Saturday, May 21, 2011

And it's finger popping twenty-four hour shopping in Rapture

Now I feel an intense need to listen to Blondie. In fact, maybe I'll buy Parallel Lines, which was my absolute favorite album in fifth grade.

Who doesn't need a good dose of Blondie every once in a while?

I've been reading articles about people who really believe in the Rapture, and they quite their jobs, stopped saving for college for their kids, etc. Some of their kids are less than delighted by their parents' behavior. Because they do not believe.

One girl's mother told her that she'd be left behind. Not in a threatening way, just very matter-of-factly. Like, sometimes there are sacrifices you have to make, and this could mean you get sucked up to heaven while your kids are left behind to deal with the turmoil and impending world doom.

Yes, I'm judging.

But it is interesting to think about the way you'd live if you really believed the world were ending in a year, a month, a week.

If I stop to think about it, which I often don't, because it makes me feel not so great, I feel like I'm not fully living. There are risks I should've taken that I didn't. Risks I don't take now. Job-wise, I've made choices that make me less fulfilled but that make us more comfortable as a family. Safe. Very safe.

But would I ditch it in a heartbeat if I knew my time were finite - and I knew exactly how finite?

Hell, yes. (Or, heaven, yes?)

Assuming you're all still with me, I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. It's a fucking spectacular one in DC.


  1. I hope the rapture takes me while I'm sitting in my breakfast nook, drinking coffee with a baby on my lap and reading Lemon Gloria.

  2. philly is fucking spectacular today, too, sister! enjoy your weekend!

  3. Fucking spectacular in Denver as well. No fire or brimstone anywhere that I can see. Happy happy, all!

  4. My grandma has also told me that I am going to hell & that I need to get H back in church. I am a christian and I'm looking for a church, but wow. A little too much judgment, no?

    Happy Judgment Day! No zombie apocalypse here in North Texas! :)

  5. Nothing in Arizona either. To celebrate the day though, I ignored the healthy stuff for breakfast, and had a doughnut instead. Just in case though, I picked up an extra one, in case you-know-who really did return...

    As far as living differently if I knew exactly how long we had: Yes, absolutely. I think it would take quite a bit of fear away from the everday things that matter too much. You would re-focus on only your core people and concerns.

  6. Maybe it was good everywhere, because what is Saturday there in Sunday here in NZ and it was a freakin gorgeous autumn day here too. Maybe he/him/her/they/whomever meant rapture as in you will be in raptures over the freakin awesome day I have planned for this day

  7. I have to say, I spent the Rapture attempting NOT to wring my step daughter's neck. (She's nine and thinks she's going on nineteen. I swear!)

    It turned out with me forgetting my super cutie, bought it from Wal-mart at your mental insistence (yes, you know you made me do it!) bikini that I just realized I can wear without Mommy-Tummy Shame! Woot! And I didn't get to wear it because I forget it because I was having the melt-down fest with Nine Year Old from Hell!

    Does puberty really start earlier and earlier with these newer generations? And if so, why didn't anyone tell me?!?!?


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