Thursday, May 13, 2010

Talk to the hand, 'cause the head isn't listening

I used to have a housemate from New Jersey. And she would say that. In a thick New Jersey accent.

"Talk to the hand, 'cause the head isn't listening!"

She'd say it jokingly. She knew I loved it. I'd be all, "Say it! Say it!"

This is exactly the look Big J was making when I took this photo. Look at that attitude.

And now he has started saying, "Eeeeeyyyyyyy."

He looks at you and goes, "Eeeeyyyy!" Same when he wants your attention. "Eey!"

You expect the next words out of his mouth to be, "How YOU doin'?"

And then when he's all lounging around in his PJs, I feel like he's doing a Hugh Hefner impression.

"Eeeeyyyy! How about a martini, honey?"

I mean, of course, if Hugh Hefner wore diapers and monkey pajamas and lolled around under coffee tables on the Jersey shore.


  1. What a stinkin' cute boy.

    I think there's a strong possibility that Hugh Hefner actually does wear diapers. Or will soon. 84 isn't ancient, but some Depends could be just around the corner.

  2. I think Hugh Hefner probably has 2 out of those 3 going on.

    Well, at first I thought he probably wasn't lolling around under coffee tables, but on second thought, maybe they just aren't in Jersey Shore.

  3. Kate - You make a good point on the Depends. Hmm.

    Lisa - Hahaha. Clearly I didn't give this enough thought before I wrote it.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so freakin cute i can't stand it! look at those cheeks! you are so right, he's sporting that 'hey bebe' attitude, that is priceless. hope you are all well!! xoxo xuxE

  5. He is adorable! I bet you could teach him to say "eeey how you doin" and become famous with a youtube video. Then maybe you could be on Ellen!

  6. No way! My baby gal has a top with those exact same monkeys! Posted on my blog just for you!

    Big J just gets cuter and cuter!

  7. I'm fairly certain the Hef does all three. Just sayin'.

  8. I thought that WAS what Hugh did. Judging by the comments above, I'm not the only one . . . :) Adorable pic! And not AT ALL Hefner-esque. Thank god...

  9. That cracked me up. And then I noticed he's wearing the jammies we gave him! Yay!! Our jammies are now famous and have been worn by Big J. The jammies that my 2 and 8 month old daughter just outgrew!!!!

  10. monkey pajamas! oh the monkey pajamas! as if he could get any cuter!!

  11. xuxE - He is a total love, he really is. You will just adore him when you guys meet!

    Grace - Yes! Like those dogs that sound like they're saying "I love you!" or singing the Star Spangled Banner or what have you!

    Miranda - I love the pictures! Thank you for posting them for me!

    Hillary - I wouldn't be surprised.

    P - You are right - that does seem to be consensus. :) I'm glad he's not Hefner-esque!

    Kaysha - Yes! I love these jammies! And he'll probably fit them for oh, 15 more minutes, and then we'll have to get new ones. The brute!

    jen - That's how I feel! And of course I'm not biased. :)

  12. OMG, he looks exactly like Nick in this picture! Funny how babies can be identical to their parents at this age!

  13. not just any PJ's but paul frank PJ's, the boys has got style, just like his mom!

  14. So you are probably going to love the equivalent of this one in French:
    "Parle à mon cul ma tête est malade" = "Talk to my ass my head is sick"

  15. love the expression and the PJs!

  16. irunyourun - I get that all the time! Nick! He's a mini-Nick! I claim the eyes, though. Nick's are brownbrownbrown. But the rest is all him, sigh.

    Sophie - This has nothing to do with me - entirely thanks to my friend Kaysha.

    Caroline - YES I do love it! Thank you!

    LJ - Me too! Such an attitude! Like his mama! :)

  17. cutest.pjs.ever
    and the baby is pretty suave too! z


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