Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little bitty bits

Seersucker. Nick is wearing his seersucker suit today. He decided that if it's going to be 90 degrees, it's summer, and he can wear seersucker. Plus it's almost Memorial Day.

I tease him about it, but the truth is, I think he looks so cute in this suit. And I totally want to get some seersucker for Jordan.

3:30 AM. Speaking of Jordan, he now likes to wake up right around 3:30 every morning. He's done this the last five or six nights. It's killing us.

Lipstick. I have started wearing lipstick in an attempt to balance out the hair. I've been wearing my wedding lipstick, which fortunately still seems fine. How long can you keep lipstick, anyway?

Kiddie pools. Nick wants to get a little inflatable pool to put on the deck. He was all, "Jordan and I can play in it together!"

Um. I'm going to let you conjure up your own responses to that one.

Happy Wednesday! Feels like summer! Time to dip our feet in Nick's office koi pond!

Kidding, honey, kidding. (Kind of.)


  1. i want you to publish a book of your drawings.

    and i know most people say makeup expires but i keep it forever. unless it melts, dries up, smells funny or grows something on it i still use it.

  2. I have to admit that I read this post title as little bitty tits at first.

    I think your illustration would pretty accurately convey the pool situation.

  3. I remember reading that a lot of lipsticks contain fish oil, and I think that is why the smell test works! Some of mine have turned clay-like and ultra smelly when they got old. Love the pool pic and Nick rocks the seersucker! :)

  4. I liked your lipstick so much, that I had asked you the brand and name of it and bought the same one. I'm still using it, and it seems fine. Maybe the price is justified because it has a cool case with the magnetic closure (which, I tell myself, keeps the ick out)?

  5. I've said it before - I LOVE your drawings. They make me so happy.

    At first glance, I thought this was Nick, a wave and you - topless - and bald. Silly me , of course it is Jordan! How big is your deck :)

  6. hmmm ... blogger ate my comment. bastard.

    I keep my makeup forever. I use it until it dries up or starts to smell funny.

  7. This was my favorite thing about new hair color. New makeup! Wardrobe possibilities altered! The shopping, it was fun.

    We should go to Sephora or someplace sometime soon, I think. Sephora, and then drinks. :o)

  8. jen - I love the idea of it, but I'm not sure how wide the appeal might be.

    Those seem like reasonable tests for makeup. I think that'll be my approach.

    Lisa - Hahaha! Close! Very close!

    kayare - I am really not a lipstick person, more of a lip gloss one. But the smell/consistency test seems totally reasonable.

    Susan H - It is pretty cool, isn't it? I hadn't seen a magnetic thingy like that before.

    You know, I justified the expense of the lipstick and gloss because it was for the wedding...and then thought I'd lost it and was all annoyed with myself because it was expensive, and just recently found it...and am now determined to use it regularly!

    I think that it could be justified because the color is lovely and the magnets probably help promote inner harmony as well as keeping the ick out. Maybe?

    HKW - Thank you! Oh, you make me laugh. Me, topless and bald, flying out of a pool.

    Our deck is big enough for table, chairs, grill, but is not big enough for an inflatable pool that would hold Nick. :)

    Hillary - I hate when that happens. And it's more frequent than one might think.

    Dagny - Yes! Who knew new color would mean new so many other things? Really a necessity! :)

  9. Lisa!!! Check out this link!!

    My husband is anti-seersucker, even if it's a cute overall, so he vetoed it for our boy, but Big J could totally rock it! Oh crap,I just saw that they don't have his size. Bummer.

  10. oh my god---my son? who was born august 13th? has been waking up at 3:40 every morning!! this means something! what that is? no idea. but had to share!

  11. I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE seersucker. I think it is from growing up in the south. I don't even mind bowties. While I have convinced my husband to purchase some seersucker pants and the baby already has seersucker shorts, I cannot convince him to wear a bowtie!

    3:30 am uuuuggghhhhh. Morgan did that the other night for the first time in a while. Fortunately, he went back to sleep on his own but, of course, we did not sleep as well as we were listening out for him. I guess all this sleep we have gotten in the last month has made us soft. I was so tired the next day!

    As for lipstick, I keep it until it gets so dry, it is hard to apply. Actually, even then, I hold onto it for a little while hoping it will somehow rejuvenate itself.

    Please post pictures of the pool. :)

  12. My husband bought one of those little plastic baby pools for him and Melody to swim around in. My husband is just as big as yours and I couldn't stop myself from saying "you are going to swim in it with Mellie eh?".. He was determined to sit in it buuuttt didn't work so now he sits in a deck chair with his feet in the water and Mellie plays and splashes. Men are funny creatures! :)

  13. I'm still testing my theory, but I think lipstick lasts forever. Like roaches after the Bomb drops.


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