Friday, June 05, 2009

Week 30 tummy

These jeans I am wearing?

Nick helped me pull them up this morning.

It turns out that the fast-growing head of cabbage in my uterus, while increasingly dancey and fun, makes all kinds of new things more difficult. Like putting on socks, and tying shoes, and just anything that involves bending over in general.

Even underwear has become a challenge. Because you have to hold onto something, and put one leg through, and then recalibrate yourself in space (I think of Alice, and in my head I say, "recalculating" in her voice), and then deal with the other leg and the up-pulling.

And so I sat down on the bed to put my feet through the legs of the jeans, but at some point had to stand up to actually pull them up.

Nick walked in and I was sort of huffing and puffing, all out of breath and struggling, with the waistband stuck halfway up my thighs. He started to laugh, and I peered up, bent over, both hands tightly clenching the thick elastic sides, and started to laugh as well.

Which put me in severe danger of falling over sideways.

And so he reached down, put both hands on the front elastic, and pulled.

I was going to look at this as a new low, but then a friend of mine pointed out that being so tall, Nick has better leverage.

Really, it's just physics. No?


  1. Well, yes. It's physics. But it's also a wonderful opportunity for Nick to share more fully in the joys of pregnancy.

    Of course, this does make me wonder how tall a man I'd have to marry in order to make sure I could get my pants on if/when I was pregnant. It's kind of a scary thought.

  2. haha... I have to say, I find this funny in a very sweet way. If I ever find my "one" I look forward to this. My height should make the leverage work well. :-)

  3. Dagny - Exactly. Sharing in the joys!

    As for you, I'm going to assume that your ass and thigh expansion will not be as extensive as mine, and you'll have no problem with your jeans.

    VVK - You WILL find your person, and I know you will be so lovely about all of this stuff.

    And absolutely on the height. You're the only friend we have who is taller than Nick. I love that he has to look up to someone. :)

  4. Do you mind sharing where you got the jeans? I'm newly pregnant, and those look super cute! Of course, it could just be because you look fabulous and any jeans would look great, but I'd still be interested to know in case there's any chance I could look that cute 22 weeks from now.

  5. This is a great, sweet story. Not a low at all.

  6. B does this for me every morning...



    (Isn't it sad that I had to say I'm kidding because otherwise, you probably would have wondered?)

  7. I hate to scare you or anything, but depending on your choice of nether region maintenance, Nick may be helping out in that area as well soon! Just before I delivered (at 39 weeks) I handed my hubby the razor and said "Do something with that. I don't know what it looks like, but I know it can't look like that when everybody and their brother will be staring at it soon!"

  8. Melissa - Oh, fun! Absolutely. My friend Tejal lent them to me, and they're Gap, and the style is City Fit - but she got them over a year ago, so I don't know that this exact style is available now. But I would definitely try Gap and Old Navy - the comfiest work pants and jeans I have are from there. I was prepared (before I realized how much my size would change) to spend a lot on a nice pair of designer maternity jeans, and I'm so glad I didn't.

    HKW - Thank you. :)

    LiLu - Not sad. Funny!

    Cheryl S - Aaaagh! I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that, but I don't know that I trust Nick quite that much.

  9. Man, do I remember that. But look how cute you are!

  10. It's like trying on a wetsuit in a small dressing room, this constant recalibration of personal physics (except you are in less danger of falling, semi-naked, through the curtain and onto the floor of a surf shop).

    Trust me.

  11. You really do look great, Lis!

    I, too, am looking forward to the day when I have my 'One' to help me with such a task, as well.

    Keep enjoying all these moments - and eagerly anticipating all the exciting ones that have yet to take place :)

  12. Oh Lisa!! Help with pants or no, you look so beautiful!! It seems like yesterday that you posted your first preggo picture and were all 'it isn't stickey-outey yet'!! ;-)

  13. Not a new low... a new way for him to express love. Honestly, if that isn't love, I don't know what is.

    p.s. Susan - LOL!

  14. Yay! That's too funny! And I thought those jeans were supposed to last your entire pregnancy!

  15. You look incredible in those maternity jeans..and such a sweet belly! Hooray for tall helpers!

  16. that's proof your husband truly loves you lol--great story :)

  17. that's proof your husband truly loves you lol--great story :)

  18. I thought you would like to know that I had your blog up on your belly and my husband walked by and mistook your belly for a butt -- specifically for the hottest butt he's ever seen.

    If you look at the photos as though you're facing the opposite way, with your pants down it actually works. And that would be a really attractive butt!

  19. You look great! I can still get dressed myself (thanks to years of ballet and yoga, I'm still very bendy) but still need help with shoes. Pregnancy definitely teaches you humility, doesn't it? But really, just wait until you pee yourself on a regular basis. THAT's a new low!


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