you.

    Sarah - Thanks for the crossed fingers. Yes, my mind is totally and completely random right now!

    Jordaan - I absolutely can't wait to see you two tomorrow!!!

  11. Fingers crossed for sunshine for you and Nick.
    Saturday will be a blur but the gorgeousness of everyone and the mega bling jacket will be remembered by all.

    Hope the ipod idea works out

  12. You HAVE TO do Safety Dance. Absolute must.

    I love love love you and hope that you have an amazing day. I can't wait to hear all about it - I believe you and I have a post-honeymoon date, yes?

    Good luck, Congratulations, Best Wishes! xoxo.


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