Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 31 tummy. Plus stripey shirt and hair flipping!

This is such an odd and unflattering photo. So of course I had to post it.I'm not sure what is going on here. What am I doing? I'm not a hair flipper; I don't even have flippy hair.

My tummy is now big enough that I get congratulated on the street. If Nick is with me, he gets congratulated. People I pass look at my stomach and then up in my face and beam at me. Women with small children in strollers give me knowing, slightly pitying looks as I waddle by, sweating and panting in the heat.

I've been told that in the scheme my tum is not that big, but to me, the belly carrier, it feels ginormous.

And you know how sometimes you see a bug that has gotten flipped over on its shell? And it is flailing its little legs frantically, but it just can't right itself?

This is me. Every time I struggle to turn over in bed.

I tried drawing a picture of me flailing - several times, in fact - but it invariably looked pornishly like stick-figure masturbation.

Anyway, happy Friday!


  1. i can't explain it, but the second i saw this picture i laughed out loud. i am *so* glad you didn't post your stick figure pic!

  2. You look great! Even if you feel like a bloated duck waddling around.

  3. So maybe if you go ahead and draw a picture of a stick figure masturbating, we will all say, "oh look, a bug, flipped on its back, flipping its hair!"

  4. I'd sure like to see that stick figure.

  5. you really don't look 31 wks... not from the other people i've seen that far along.
    that's awesome... i'm sure the odds of being able to bounce back into your fit little self once that baby is here are extremely high too

  6. LJ - I'm glad. I laughed as well.

    Sarah - I hadn't thought about it precisely that way, but that's a good description. Quack quack.

    Susan - Yes! Or maybe even a boa constrictor digesting an elephant.

    Maiden Metallurgist - Ha! Erased, otherwise I'd send it along.

    notsojenny - Oh, thank you. As for the bouncing back, I hope so. My trainer says once I'm back, he's going to kick my ass, and I sincerely hope so.

  7. It is a rare talent that can use the phrase "stick-figure mastubation" in a post about pregnancy.

  8. I think you look great. Also, I would love to know what sort of google searches you're going to get pointing people to your blog after this post. "Stick-figure masturbation" - I love it! Ha.

  9. Dagny - Why, thank you. :)

    Hillary - Ooh, I didn't think of that. Let's hope!

    Princess - Thank you!!

  10. I smile at pregnant women. I also usually tell them they look great if I have the chance. Normally I hear preggos say that they're tired of people telling them they look tired, so I like to do the opposite. Everyone could use a good compliment when they feel ginormous.

    And I want to see the drawing. Bad.

  11. You really do look wonderful. Wow - I'd forgotten that having to hoist yourself over thing in bed. Soon, it will be but a memory.

  12. Now I kind of want to see the stick figure pic...

    Look at that tum! So exciting!

  13. Lisa you look wonderful! And on your little tiny frame, your belly looks quite large to me! When you are feeling REALLY ginormous, I'll send you a pic of me at 43 weeks pregnant with Owen (it is jaw dropping!!) I've been thinking of you so much lately!

  14. You look fabulous......

  15. Are those the SAME pants you've worn all along?? :) You look gorgeous!!!!

  16. Jo - You rock! That is so incredibly nice of you. You are exactly who I want to be passing on the street.

    As for drawing, alas, long gone.

    Lisa - Thanks. :) I do hope the hoisting memories fade fast. I really do.

    LiLu - Clearly I should save the failed masterpieces. I'm sure there will be more.

    JulesinFlorida - NOOOOOO! 43 weeks! I MUST see this. Emailing you right now.

    Ron - Thank you!

    Jules - Thank you. :) In the beginning, these were loose on my butt and thighs, and I wore them out in public with boots and felt cute in them. And now they are only worn at home or for working out.

  17. Oooo! I really love the mental image of you flailing around like a turtle on its shell, haha.

  18. That pic's not unflattering - you look adorable!
    About that bug...I used to think turtle on it's back. In olden days, when waterbeds were new, the very first ones didn't have proper bed frames, just a 2 x 12 box frame for the water bag sitting right on the floor. I had to slosh and roll my way out of that bed. Wish we had footage of that. NOW I could laugh!


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