Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm going to bet the answer is no, but that's just a guess

So, I'd like to know if this has ever happened to you.

Say you're sleeping on the couch. You are lying on your side, as you do when you're pregnant, so as not to further reduce what feels like a paltry amount of blood flowing to your brain and other important places.

You're couch height - roughly two or so feet up in space. Facing the room.

This matters. In case you're wondering.

You need to get up, but at this point you're still asleep, although very lightly, as you heard the alarm go off earlier, and you heard the shower running. You know your roommate-for-life is up and about.

Suddenly, you're startled awake.

By an enormous, squeaky clean, naked man. He is doing a frenetic arms pumping legs flailing everything shaking nakey dance. His hair is standing up. Droplets of water are flinging themselves off his body.

He is singing a very fast version of "What Have You Done for Me Lately?"

Happened to you? Ever?

If the answer is yes, please, I beseech you, please let me know.

And if failed make you laugh till you couldn't breathe, I'd like to know that as well.

Ooooooh ooooh ooooh yeah.


  1. Ha! No...that hasn't happened to me. Hilarious, though!

  2. The level of detail in your writing is outstanding :) Two thumbs up for Nick making you laugh so hard!

    The answer - No, not exactly. But I've experienced something similar - at night though, neither roomie for life or I are morning people.

  3. SM - Thanks :)

    Sarah - I know. Out of the blue.

    HKW - I love you. And I love the "I've experienced something similar".

  4. I don't get singing but I get the naked dancing and the wagging of the hips from side to side to make his thing (can't believe I just called it a thing) slap against each thigh. For some reason, he finds this hilarious. I only find it scary and a little gross.

  5. It may have not been exactly as you say it, but some variation has happened to me before. It's quite a startling experience.

  6. JoLee - I am actually pretty sure that if I had a penis, I'd shake it all over the place.

    Sgt. Social Worker - Yes. And I laugh every time I think of it.

    Jo - Hahaha! I love how politely understated your comment was.

  7. That has not happened to me, and I consider it one of my potential great regrets in life.

    But it gives me hope, to know that it's happening somewhere!

  8. Ha ha ha! Well, good morning to you!!

  9. awesome! just awesome!

  10. Dagny - I feel certain that something of this nature will happen to you one of these days.

    prettylittletangents - Yes! Good morning!

    notsojenny - Ha! Thanks, I thought so!

  11. It really is the little things.

    Or in some cases, the big things DOING little things.

  12. I haven't experienced that exact scenario (I haven't woken up to it, for example), but Jason enjoys a good naked shimmy from time to time. Boys flapping their junk around is funny.

  13. hahahahaha!

    I WANT to experience this! :)

  14. HA HA HA! so needed a laugh today, thank you!

  15. Nick rules. I bet that a lot of fun happens at your house.

  16. Oh too funny, what is it with guys they feel the need to shake their manbits at you every now and then!
    Never happened to me but god I have the funniest email I will send you called 30 things you can say to a naked man. An example and one of my favourites is
    'I guess this makes me the earlybird' gawf!!

  17. The nakey dance is pretty much a monthly occurrence in our house. The song changes but the feeling is pretty much the same.

  18. LiLu - Yes, that is the perfect way to put it. Hope you have a ton of fun this evening!

    Wendy - That is awesome. And I totally agree - I think it's hilarious. Always.

    P - You will, you will!

    Sophie - I'm so glad to hear I made you laugh. Hugs to you.:)

    mysterygirl! - He makes me laugh a lot. He really does.

    Go-Betty - Yes, please! I would love to see it! And as I've said above, if I were a man, I'd be shaking my bits in all kinds of (probably inappropriate) places.:)

    Hillary - Why does this not surprise me? Perhaps because Shawn is awesome and I know he would crack me up if I ever met him. Same, of course, and even more so, goes for you.

  19. Hubby does MANY crazy things...but I gotta tell you, THAT has not been one of them! :) Love it though!

  20. Yes, variations, but not regular like some of the girls here get.

    Am trying to figure out how to hint how I haven't seen a nakey dance in a while!

    It's like Lilu said, "It's the little things in life..."

  21. Actually, yes, this does ring a bell. Not the pregnant on the couch part. Or that particular song. But certainly the naked, joyful shimmy. And there may have been a towel swinging over his head, stripper-style.

  22. nice to have some joy,and yes.I get some great silly dances out of Mine.
    One of the great things about living()
    with another human bean.


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