Friday, May 21, 2010

To blonde or not to blonde - that is the question (of the morning)

So a week ago I got this wild hair (not to play guitar) and marched over to the salon to see if I could somehow get an appointment thatveryminutenownownow.

Because you know how when you've had enough of your hair it feels like you simply cannot live like that for one second longer?

I've been known to snip and dye my own hair when I hit that point. I've made some good hair choices, some great hair choices, and some very very terrible ones.

The ones I did myself never fell in anything but the Very Terrible category.

Fortunately, my impulse control has improved dramatically. Or maybe marginally. But enough.

And so instead I made a hair appointment.

I said the following: I either want highlights or all-over bleach. And I'm not sure which.

Because you know I have been thinking about this for a while now. I cannot find any of my old pictures, alas.

Pros for highlights: they look natural; I can go months between appointments; they're conservative.

Cons: I've had the same color and style with minor length variations for years.

Pros for platinum: fun!; good with my coloring; easy to find me in a crowd.

Cons: Very not-conservative; this is DC, after all; might invite more of the dumb blonde assumptions.

I'm still not sure. I feel like it's going to hit me once I'm sitting in the chair.

And I do realize this isn't a world hunger kind of issue...

But you know, you wake up with your hair every day.


  1. I say go for it. Have some fun already.

  2. Platinum! As a complete advocate for the Drastic Color Change, I say, go for it. It will be fun! And pretty! And, it's not like you're going Manic Panic green or anything..

  3. why not switch it up? you can always go back. im right where you are right now in the NEEDING MY HAIR DONE ASAP LIKE YESTERDAY, and im about to snip and highlight on my own. good luck! photograph the shit out of this endeavor please!

  4. Platinum!

    Such an easy decision to make when it's not my hair.

  5. ooh Platinum!!
    i may be voting for this because i've been longing to do something drastic to my hair for a few months but don't have the nerve to so i'll live vicariously through you. maybe.
    still, you'd look stellar!!

  6. Platinum. You will be gorgeous, and it's the perfect time of year for a big bleach. You can go back to highlights in the fall if you want.

  7. Go for the platinum. You will look divine. I'm jealous already. :)

  8. I've seen pics of you with the short platinum 'do and I think it's hott. Go for it.

  9. I say go platinum so I can live vicariously through the awesome photos. I'm not that brave although I have had a few different colors in my day: ) I think it will be fun and look beautiful on you. You look like an absolute natural blonde. Happy Friday!

  10. I totally second (or third) what Mysterygirl said. Go plat now, and you can go back to the more conservative color for fall. Please post pics of whatever you end up doing?

  11. You could totally rock a platinum do! I say go for it.

  12. Boy do I hope you went platinum! Sod the conservatives!

  13. Since you know better than to listen to me on something like this... I'm going to go out on a limb and say go with Red. An International Woman of Mystery should try red. :-)

  14. My hair is pulled back today because I woke up at 8:30 and am not in a hair stage that is walk-out-the-door-in-a-rush-and-look-presentable. So I completely understand! On the other hand, my hair is dark, dark, brown. Some would say black (I loathe when people say that! It is brown!). So I don't really get the difference between the two options. Blonde is blonde to me. You're gorgeous so go with your gut!

  15. I'd go for a combo of highlights and lowlights. They can be fun and edgy.

  16. Oh, and I've been platinum before. It's a lot of maintenance, and if you get overprocessed your hair turns to the texture of mush when wet.

  17. I'm having the same conundrum! I want to cut my hair in a just-below-the-chin bob. I want to go soooo very blonde. Maybe a Kelly Ripa blonde-with darker tips, or Ann Jillian (does anyone else remember her?)blonde.

  18. Red! Or plantium & black !

    Seriously though, plantium.

  19. Normally I would say highlights but I'm feeling spicy today so BLEACH! Bleach it! It's (almost) summer. Go for it!

  20. I know that feeling. I would go with something different. It's just hair, it grows back and can be dyed again.

  21. Kate - I love this "have some fun already" advice.

    Dagny - You are so right. Yes, drastic, but not crazy. And oddly enough, my stylist told me today that green hair looks terrible as it fades - starts looking like mold really quickly.

    brookem - There is something very satisfying (and free) about snipping and coloring your own. Alas, I've always sucked at it, though. And yet, it never stopped me. Until now.

    KLZ - It's true - it is so easy to agree with extremes for others, and genuinely think they're a good idea.

    jen - As a newly almost-platinum person, I totally advocate doing something drastic!

    mysterygirl! - Thank you! You are right - perfect time for a big bleach. Warm and sunny!

    kayare - Thank you! I hope so!

    Wendy - Thank you! Here's hoping I feel HOT soon!

    Luna - I don't know if I'm rocking it but I'm trying! :)

    Maude - I did I did I did!

    VVK - I have been reddish, and it makes my skin pasty and brings out all my freckles. I love red, but it is not my friend. Alas.

    HKW - Your hair is a really rich dark brown. (Although personally, I love black hair as well.) And I understand not knowing the blonde difference - I don't pay much attention to brown differences. There's something wonderful about just being able to pull your hair back, though. I was able to do that for a while and loved it. But when it wasn't pulled back, it was just so flat. My hair is too fine and flat to be long.

    Miss Dallas - The good thing about the over-processed in my hair is that it gives me the ability to style it all chunky. It is kind of creepy when it's wet, but dry it can have so much more body than I normally do.

    Catizhere - I LOVE bobs, but then again, I've had a bob on and off since high school. It's my forever cut, I think. I totally support sooo very blonde, I do!

    Sarah - Red is terrible on me, and black would be too. But platinum! Will be good!

    Hillary - Spicy is good! Better than punchy!

    Grace - That's exactly what my stylist said. If I decide I hate it, we can change it next week. And it'll grow.

  22. I've had the platinum, and it was fun. for example, people in stores where I shopped for years would be all "Oh, hello, do you live in this neighbourhood?"

    But the maintenance, ugh. Plus all those chemicals sitting on my scalp, and then going down the drain, that kind of freaked me.

    So I vote highlights/streaking. You can do some real dramatic platinum and also ash streaks...not trying to be a people pleaser, but it's true; we all know you'll be adorable whatever you decide.


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