Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Honk if you love cheese sauce! (A Nick post)

Let me start by saying that I have a deep and abiding love of all things cheese. With English ancestry, I love strong cheeses like Stilton. But I'm equally happy with cheddar.

Lisa hates Stilton and seems to be indifferent to most cheese, something I cannot understand. But cheese is not as divisive as politics, and so we coexist (mostly) peacefully.

And in any case, it's not as if cheese is a regular conversation topic in our house.

Yesterday I was walking through Farragut Square, and noticed a guy mumbling/chanting something into a bullhorn. I assumed that he was part of the Occupy DC crowd that moved into the square on occasion to protest capitalism and to annoy that tool Eric Canter.

The guy was chanting something over and over, but I didn’t understand it all. He was also alone, and that meant that he was more likely crazy than enraged with Wall Street.

Then I heard him saying “Cheese sauce, sauce, sauce...cheese sauce, sauce, sauce..."

He was actually repeating "sauce" - it was not the effect of the bullhorn. He was making the echo effect into the bullhorn like a kid would mimic a commentator at a stadium sporting event.

"Honk if you love cheese sauce, sauce, sauce!”

I thought, “That guy really likes the echo effect he is making into the bullhorn. And, of course, cheese sauce.”

As a fellow cheese enthusiast, but on foot rather than in a car, I began to raise my arm in solidarity. I do love cheese sauce!

And then I realized...

"Jesus, sus, sus...Jesus, sus, sus...Honk if you love Jesus, sus, sus.”

Which of course makes far more sense than “honk if you love cheese sauce, sauce, sauce,” -- and I say that as a cheese sauce enthusiast.

So if you saw a man in a business suit raising his fist for Jesus and then changing his mind, well, it's not that I'm anti-Jesus. It's more that I'm pro-cheese sauce.

Queso ra! sera, right?


  1. Queso ra! Solidarity, brother!

  2. As long as you don't cut the cheese sauce sauce sauce in this area whatever will be will be be be.

  3. I kind of think that people who are indifferent to cheese simply haven't found the right one yet. Like, there should be a Cheese Sorting Hat or something to help unite people with their appropriate cheese.

    And queso ra! Indeed.

  4. Love this! Queso Ra is going to be my new motto.

    My hubby is also indifferent to cheese. I completely don't understand.

    I tell everyone that when I die they're going to open me up and find a jar of peanut butter and a hunk of cheese stuck right in my artery.

    Oh, and congrats! Hope you two have a little cheese head baby so you can share your love of all things cheesy!

  5. This guy is outside my building all the time! My favorite line of his is: Virgin Mary had a little lamb.

    At least he's creative!

  6. nick is hilarious! he needs his own blog.

  7. I've had the worst day, thanks for the hilarious post Nick!

    While I know every member of your household is very intelligent (including Jordan), I imagined cheese was a regular topic of conversation at your house. I'm a little crushed to find out this is not true. :)

  8. Thank you for a great laugh this afternoon - the kind in which a beverage comes out of ones nose! My coworkers that sit near me read it after they heard my laughter. Then we had to be and all, lol. Great post Nick!

  9. This is so great! What a laugh. Yeah, it is good that Lisa has you to fill in once in while to keep some hilarity in her blog. Thanks for sharing. Carolyn

  10. WWJD? What would Jesus dip? Queso, of course!

    Old bad joke:

    What do you call someone else' cheese?
    Nacho cheese! (Not yo cheese)

    I'll go now.

  11. Will Lisa brie right back?


    Ok, bye.

  12. So much funny in one house!

  13. honk.

    mmm... Cheese. :-)

  14. I think Nick should be a regular feature!

  15. I am with you on the cheese thing Nick, I love my Stilton and a good Galaxy Blue.
    The cheese sauce, thing cracked me up though, its like when you get the words of a song wrong and merrily sing it out loud and everyone laughs at you cause you have the words wrong.
    I think I might adopt the use of Cheese sauce as a replacment for jesus, so when I kick my foot instead of JeSUS!! I will proclaim Cheese Sauce! instead. But really mostly I will probably just say F*&&^%!!!! like I normally do :S

  16. This post is simply further proof that, with your respective senses of humour, you and Lisa are perfect for each other.

  17. Perfect way to start the morning. Thank you for that huge guffaw.

  18. bahahaha! that was awesome!


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