Monday, October 17, 2011

Push the door, I'm home at last, and I'm soaking through and through.Then you hand me a towel and all I see is you.

So yesterday I realized that as of last week, I've been blogging for five years.

Five years.

I've known some of you invisible and not-so-invisible friends for longer than I've lived most places, longer than many of my friendships, longer than I've kept all but my current job.

I've made some in-person friends who are really my people, who I'm quite sure will be my people for life.

Those of you who have stuck around have known me since I was single, broken-hearted, and trying not to walk by my ex-boyfriend's place, which was inconveniently located just around the corner from mine.

Some of you stumbled here with my job rant, in which I fantasized about my backup career as a foot prostitute. You subsequently saw me contemplate placing dead bugs in my new boss's office.

(In other words: you probably wouldn't hire me. But that's not what this is about.)

You saw me make one bad choice after another, go hopefully on date after date after...and do one stupid thing after another. I'm pretty sure a number of you cringed in vicarious shame after I smeared butter on that guy's nose.

You were outraged when that journalist asked me what was wrong with me for being single.

You rooted for me when I finally met Nick, because he seemed like a good one. And thankfully, by that point I'd had enough therapy to be able to articulate what I'd learned about love. You rejoiced with me when we got engaged, and not a single one of you told me it was a bad idea, even though we were complete strangers who'd just met on the Internet.

You were equally horrified with Nick's taste in wedding attire. You sent us off with the best honeymoon wishes.

You supported me immensely through my dad's suicide attempt and subsequent long hospitalization in 2007. Through another attempt, and then his death in 2009.

You welcomed Jordan to the world when he was born, and you sent me notes when you thought (and you were right) that I might have postpartum depression. You shared amazing stories with me.

You opened your arms in virtual hugs when I talked about my struggles with infertility, and you were so kind in your joyousness last week when I shared our big news.

I just want to thank you for making me laugh, and laughing with me (rather than obviously at me). For making me think. For supporting me in my struggles, and for sharing your own and making me feel less alone.

Thank you for still reading, and thank you for still caring. Five years is no small feat. (Although five is kind of small for feet.)

Big hugs to all of you.


  1. "I'm pretty sure a number of you GIGGLED in vicarious GLEE after I smeared butter on that guy's nose."

    There. Fixed that for you.

    And big hugs back. I'm so grateful to have gotten to know you!

  2. Five years!!! Good god. I think I've been reading your blog for about three years now - it was after you had met Nick and got engaged, but before you were married, I believe. I am now going to read the butter-smearing story because I have no idea what that could POSSIBLY be about.

  3. I'm with Jessica - the butter smearing story made me laugh out loud. Wishing you another joyous 5 years in Blogland.

  4. Five years of reading this book and I hope I never come to the end of it. Happy Anniversary! And the butter story was and shall remain one of my faves (I love how Jessica changed it!)I only have one regret and that is that I didn't pay close enough attention to your remarks about Mad Men. You did have a few opinions right? I didn't know it existed until a month ago. I just watched all four seasons via Netflix and I'm addicted. Oh and I wish I would have told you how I love your titles. I always space it out when I'm commenting. But you're brilliant. Stay Well!

  5. Big hugs to you too! Love you, Lisa!

  6. 5 years is quite a feat--congratulations! But now I have to go read the butter smearing story because WOW that sounds awesome.

  7. Happy 5th Anniversary! I think I started reading in Spring 2007 and simply adore LG. So many of your posts stick with me, like stories I've heard over and over. Sometimes my eyes have filled with tears reading your blog but most of the time the reaction is a huge smile or laughter. Thank you, for being you and sharing your stories. Hugs to you.

  8. Congrats... does this meen you need to figure out which kindergarten to enroll in?

    Here's to friendship... :-)

  9. Happy Anniversary Lisa! Lemon Gloria was like my gateway drug to the blog world, so happy it's still here!

  10. Happy 5th Lisa! I've been reading your blog for 2 1/2 years. It's my favorite - the only one I read all the time! And I've fallen in love with your whole family. So glad you're here!

  11. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment!

    Also congrats on the new little one on the way... so exciting!

  12. Jessica - LOVE you! And your linguistic prowess!

    P - You've been here for a good chunk of it! And for a more even-keeled chunk, if you can believe it. :)

    Lynn - Thank you! Big hugs to you!

    Lynn - Oh, isn't Mad Men delicious?! I can't wait for the next season to arrive. I have no idea what I've said about it, except possibly that I love Don Draper and he is exactly like the Dementor and I can recognize how unhealthy he is...and still...

    Thank you for the compliments! I try to pull interesting quotes or song titles or just make up random shit as I go along. :)

    Laura - Love you back!

    Ginger - Thank you! It struck me suddenly that five years had passed and I'd let it go by last week. And the butter...I'm glad those days are in the past.

    HK - I count you among my my near and dear, even though you live far away. I'm so glad we've met through this blogworld. Huge hugs to you, Heather.

    vvk - YES - good point! Hugs, my friend.

    Frugal Vegan Mom - I'm ridiculously pleased to be the gateway drug. And I'm so pleased you're blogging!

    kate - Thank you so much. Big hugs to you.

    itslikelyn - Thank you thank you! We are very excited!

  13. I met you when you were heading off on your honeymoon. I remember it like it was... not yesterday.

    (yesterday's a bit of a blur)

  14. Wow, a long and winding road it has surely been! Thanks for sharing it all with us. Your posts are always a genuine treat. Happy blogoversary!

  15. Feet. It was because of your Foot Prostitution post that I met you. It's hard to believe it's been five years already! I am so glad to know you, Lisa. xoxoxo

  16. I found you a year ago, more?, when DC Blogs featured a story you wrote. So glad I did.

  17. Holy crap Lisa 5 years, it's been a fun, sad, cheer from the sidelines kind of ride. Keep on writing Lemon Gloria in your unique style. Love your crazy titles and hand drawn pics. Looking forward to the next (insert number here) years of life from your living room.

  18. First let me say I hardly comment, as I have difficulty getting getting the comment to register. Oh well...

    You were a newlywed when I first found you. I was bedridden with the flu, and immediately smitten, I spent the whole recuperation reading back from your very first post! Of course after that, I was feeling "Oh, girlfriend!" I'd heard of blogs before, but hadn't read one. Since then, I've picked up and dropped blogs, but you are my constant. If I'm short on time, I read you first. Lots of time, I save you, as a treat, for last. And always, always, I say a prayer for you, N, J, and B.

    Five years - wow, you are such an amazing lady!

    Thanks for every thing!

  19. I am so glad I found your blog! I've enjoyed reading and catching up on the older posts... I certainly identify with many of your relationship adventures, as I blogged my way through a ridiculously horrible divorce and now a new engagement. I hope we are as happy as you two are!


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