Monday, June 22, 2009

In which hauling around the big pregnant tummy is very much like walking a dog

It's like an invitation to talk to you.

When I would walk Gloria, all kinds of people would stop to chat. I always liked it. It was fun. Plus she was so awesome, I was always delighted when people remarked on her extraordinary character.

And something similar happens now with the belly. Just, you know, without the petting.

I've had a number of people - in checkout lines, fellow pedestrians, at the bank, really, you name it - announce the sex. "It's a girl!" Or, "You're having a boy. I can tell."


I'm walking down the street, listening to my iPod, and out of the blue, I realize a pronouncement is being offered to me.

The funny thing is when people ask when I'm due. If they have a birthday anywhere in August, they invariably tell me I should have it on that date.

"August 7 is a great day!"

"Hold out until the 23rd!"

It's been so consistent, and from complete strangers. It's really interesting.

A mail carrier I passed on the street the other day said, "Boy?"

I beamed. "Boy!"


I thanked him and kept walking. I was halfway across Connecticut, when a mail truck went by. "Ma'am! Ma'am!"

I turned to see him waving frantically.

"Name him Ryan!"


  1. I love good will :) Although it must take getting used to, you know, strangers making requests for names and birthdays!

    When you said "I was halfway across Connecticut" I had to set the context....street name in DC. Lisa is not walking across a state miles from where she lives and works and remained within earshot of mailman. It's Monday for me!

  2. This is one of the reasons I LOVED being pregnant. For once, everyone is so nice to you! Now, "name him Ryan" is pretty odd and specific, but still nice.

  3. I agree with the mailman.

  4. See, now I think you should name him "mailman". Nick wouldn't mind, would he?

    From what I understand, one should be thankful that you've escaped the petting. Many don't.

  5. Too funny Lisa! If I ever see you up in Maryland, I'll be sure to let you know that August 16th would be the best day to have the baby. Seriously the baby can share his birthday with me and Madonna. You should totally start a blog baby pool or something so that we can all try to pick the date/time/weight etc. You know...make this whole thing into a contest for the enjoyment of random strangers.

  6. HKW - It's just so funny to me. Men definitely say this more than women.

    And you know, I didn't even think about it, but of course! We don't all live in DC. I'm sure it sounded completely ridiculous to you!

    Cheryl S - People have just started being really nice, and I agree - I LOVE it.

    And I loved the odd specificity. :)

    FreckledK - Ha! I didn't even think about that!

    Dagny - If he did mind, it would be unreasonable, don't you think?

    The petting would be creepy. I do have women reach out and touch every once in a while. But no petting. And men don't do this, thank goodness.

    Megan - I love that idea! That would totally entertain me as well.

    And thank you for weighing in on best day. :)

  7. Just wait until you start getting breastfeeding advice from complete strangers...and giving it! :) I haven't forgotten the picture but am having trouble finding it. My husband claims I made him throw all pictures of me huge with child out - but I can't believe I would be so rash and vain (better than a veiny rash!)xoJules

  8. I've been meaning to tell you - I recommend August 8.

  9. So when are we going to start laying odds on the date and time of the birth, you could start a chart with all our guesses on it. As for August well my b'day is the 12th and my son Ben's is on the 10th so make it the 10th yeah? Oh and Ben is a nice name, not Benjamin , just Ben, nice and short but strong sounding, manly. :D lmao.

  10. I think it's kind of cute...... Could be creepy but what you've described is all cute!

  11. Jules - Hahahahaha! Yes, rash and vain would definitely be better than a veiny rash (the thought of which makes my skin crawl)! And I would be that rash and vain for sure, so I could never fault you for it. But I do hope you find one!

    Susan - Another fine date!

    Go-Betty - Hahaha! Soon! And everyone can put in their favorite birthday date and name. :)

    Jules - So far, none of it has been creepy. Just totally friendly.

  12. "name him Ryan" ... I love it! I would have been all "well Ryan was definitely in contention until you called me MA'AM, asshat." But I'm clearly a bit of a bitch.

  13. You should hold out until September 5th... I mean really, it's not *that* much longer. It's Teacher's Day in India! :-)

    Hope the move went well.

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  15. I like the name Ryan! I have a nephew with that name. ;)

  16. It's a lot of fun, isn't it? What annoys me, though is when people ask if we have a name, and I reply that we do, but we're not announcing it yet. And yet they STILL press you to tell it. I mean seriously, if I'm not telling my own mother, what makes them think I'd tell a complete stranger?

  17. Ryan is almost the perfect name.



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