Monday, October 31, 2011

Five on Monday

1. We went to a delightful wedding at the Hay-Adams this weekend. It was beautiful and elegant, and after 10 years in DC, I realized I'd never had a view like this. Amazing, no?

Even the oh-so-important-they-take-away-your-chairs W doesn't have this.

I'd only been to the Hay-Adams twice. and both times to the downstairs bar, Off the Record. Once for a happy hour, once for a first date just over a month before I met Nick. And I really quite liked the guy, who never asked me out again.

Lucky all around, it turns out.

2. We watched The Social Network on Friday. It made me want to quit Facebook.

3. I have had this terrible plague cold that Jordan brought home from daycare for almost two weeks now. I hear it's going around. I'm really fucking sick of being sick.

4. I was thinking the other day that now that Sarah Palin isn't fake campaigning for president, she's really not getting any attention. So I realized that she should probably drop in on the Kardashians.

I don't know what their politics are, and it's kind of hard to picture them interested in moose chili. But it would be great for Sarah. I mean, they're better at getting attention than anyone, don't you think?

5. We saw a guy dressed in a giant green bodysuit about 9:30 on Sunday morning. He looked ridiculous. He was hurrying.

And Nick said, "When I was in college we called that the Walk of Shame. He's just now going home."

And I was all, "Those don't look like pajamas. Maybe he's out exercising?"

"Lisa. That was his Halloween costume."

You guys. I have completely turned into my mother.


  1. 1) I've yet to find myself up there, but it looks like one of the better views in town.

    2) I have mixed feelings about Facebook, but I still use it... but don't make any judgements based on that movie alone. It is a fictionalization, and they took plenty of creative liberties.

    4) I'd rather see the Kardashians disappear the same way Sarah Palin. I don't want to hear from any of them.

  2. You sure don't look sick. Beautiful photo, gorgeous couple.

  3. Lovely photo! Hope you get well soon. I loved the Social Network movie, primarily because of the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. Exercising in a green bodysuit, hilarious...I only recently learned what "Walk of Shame" means, when I stumbled upon

  4. Happy Halloween!! Hope you're feeling better, or at least festive =)

  5. Great photo of you and Nick! Sounds like it was a good time.

    I have the cold too, boo!

    Every woman turns into her mother daughter complains all the time that she's turning into me, as I did my mom. Hopefully you'll have a girl so the tradition can continue in your family: )

    Happy Halloween! Is J going out? Have fun!

  6. 1. you guys look very chic and cute
    2. I've refrained from watching that as I really like fb and would miss it if I had to quit it.
    3. the Girl and I have the plague cold too, apparently it's going around the world.
    4. how's about the Kardashians join Sarah Palin wherever she is so we don't have to hear from any of them ever again?
    5. I really have no comment about this one, except to say that I have almost no memory of "the walk of shame". sigh.

  7. Yup the walk of shame...hilarious when you start clapping and whistling at them when they walk past, talk about up the pace of the scurrying. My GF had to catch the ferry home from the city after spending the entire night out, in her LBD and heels, the best part was the ferry captain was the one who was on duty every morning when she caught the ferry to work. He look at her and burst out laughing saying "good night was it love?" She told him to shut up and rekoned she blushed for a month everytime she got on the ferry to go to work after that. hehehe.
    You dont look unwell either but I can sympathise with the sick of feeling sick thing entirely, its a total bitch.
    Sadly due to work circumstances and all the other little things happening with me my big annual halloween party didnt happen this year. People kept asking me when the invites were going out :(.


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