Monday, June 08, 2009

Recognizing, of course, that Tarzan Boy may not figure into everyone's memories from the 80s

I've loved Total Eclipse of the Heart since I was 14. We didn't have MTV in India, so I didn't see the video till years later, but we played the song over and over and over.

My friend Steve sent this along, and it's seriously one of the best things I've ever seen.

And because I am on an 80s kick (OK, so I'm always on an 80s kick), I just bought the following song. Don't judge. It's nostalgia.

They played Tarzan Boy a ton at the disco we used to go to. Which is where we are, post-prom, in this photo. It was always really dark and smokey in there, so I didn't realize until I saw this photo that the walls were painted camouflage.
So cool, no?

But perhaps not quite as cool as the breakdancing we used to do.


  1. Oh, my god. The Gunghroo!! I remember that place so fondly. And that was a crazy prom night. Love Julie's saree and Kristin's hair (with the butterfly clip that matches her dress). Thanks for posting this!!

  2. I know - such fantastic memories! I love everything about that photo. And I can't remember - did her clips always match her outfits???

  3. The Total Eclipse video has been bringing me joy for the last week or so. I'm pretty sure it will never get old.

  4. God that video is awesome, but towards the end it starts to scare me a little. Still freakin hilarious!

  5. I don't think she made a point of always matching her clips to her outfits, which makes the prom matchy-matchy so fabulous and hilarious.

  6. Very cool! Great photos. I love, love, love the 80's!

  7. The sad thing is, I remember Tarzan Boy all too well.

    Ahh, my wasted youth.

  8. Hillary - I don't think it will either. Such a delight.

    Maxie - It really is awesome. As is yours on LiLu today.

    Wendy - I totally don't remember. I do remember the tying up of the hair with all kinds of random things.

    HKW - I know you do - so cute!

    Fearless - I'm delighted to hear that! Wasted? Hardly!

  9. My Monday:

    You just made it.

    And I had a root canal, so that's saying something.

  10. I LOVED Tarzan Boy. That song rocked. Must have been played at every high school dance. Every. Single. One.

    And TEotH was one of them "slow" songs, the kind where you could get cloooose. Close enough where there was no room left for the Holy Ghost, if ya know what I mean. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more, eh?

  11. Omg, I just saw the Total Eclipse one the other night and I DIED. It's just so funny. But really? SOMEONE WAS ACTUALLY PAID TO MAKE THAT VIDEO IN THE FIRST PLACE.


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