Monday, May 03, 2010

Sit 'em up sit 'em up sit 'em up

So Nick traipsed off to his college reunion this past weekend and left Big J and me to our own devices.

We went for a run. We read books. We did a lot of eating. And floor-swimming. And rolling. And snurfle-snorting.

And sitting! Sitting! We can sit up on our own! Or anyway, we've done it twice!

It's very exciting.

However, and I think due to the vastness of the world and the daily expansion of his possibilities, the boy is a little big high maintenance lately.

So when he's down, he wants to be up. When you pick him up, he peers over your arms and sees something on the floor and is all, "Pretty, shiny, sparkly! Down! I want down!"

Obviously, he doesn't say that.

What he does is flail his pink chubby little arms and make this NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG GRAAAAAAOOOOOAAAANK kind of noise. And EEAAAAAAHHHAAAHHHH! AAAAGHHH! MAAAAAAAH!

It's sort of the same noise our washing machine is currently making.

Fortunately, it's under warranty. So we'll see about that one. The washer, I mean.

As for the boy.

Life is a big adventure. So many potentially delicious things to be put in one's mouth! So many floors to swim across! So many carpet patterns to inspect! So many music buttons to bang on! And floor tiles!

The rapture!

And hey, wow, a ceiling fan!

Pick me UP! I want to see!

Ooh! The floor! Is so much more enticing from here!

Put me DOWN!

I'm hungry! Where's the boob? Yum!

Hey, look, a tree branch! Just kidding! Not hungry!


And so it goes. I love him with all my heart. And I'm exhausted.

The noise I really want to make (and sometimes do, when it's just the two of us) is NNNNGGGGGGG GREEEAAAAOOONNNKK GRAAAAAAHHAHAHAAA!

He doesn't bat an eye.

He's all, "Oh, Mama. I agree. Now pick me UP!"



  1. Victorious! He sat up! I had to listen on mute at work, so I imagined the sound effects you provided. And our dishwasher.

    Can I just say, there's a 3D video narrated by Santa Claus in the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. At one point a goose flies by Santa and his sleigh of reindeer and the goose's nose is pointed RIGHT at you - whoa! When you panned the camera under the J's mobile/play mat - it was just like that 3D video :)

  2. WooooHooooo! Sitting is awesome!

  3. He's at such a cool age because he's discovering so many new things, like every MINUTE, but I can imagine how tiring it must be as a mother!

    That's a great video! I love how you can totally see him figuring out how to contort his body and where he needs to put his arms and legs. Such a cutie!!!

  4. Oh man I giggled at this! He didn't just sit up, he worked at it and totally had it figured out in his head. You've got one cute Einstein on your hands there Lisa. It's so neat watching him make these milestones with you. Oh and I do remember those exhausting first few years. It gets easier. Eventually. And if your heart melts now, oh girl...when he is 3 and 4? so cool and not nearly as tiring.

  5. cfoxes33 - I know!

    HKW - Oh, sorry to disappoint you. The terrible noises are not part of this video.

    And that is very funny! Of course you would notice camera angles and effects. Me, I was just trying to keep up with him.

    KLZ - Today, sitting! Tomorrow, the world! That's how he approaches things. :)

    Stevie - It's so true! Minute by minute!

    I love that too. Like he's weighing the best option.

    Lynn - Ah, thank you! I was really surprised. He hadn't done that before, and it looked like he was mapping it out one step at a time!

    I am scared of the actual crawling and then when he starts walking. Man.

  6. oh man, the sitting. he's really on his way!
    and i keep expecting the grunts to be followed up with "get me some of them there french fried pertaters"

  7. Such sweet memories! What a delight! And exhausting, unpredictable delight. It just gets better and better, too. I promise. Some day he'll be lying on a sofa and he'll still want you to watch South Park or Antiques Roadshow with him.

  8. You know, there are grown people in my office who make me make that sound, though they pretend to use "words" to ask for 3 billion incompatible things at once. Your son is *very* advanced. Which you already knew, I'm sure, and which is completely not surprising. :o)

  9. Heh! Not only is he sitting up, but that rocking back and forth on his hands and knees is a precursor to crawling. One of these days he's going to rock himself right into forward motion. Then the child-proofing tide begins to rise. Love the way he freed and flung that one leg.

  10. Thats quite some grunting happening there! Look how much he can DO! Almost crawling and everything! My baby gal is still quite content just to sit and you pass her things! Hilarious post. I'd like to say it'll get better but I have no idea what's coming next! Mine has started this ear piercing glass shattering screech when she wants something. Its not pretty

  11. notsojenny - Hahahahaha! I need to see that movie again. And he is going to love friend pertaters when he gets his hands on some.

    Lisa - I believe it gets better and better. He's a little trying lately, but still lovely. I'm up for Antiques Road Show. South Park, he should ask Nick.

    Dagny - Now that you point it out, there are people in my office that do the same thing! As for advanced, I don't know. He is very curious, though, and stubborn like both parents.

    Maude - Ugh, I know! Not prepared for the forward launching! We are proofing bit by bit but should maybe go into frenzy mode this weekend. So many enticing cords and plug holes we have!

    Miranda - I am not ready for the crawling! I was perfectly happy when he was perfectly happy just sitting!

    Sorry about the screeching. Brutal, that's just brutal.

  12. Oh yeah, if you think he's a handful now, just wait until the crawling really starts up. On the bright side, if you have him contained in a safe play area somewhere, he'll be much more self sufficient at least. But yeah, it's tiring. But oh so fun!!

  13. Awesome!

    He looked like he was thinking "Wow, I just did that. Cool."

  14. Yay! That was a very exciting video to watch. He was really concentrating on getting that foot out!

  15. Will... not... bite... cheeks... must... RESIST...



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