Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine

Today, my little cutie-face, today you have been out for as long as you were in.

Because today you are NINE MONTHS OLD!!!


I used to have a housemate from New Zealand, who, whenever anyone burped or farted, would say, "Better out than in!"

Not to compare you to a burp or fart, of course.

You have your nine-month appointment next week, at which point we'll find out just how ginormous you are. My best guess is: very.

I look back at even my most pregnant pictures and then I look at you and I find it astounding that you, such a big little man, were ever inside of me. And then I think, how did we create someone so wonderful?

Having you reminds me that sometimes the universe lines up just right and gives you exactly what you need, and even more than you feel you deserve.

In these nine months you've transformed from an adorable, smooshy, mouse-noise making, sweet little clenched-hands lump of newborn to a gorgeous smiley biggie boy who never stops moving. Who doesn't miss a detail. And who has opinions! Lots and lots of opinions!

Your new favorite thing is to drag yourself across the floor. I know you're trying to crawl, but you have only figured out how to use one arm and one leg, while your stomach stays flat on the floor.

You pick up an astounding amount of schmutz this way. It's kind of horrifying how dirty our floors are. Particularly since you like to lick them.

I've briefly considered taping Swiffer sheets to your clothing and setting you loose. But that seems kind of trashy. Also, Dad won't let me.

So it kind of looks like you're a wounded soldier crawling with your rifle in one hand and dragging your bum leg behind you. You get very far very fast this way, though.

I can only imagine how things will be when you figure out how to use all your limbs.

You're sitting up by yourself, and you would like to stand, but you cannot seem to figure out how to put your feet flat on the floor. You're an excellent toe pointer, though.
You had started saying "Mamama" and "Babababa" and "Dadada" but now you mostly just say "Eeeeey!"

Currently you're much more intent on motion than sound.

You say, "Ey!" when you see something new. And then drag yourself over to it with astounding alacrity. Then you put it in your mouth.

Aunt Jen's husband said this is because you're in your oral phase.

And then Aunt Jen said, "Well, thank God this isn't his anal phase. Because can you imagine what he'd be trying to put in his butt?"

He told her very sternly to behave.

(He doesn't yet know that we love her so much precisely because she doesn't.)

Happy nine months, my lovey dovey snoochie bottom!




  1. Happy 9 months, Baby J!!

  2. Wow, what a cutie-pie! And a lovely update on Big J. You deserve all the happiness in the world! The swiffer idea is brilliant.

  3. Such a cutie! I love the pointed toes. Does he have a ballet career in his future? :)

  4. Hillary - Thank you kindly!

    HKW - Thanks, Heather. I thought so. But maybe not the best thing to do to one's kid...

    Grace - I'm all for it! Considering his parents, he's going to have big strong walk-across-the-prairie legs, too.

  5. I would like someone, somewhere to explain to me how it has been 9 months since I first saw your big little man and showed him to my husband because I was so amazed by his perfectness. At which point my husband rolled his eyes at me bonding with what he considers "a pretend person".

    I am glad neither of you are pretend.

  6. He is adorable....those eyes! Lovely post. Happy 9 months J!!!

  7. Eeeeee! So cute! He does have beautiful eyes. And that smile is killer.

    Also, you should watch this:

  8. Oh my goodness, I love those pointed toes!! What a cutie! Crazy how time flies, isn't it? Congratulations to both of you!

  9. OMG Lisa "Better out than in" is sooo such a Kiwi phrase lol. The other one is "Better an empty house than a bad tennant" when someone farts or burps lol. And on a more pleasant note your boy is so adorable cutsey cute. Give him a big nine months cuddle from his fans in the antipodes for me :)

  10. My nephew turned nine months on the 11th. And I can't wait to see him again. He is my heart.

  11. yeah! happy nine months! byrdie had her nine month appointment today - the doctor told me she was on the small side. i think she's on the perfect side!

  12. Happy 9th month birthday big J. I love watching him grow and learn. Such a cutey bundle of handsomeness. Living vicariously as mine are little young ladies now and I am too old and tired to have another. BTW I think I saw you at Trader Joe's falls church on Sunday but was too shy to come say hi.

  13. He is so adorable. These letters are a little treasure, you know.

    P.S. Love Nick's Itchy & Scratchy tshirt.

  14. KLZ - The pretent people idea really makes me laugh. I'm glad we're not pretend as well. And same goes for you. :)

    Kate - Thank you! He's a love, he really is.

    Stevie - Ah, thank you. I take credit for the eyes. :) I didn't have time yesterday, but I will watch!

    Luna - I remember when we were both pregnant. It is amazing how fast time goes.

    Go-Betty - Hahaha! I thought you would appreciate that! She was so hilarious.

    And I will give my boy a big cuddle from you!

    Kate - Happy 9 month to him! I can understand him being your heart, I really can.

    stacy - She is beautiful and perfect! Jordan is on the big side, although interestingly, only 50th percentile for weight (last visit, anyway). There are some HUGE babies out there.

    Anonymous - Thank you for that! I'm having so much fun watching him and I love sharing it. I was there Sunday night - I wish you had said hello!

    Lisa - As you know, I love having this record. And I hate the shirt.

  15. So....what are we doing for the one-year birthday party?!?! Because YOU KNOW we ARE doing SOMETHING. Even if it's just me, alone in my living room with a sad little cupcake, there WILL be a celebration, dangnabbit!

  16. i love the pointed toes! what a cutie pie, i can't get over it!
    i love how you write letters to him. he'll treasure these one day!

  17. I could stare at these pictures all day long! Yay for 9 months, Big J! Those pointy toes kill me! :)


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