Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Packing for New England

So tonight, we pack!

I've got a long list of stuff for Jordan, and lists of in-case meds and sunscreen and sun hats and chargers for this and that. But what I haven't figured out, because it stresses me out, is what to bring for me.

We are going for a wedding - a late-afternoon early evening outdoor wedding, I might add - and what do you wear to look nice when it is going to be cold and you have to walk on the grass?

I do not know.

What I do know is that we are going away for fun for five whole days, something Nick and I have not done since our honeymoon. This alone is very exciting.

I expect Martha's Vineyard will be more relaxing than Turkey, even with the kid. Also, I have no idea why I thought Turkey would be a relaxing honeymoon spot. It was a compromise and I'm still kind of bummed we didn't go to Thailand. I told you it was going to be the last time we went anywhere big.

At this point I would say odds of us getting killed by terrorists are higher than those of us going anywhere particularly interesting ever again.

You know, I've never made a whole lot of money, and my income level increased greatly when I married Nick, but my disposable income went all to hell. However, it must be mentioned that I gained security and a family and a gigantor house that will one day be a shining jewel. I value all of these highly.

But I used to go to Paris and London for long weekends to visit friends or my boyfriend, who traveled a lot. I really did. I used to go on road trips and out for cocktails and meals all the time. I used to DO stuff outside of town and outside the house.

Granted, I was all kinds of wrapped up in the notion that I would die alone. Which, you know, sucked and detracted.

But looking back, I actually had a really good life, a fact I couldn't quite appreciate at the time.

I know this sounds like I'd trade it right now, which I wouldn't, not for anything. I believe that Nick is my person, and on top of that we're doing really well and not fighting despite ongoing stresses like construction and Jordan is just delicious. Exhausting but delicious.

But you know, first thing this morning my acupuncturist was talking about The Paris Wife - the story of Ernest Hemingway's first wife, who left her American spinsterhood (at the ripe old age of 28) and ran off to Paris with him. Hemingway was so full of passion and energy and adventure...and sometimes when I think about things like that I get all tailspinny and what the fuck am I actually doing with my life?

And then I'm all, stop being an asshole, you have a very nice life and you love and are loved and have a wonderful place to live and you haven't been hit by a tornado and Paris in the 20s isn't coming back and plus, how much of a chore would life with Hemingway have been? Just shut up.

Shutting up now. Back to the packing list.


  1. Cute flats, and a wrap/shawl that you can tie as a scarf to get it out of the way if you don't need that much warmth.

  2. Hemingway was full of alcoholism and depression, which I guess could be included in passion and adventure. Although he was still functional at that point, he would go on long drunks with his buddies. Also, he started an affair two or three years after he and Hadley were married, with the woman who later became his second wife. Not exactly puppies and rainbows. ;)

  3. Please back AWAY from the (deceased) intense, highly intelligent, broody famous author-type with an alcohol problem.

    I can try making something French and bringing it over, and then writing some dry, choppy sentences, if it would make you happy. ;o)

  4. I feel the way you do sometimes too. I was the "traveling friend." Anybody who wanted to go anywhere would call me. Wanna go with me to Washington DC? London? Amsterdam? On a cruise? Sure! I was all over it.

    The furthest I've gotten since Jess was born is Orlando. To Disney. (Which I love, BTW, but it's not London)

    But, like you, I wouldn't trade what I have. Jordan will be older before you know it, and be easier to take places.

    My mom and I used to do a yearly NYC girls weekend, until I had Jess. Well, we're planning to do one next May WITH Jessica (she'll be 6)! She's old enough to appreciate it. I can't wait!

  5. Anonymous - Thanks. I am trying to avoid flats. I wear them, but rarely, at work. But ugh, I don't want to wear flats for a dressy event!

    amanda - You are right, he was most definitely not puppies and rainbows, and yes, she got thrown over and then he had a string of serial marriages. I'm not longing for Hemingway by any means. But it definitely triggered something for me this morning.

    Jessica - Backing away! Backing away! Yes, I'd love it if you'd arrive at my door with a pain au chocolat and a page of dry, choppy sentences. That would make my day. :)

    cla517 - Yes! I love this life I'm living, but I loved the traveling I did before (and probably the freedom). You are right, it will get easier. NY will be very fun!

  6. Not to be all cliche, but the grass IS always greener on the other side of the fence.

    In 15 years, when Jordan is all grown up and you can go anywhere and do anything you want, you'll miss the sweet kisses and mispronounced words and the way he wraps his little arms around your neck and holds on to you as if you mean the world to him (because you do). You can't have everything at once; enjoy the bits of traveling you CAN do right now, and enjoy the little Jordan. Soon enough things will change, for good and/or for ill.

  7. Wedges. Wear some dressy wedges.

    It gets better, the living with a toddler thing. My sister never thought she'd travel again and now she has pre-teens and she gets to leave them and Go! Places!

  8. I just left a massive comment and then blogger ate it. Because blogger is a c*ntscab.
    There's no way to recreate it so I will just say - have a great holiday! Wear wedges!

  9. I would recommend bedazzled Uggs.

    And as for Paris & travel, I often think that people who traveled as children grow up to be sharks that can't stop swimming, lest they die of stagnation.

    It's a feeling I get every 2-3 years, but manage to grit my teeth and enjoy the exotic Texas travel to scenic places like Poteet. In Poteet, they have 24/7 taxidermy. If you ever visit, we will have to test if it's really 24/7 taxidermy. How exciting is that?

  10. Don't you just wish it was possible to try on someone else's life for only a little while, like a hair color or even just a change of hat? One could enjoy all the best parts of another existence until the bad parts became tiresome and then, la-dee-da, you're back to your own life until you need a little vacation from it.

    That's on my lovely-but-impossible wish list, right next to instant teleportation anywhere in the world.

  11. sahm2 - Oh, yes. The grass on the other side is a lovely green and spotted with inviting wildflowers. Absolutely! I would not give up what I have, but sometimes I itch, you know.

    Kate Bee - I have a pair of wedges that might work. Not with the dress I want to wear, though. Urgh.

    And yes, you are right, the day will come when we can Go! Places! :)

    Hillary - I'm very impressed. I think that's possibly the worst epithet I've ever heard. So I applaud both your creativity and your foul-mouthedness. :)

    nys - You made me laugh so much with this. The very idea of 24/7 taxidermy. I do so want to test it.

    Hugs, your fellow shark.

    Keenie Beanie - Yes. That would be kind of perfect. Have a different life for a weekend, or a week, and then walk seamlessly back into yours.

  12. At some point Jordan will be a teenager and he'll want his parents to take off on a long trip! ;)

  13. Wedges or a shoe with a chunky heel that won't sink in the grass. As for a dress, I would think a knee to calf length with a sweater you can take on or off.

    I have never been able to travel whenever I wanted to, but I do get that antsy feeling. Nowhere feels like home to me.

  14. I used to be a traveler and I went on a lot of adventures alone. Now, I'm never alone and haven't been on a plane in, wait, let me figure this out...
    six years?
    I'd be game for travel, even with the four children in tow, but who can afford that? Not us.

  15. Oh travel... how I miss you. I know, I can't complain considering how much I still manage to get around (living overseas has its benefits) but it's not like it used to be. A friend posted in Moscow? Woo hoo! I'm off for a visit! Another friend getting married in Rome - Why of course I'll be there! Now, it's like, do we really want to risk a 4 hour road trip in heavy traffic with the boy in the car? Nah, let's stay home. I'm hoping this change in attitude is temporary, and that once we're relocated we'll resume our (my) old ways, but then again, we'll have two in tow, so you just never know. But I'm right there with you - I wouldn't change it for the world.


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