Monday, October 29, 2007

The guy's answer to the slutty nurse costume

Bob's birthday is on Halloween. And so of course we wanted to know what he was going to dress as. Because it's his favorite holiday. And if Halloween is your birthday, you ought to be able to come to the office in costume. In fact, you ought to be obligated to. Don't you think?

The area that we sit in is all women except Bob. And at the lunch where we were having this discussion, it was a huge group of women and two guys. So Bob jokingly said he was going to dress as a rooster. And he got all fake-swaggery. Rooster in the hen house. Heh heh.

But then someone else suggested Bob dress as Superman. She hinted that we'd all like to see him in blue tights and a cape.

But if you've leapt from rooster to Superman in one go, of course Supercock was the only natural next suggestion. Don't you think? You know, he could leave his shirt open and you could see the feathers instead of an S, and, yeah, well anyway. Heh.

I thought it was hilarious. So did Bob. The rest of the table thought we were retarded.

Bob loved the Supercock idea. He even told his parents about it the last time he talked to them. And told them it was my idea. Which of course it was. But really.

So I ever meet them, which is unlikely, but still, these nice, conservative, Pennsylvania people are going to be like, "Oh, Bob, is this your little Supercock friend?"


  1. rad!

    I was a carebear for Halloween. A drunk care bear of course, Wino Bear.

    Some people thought it was hilarious, others, eh not so much.

    Either way, I found me funny. That's what matters no? Just like you and your Supercock. Which is funny. No doubt.

  2. So was part of your insipiration here the erection skirt? Or would Supercock have an erection cape? Have fun

  3. And a nickname is born.

  4. SD - A drunk carebear! Hilarious! And yes, finding yourself funny is the most important.

    Sean - Yikes. I hope not. An erection of any kind doesn't figure into my version of this. And he'd better be busy sewing the feathers on his costume.

    Arjewtino - Alas, it's not one you can readily throw around the office.

  5. Pictures, please!


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