Monday, May 02, 2011

How not to go naked at work. Perhaps better suited to somewhere with sand and waves and large coconuts, but you do what you can, you know?

It will likely come as no surprise to you that I do not lead a lounging-around-the-West-Indies type of life.

I know, I know. It pains me as well.

As such, I had never heard of Calypso St. Barths.

I do, however, lead a haul-the-toddler-to-Target-in-hopes-of-finding-bras life. Yes, I do.

And as such, I happened into Target on the debut day of Calypso St. Barths for Target. Lucky! Because the collection is delicious - full of fun summer colors and breezy dresses and tops.

It's even luckier, really, because I was getting to the point where I was considering going to work naked, I hated my clothes so much. Because what did I wear last year? Oh, right, ugly tops that allowed fast access to my boobs for the pumping. And transitional kinds of pants for my transitional size(s).

So I was wheeling the stroller towards the lingerie section - the glamor, it never ends - and I saw this gorgeous raspberry. And a lovely turquoise. I stopped immediately and surrounded myself in piles of pretty colored fabric.

They're kind of vacationy, some pieces more than others, but I have every intention of wearing all of the clothes I bought to work. I got this dress in pink and blue - it's a very nice, shiny cotton, with lovely detailing, and looks better in person than on this model. Because why is she standing like that?

I also got this printed top in a very light silk (also nicer in person), and this top in blue and white - perfect for brutal DC summer. I can wear all of them to work.

You know from my Liberty of London foray that I can go a little overboard when I like something.

I didn't try anything on till I got home.

Any of you who have been shopping with a toddler in tow know how, uh, challenging it is. Those of you who have not, it's kind of like treading water while hanging on to a free-floating boat motor, revved up to full speed and pointed in whatever direction you are not.

So I hung onto the stroller as many pieces as I could get my hands on without losing my child more than once (panic! In the two seconds that I looked away, he was gone! Giggling and sprinting gleefully 20 feet away!). I bribed him with cookies while I grabbed several more fistfuls of clothing.

And home we went, stat.

One important note, now that I've tried them, washed them, and am waiting to wear them - they're sized much better than the last designer collaboration. More like normal human sizes. It's refreshing.

I have to say, shopping is one of the things I miss most about my pre-baby life. I love clothes shopping, whether I buy anything or not. It's not as fun when it comes from the Internet. Also, how do you buy pants on the internet? Or fitted dresses? Impossible!

(And yes, I know, there are children starving in Bangladesh who will never, ever get the chance to shop on the Internet.)

That said, I can't actually go to work naked, at least not in my present job. And if I got a naked kind of job, Nick would divorce me. And if I don't go to work, we can't pay our bills. And then Jordan will be homeless.

In other words, thank goodness for Calypso St. Barths for Target.

See how deftly I set my consumer guilt aside?


  1. How to love online shopping:
    1) Be 5'11"
    2) Try on dresses at Ann Taylor, grit teeth in frustration when every waistband hits your ribcage.
    3) Develop untold affection for drapey clothing and specialty sizes only available online.

    Also, you are going to look amazing in all of that.

  2. So cute! Can I make you my personal shopper? I could fly out there to babysit while you go out and procure adorable clothes for me to wear. Because for me the shopping missions inexorably suck my will to live. But then again, so does facing my tired old wardrobe every morning, so something's gotta give, no?

  3. I hate clothes shopping..nothing fits me unless it is shaped like a sack. :(
    Too cute those outfits though. They really look lovely and sun shiney. Today is wet as was yesterday and the day before and the day before and will be for the rest of the week apparently...and cold ish.

  4. Since first reading this, I've spent a surprising amount of time wondering what "naked kind of job" would be available to me - a nearly 40-year-old mother of four - should I want one. So far, nada. Which is for the best, I suppose.

  5. I don't even know this post is about because I spent the whole time seething about how stupid Canada doesn't have Target instead of actually focusing on what you wrote. I'm sorry.

  6. I think it would be nice to go to work naked every now and then. Or in my robe and slippers. The new clothes at Target are so fab. It took a lot of energy not to buy everything.


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