Monday, May 17, 2010

For some reason sleep deprivation catapults me into battlefield analogies

You all are wonderful. Thank you. We're doing OK.

I've gotta say, though, that I have been getting really close to considering Nick's proposal to reproduce again.

I'd see a seriously pregnant woman waddling slowly down the street and thinking, "Oh, doesn't she look happy! Look at her cute outfit!"

When not that long ago I knew the over it look on her face and spent time wondering why they put those stupid strings on all those pregnanty tops. Who suddenly wants to tie bows just because they're pregnant?

But the pregnancy amnesia had really hit full force.

. . .and then Jordan and I slept over at Betty's last night.

By slept I mean dozed in 13-minute increments. So that we could wake up, wonder where we were, cry, verify that mama was right there, calm down, go back to sleep. And repeat.

We woke up exhausted. Bitter. Actually, only one of us was bitter.

The other was all, "Mama! So nice to see you! And if you think I'm napping today to make up for lack of sleep last night you are sadly mistaken! Hahahahahaha!"


It's a huge flashback to the early days of no sleep and lots of exhaustion and bitterness and generally feeling like you could be felled by a single bullet out of nowhere at any moment.

And that has nipped the ohh, Nick my darling, let's make a sweet, smiley, chubby-feetsy cutie-face baby! right in the bud.

Now I am thinking more like, listen, husband, let's bear in mind that one person's suspicious package is another person's Weapon of Mass Destruction and maybe let's keep that over on your side of the bed.


  1. You'll both want it when it's time for it to happen. Until then, don't rush yourself. Be good to you.

  2. I couldn't even think about going for #2 until Zeke was at least a year old. Then he became (slightly) less high-maintenance and the thought of a second child seemed like a great idea. And it was, but it's still an assload of work.

    My point is, let yourself be ready, and try to rest until you are. :)

  3. Bwahahahahahaha!

    That was hilarious.

    Though, you two do apparently create absolutely adorable children...

  4. haha! This reminds me of the first episode of Desperate Housewives when Lynette and her husband are about to get it on and she says "where's the condom" and he says "let's risk it" and then she punches him.

  5. suspicious package is a fantastic....oh, crap what's the word? Dammit, I'm too tired to put words together.

    euphemism. That's it.

  6. Lmao sleepless nights are like such good contraception dont you think??
    I love the sus package/weapon of mass destruction analogie

  7. Do you think you could get a few nannies or something to live with you and take care of all the diapers, feedings, sleep interruptions and general upkeep of the household? If so, maybe? Otherwise, eeks... two children in diapers at the same time. But he is super adorable in his videos and pictures...

  8. More babies!!! :-)

    Of course I can say this because I don't sleep there...

  9. This: "maybe let's keep that over on your side of the bed" is my new favourite phrase. Thank you.

  10. LOL, I know EXACTLTY what you mean. In our case, our little 6 month old is total birth control. Even when the idea of another sounds good, we are just toooo tired to do anything about it.

  11. Apparently I am also too tired to spell and/or type. Please excuse the typos above. :)

  12. But think of all the blog material a new pregnancy would bring! Do it for your readers, LG! You know we'd do it for you! In fact, I try to do it for you quite often. Don't I get something for my efforts, besides a free dinner and an "I think you're great, but..." email?

  13. One word for you. Nathan. And then Sophia.
    Okay, that was a lot of words. I enjoy them now. Mostly.

  14. They do say every pregnancy is different.... Maybe the next one won't be so bad?

  15. Well, let me just point out that both Lex AND I are now within babysitting range... ;-)

  16. Kate - That's a very healthy way to think about it. Thank you.

    Wendy - The assload of work makes me laugh. But yes, you have a very good point.

    Dagny - We only have one data point to work with. But the good news is, we know that no matter what he looked like, we'd still think he was gorgeous. I'm pretty sure of that now.

    Grace - I remember that! Yes! Exactly!

    KLZ - All too often I can't remember words. Or remember if I've said something out loud or just in my head...

    Go-Betty - I would choose sleep over anything at this point. I didn't know that before, but I do now.

    Susan H - That's exactly what we need! Maybe I can convince Nick to move somewhere that labor is cheap and we can have a retinue of servants. Then I could just sit on the couch and eat bon-bons. The more I type, the more I like this idea...

    VVK - Haha! And some nights, neither do we!

    Hillary - My pleasure. Use it as you wish.

    Angel JAM - YES! Total birth control!

    frecks - Alas, I don't think so - it'd all be been there done that kind of stuff. But you are right, we each try to take one for the team.

    Lisa - You love them like crazy. I know you do. And they are amazing.

    Luna - It's not the pregnancy as much as alllll those awakey nights all over again.

    LiLu - Aaaand I WILL take you up on that one of these days!

  17. I heard that you cant get pregnant in a swimming pool.


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