Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I blame lack of sleep

Because you know I'm an intelligent person who sometimes or maybe often says dumb things even when she's stone cold sober, I'm going to share this with you.


Also, you should know that I almost never know what's going on in the world. Current events are usually no longer current by the time I hear them.

So as we were walking to work Nick said, "So you know they caught the bomb guy. The one who left the car in Times Square."

"No! Where?"

"He was on a plane for Dubai. They'd figured out who he was and put him on the no-fly list. They stopped the plane."

"It's alarming that he didn't get caught at the airport in the first place."

"Well, they had just put his name on the list, and it hadn't been updated yet for the day. They recognized his name from the passenger manifest."

"But they should've arrested him before."


"With the bomb. And anyway, how did he get it out of his car?

"What? The police have the car. They didn't know it was his bomb until they figured out who he was."

"But how did he get the bomb through the airport?"

"What bomb?"

"The bomb he was taking on the plane to Dubai."

"He didn't have a bomb on the plane."

"You said."


"You said the guy who had the bomb. He was taking it to Dubai."

"No. No. I said the bomb guy. The one who had the bomb in his car. In Times Square. He was heading to Dubai."

"Why didn't you say that? I was wondering why he'd take the bomb to Dubai instead of just making one there."

"Who are you?"


  1. Oh, I've been there. Thanks for sharing - it's nice to know the brilliant people of the world have conversations like this :)

    Luke asked me about this story yesterday and I said "They know who did it", which wasn't exactly the latest news. He asked "Did they catch him" and I said "I don't know, I only had time to read the headline. Maybe [they caught him]?". Sigh.

  2. Oh, Heather, I'm so far from brilliant, but I so appreciate you saying that.:)

    I will do that too - read the headline, have some vague idea, and move on. When asked, I have no idea. Fortunately, Nick reads and pays attention.

  3. ha, this is usually me. We have recently broken down and got television which is most exciting but a) I hardly ever have time to watch and b) the news always makes me sad (oil slicks and all). I generally try to steer clear of the news which makes me uninformed but happy!

  4. LOL! I'm surprised you managed to miss the story, it seems to be the only thing on the news. I'm afraid I'm not real sure why. His bomb sucked, it didn't blow up, no one got hurt, and they caught him.

    Maybe I'm just bitter because I live in AL and want to hear about what's going on with the hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil in the Gulf. I'm getting upset that it keeps getting bumped down the list for Monobrow Fail Bomber.

  5. Ooooh, that's cute. The details aren't so terribly important, are they? What more do you need to know than that the bomb buy was caught. Hey, if it had exploded, you would have heard about it.

  6. "I don't know."

    "Third base!"*

    The best(?) part is I have no trouble believing that this is basically an unembellished transcript. Which is also why you should have a TV show.

    * fingers crossed that Abbott and Costello made it as far as Bangladesh, otherwise this might be awfully confusing...

  7. Miranda - This is exactly how I am. The news is always depressing, and really, I have so little free time - I'm not spending it getting bummed out in front of the TV. And then online I always click the weird compelling links rather than the oil slick/bomber/world coming to an end ones.

    Lisa - It kind of underlines for me how out of touch I am so much of the time. I leave the house every day, and yet I have no idea what's going on around.

    Susan H - Wellll, probably. I hope so!

  8. Brian - I didn't know it as a kid, but heard it years later.

    And thanks for that. We should have a TV show! Nick would hate the invasion of privacy, but perhaps we could quit our day jobs, which would be a win, in my opinion!

  9. I think it was a perfectly reasonable bit of confusion. I'm kind of surprised Nick wasn't quick enough to figure out how he'd confused you.

  10. Is it worse that I just thought "what bomb in NYC?" Clearly I've been working too many hours when I haven't heard a major news story.

  11. I can go with Nick on this one. I have given up trying to have a conversation with my friends about current affairs because they just dont seem to know unless you ask them who's winning Survivor or Idol or died on DHW (desparate housewives) NONE of them read the paper or watch the news apparently :(.

  12. so funny that you wrote this today because i just heard about catching the bomb guy on the radio and, since i'm also not one to keep up with current events, was like THERE WAS A BOMB IN TIMES SQUARE??!!! WHAT BOMB? DID IT GO OFF?? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? and actually, i still don't know what exactly went down. but anyway. i also blame lack of sleep.

  13. Dagny - We are now all about the bomb. It's our new refrain.

    Tia - Thank you for saying that! Thank you!

    Go-Betty - Unfortunately I don't know what's going on in the pop culture world either. But I can tell you about crib recalls. And what web site to go to to get your Infant Tylenol refunds. And what types of wipes I like best. :)

    notsojenny - Very duh, I know.

    carly - I am glad to hear that. Not that you're as oblivious as me, but, well, yeah. Kind of that.

  14. Monique Esselmont5/05/2010 8:14 PM

    OMG!! That was too funny!

  15. Lemon,
    I'm going to put you in my favorite places, I kinda like you.

  16. Brian beat me to the punch. Total L&H moment. From now on they'll be known as L&N moments.

  17. Wait? There was a bomb? When did this happen?

    I'm apparently just as out of touch.


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