Friday, October 12, 2007

A year of blogging it like a polaroid picture

Today marks exactly a year of LG. A year! I am feeling very puppies and unicorns and rainbows. La la!

I'd like to thank you all for reading. I started writing in a vacuum, and that was fine, because I wanted a way to make myself write every day, and to improve my story telling ability. And I found that blogging was a way to do that. The fact that it was public, even though nobody was reading (except maybe Betty and a couple friends) prompted me to put stuff up. And it was a safe place, because nobody read it.

And then Wonkette linked to a disgruntled post I wrote on foot prostitution, and people I didn't know started reading. Little by little people started to comment, and the feedback was so much fun! The nice comments are still like a little present every time I get one, goofy as that may sound.

There are two best things for me about this blog. One is the amazing catharsis it provides. Do you know how dramatically I've cut down on angst-ridden calls and emails to friends? Do you have any idea how much of a relief it is to put some of this stuff down and let go of it? There's a lot of power and release in it.

And that leads to the second best thing. Not second best. Just listed second. And that's the incredible support I've gotten for writing down things that many people don't even talk about, much less send out into the wide world of the Internets. I've gotten so many virtual hugs, so many notes of kindness. I'm constantly reminded that the world is a good, kind place. It's extraordinary.

I've come into contact with some fantastic people through LG. Some of you I've actually met in person. Some of you I've exchanged emails with. Some of you have blogs I read. Some of you leave sweet, funny, kind comments. And lots of you I do not know.

I know I did this a few months ago, and it was so much fun for me, I'd like to do it again, if you're feeling indulgent and willing to play along. Because I have this massive curiosity about who you are and what you're like. And as you already know, I can write about myself endlessly.

So could you tell me something about YOU? You know, for my blog-o-birthday and all.

I'd love to know as much as you'd like to share. And if all that you want to share is your height, or your favorite pair of shoes, or what you listened to on the way to work this morning, or your least favorite vegetable, or who you took to prom, or why you didn't go to prom, or three things you have in your fridge, or whether you put the toilet paper on the roll over or under...

You get my drift. Anything. Something that will give me a little bit of insight into you.

And, of course, if you're not in the mood, that's OK too. I'm just glad you visit.

Thank you! And big hugs to you all!



  1. My fears:
    - I am stressed from school and am terrified because I think maybe I should have just been a chef.

    - I'm afraid my life is boring

    - I'm not as creative as I imagine myself to be

    Normal things:
    - I'm 5'4".

    - My favorite pair of shoes is a beige pair that has pointy toes that I've worn once, and I can remember the entire outfit and exactly where I went.

    - I wish my parents lived closer to me, and that I saw my brother more.

    - My cat drives me insane but is terrifically comforting.

    It's always fun to live vicariously through you, and to feel like I know someone I've never even met :)

  2. Oh, moosie, thank you - I love knowing those things. Honestly, every time you leave a comment I just want to hug you. But not in a weird way. I hope you know that if you get tired of the lawyer thing, you actually can become a chef. After you've paid off some law school debt :).

  3. Happ blog-birthday! I still remember finding you through Wonkette back when then linked the foot prostitution post!

    You're a part of everyday now. Funny how that happens. Big hugs to you!

    Oh, and I'm going to be in DC next month for a short visit! I'll email you the date and see if you're going to be around.

    My favorite shoes right now? Black Converse Allstars lowtops. Very versatile!

  4. Are there _actually_ people who pay attention to which way they put the toilet paper roll onto the holder?

  5. DCup - Thanks, Lis! Yes, email me!

    Anon - Are you kidding? It really bugs me if it doesn't roll from the top.

  6. Happy blog Birthday Lisa!

    You know I *heart* you.

    You also know my deepest darkest secret. I'm secretly creepy and resourceful at internet stalking. I also suffer from momentary (overwhelming) lapses in judgement. :)

    Luckily, you still find me somewhat charming.

  7. Hallo LG,

    actually, I am not sure how I got onto your blog, it was through another blog that linked you and I kept coming back...I read it every day now. Sometimes, I even read it to my boyfriend and translate for him (we are german and live near Frankfurt, I lived in the US for 9 years though...) and it cracks him up. Especially the erection skirt post.

    We have a baby boy (8 months), I hate brussel sprouts, love green beans. Went to prom with a bunch of girlfriends and it was a blast, our fridge is packed and our toilet paper roll sits on top of the heater in the bathroom. I actually was an "over" kind of girl before meeting him but he kept taking the roll off the holder and placing it somewhere in the bathroom, and it stuck I guess..

    Happy Birthday to LG, Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!


  8. Hi Lisa,

    I have never commented before, but I love your stories. You make me laugh out loud! If I worked I would have listened to 94.7 The Globe (the bestest new radio station in DC), but I just quit my job and returned to school. It's a little strange to be thirty (ish) and back in college! The lima bean is my least fave in the vegetable world and my most cherished shoes are red.

    Also, this may sound strange, but do you ever pick a real voice to fit someone's writing voice? Kristin Chenowith. That is who you sound like in my weird little head. "West Wing" Kristin not the new "Pushing Dasies" Kristin. Your picture may have helped this along.

    I look forward to reading more of you. It has become a part of my (somewhat) daily routine. Thank you!


  9. Happy Blogiversary. Suppose this would be a perfect time to let you know I read your blog daily - you are one of my absolute favorite DC bloggers. I just rarely comment anywhere (that may change, who knows). Anyway, I believe wackiness follows you around so that you have something hilarious to write about and we all have something to read and laugh about. You're such a talented writer, keep it coming!

  10. Happy 1st Birthday LG the blog. I love Anon/Jen's comment & creativity of associating a voice with your blog. I don't hear Kristen C but can't come up with another voice on my own.

    I deal with happiness, sadness and everything in between through tears. I wish I could learn not to make life harder than it is.

    I'm 5'4 but my dream height is 5'7. I've gained 15 pounds in the last 18 months but lost 5 this week due to career decisions and work stress. Silver lining!

    Goodness gracious, the TP must roll under! I'm married to a man who is incapable of filling an empty TP roller (sigh) but otherwise kind and brilliant.

    I am incredibly loyal, perhaps best proven by a vow to always read LG and only use Crest Cool Mint gel toothpaste. I firmly, firmly believe it is against all of God's rules to market toothpaste with GLITTER in it.

  11. SL - And I heart you back! Hahaha! Secret creepy resourcefulness is a good skill. And yes, I find you charming. :)

    Nina - Hallo! Thank you for telling me a bit about your life! I giggled out loud with delight hearing that you translate for your boyfriend. I had a boyfriend from Hannover and used to love visiting Germany. I've only been to Frankfurt once, though. One of the things I associate with Germany, maybe because we went for Christmas, is Neideregger marzipan, which I think is one of the best things in the entire world.

    Jen - Thank you! I'm so interested to hear that, and I wonder what you're studying? I've thought a variety of times about going back to school in textile design...and then it just seems so hard to step out of the working world at this point. I'd stopped watching West Wing by the time she was on...can't picture her voice. But am determined to find it online!

    charlotteharris - Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that! Yes, I believe wackiness does follow me around. Or it just generally lurks and I trip over it regularly.

    HKW - You made me laugh. You're another commenter I want to hug. Thank you for being so loyal to LG (and your non-glitter toothpaste). Good luck with career stress. The stress-induced weight loss is silver lining, for sure. And I love that you use "goodness gracious" - you're such a southern girl!

  12. Happy 1 yr blog b-day! I don't remember exactly how I found you but it's ok. Lemme see now I am 5'8", single mom of 2 kids, I call my ex "Sperm-donor", I don't care how the T.P. is hung, my favorite shoes are black stappy sandals with 4" heels. Last time I wore them was with a pair of cutoff shorts and a t-shirt. I was actually modeling them for a friend and decided they were too cute to take off.

    Anyway, I think you are an amazing writer. Keep it up!

  13. Happy blogiversary!

    I have Usher Syndrome (type 2), which is hearing loss + retinitis pigmentosa. My bedroom walls are bright orange, which is my favorite color. I have the biggest crush on Josh Howard (with the Dallas Mavericks) and got to meet him on Tuesday night! I want to become a forensic pathologist. I took my first "real" boyfriend to Prom but he didn't take me to his.

  14. I love reading LG because I identify with you as a smart, hot chick with a history of choosing difficult, smart men; being single well into my late 30s; having spent a few years living in DC; and being verbally inclined - albeit sometimes with filter issues.

  15. Happy Blog B-day. Love your writing and always enjoy the posts. Found you through Monkey Muck and DCup. Archaeologist, foodie, never attended a college graduation, and am taking a BBQ basics cooking class tonight. Can also be seen here
    Have a good weekend.

  16. Happy blog birthday!

    I was your next door neighbor about 24 years ago. Now I'm a philosopher and a criminal defense lawyer. I'm married to my totally hot law partner. We're the parents of two brilliant, beautiful children and two Rhodesian Ridgebacks (which are the quintessential dogs).

    I love brussel sprouts -- roasted, especially. I cook a mean risotto (which dish I was introduced to by Alberta Espie!). I can, given enough time, repair just about anything. And I'm really glad to have found your blog.

  17. Hey you,

    I'm generally not all that impressed with mortals but your blog is...tantalizing. Now as far as our association goes, the mighty DT hipped me to your blog. I was then Lured in with a bit of required reading [I now delete you?]. You've been a fixture ever since.

    I think we have met though, at least I've been told we have. According to the aforementioned, you're no bigger than her arm, so I may have missed you :D

    But enough about you:

    - At 6'4" I clock in as North Americas tallest midget.
    - I believe mayonnaise was created just to piss me off.
    - I won't eat cold food unless I absolutely have to. Seriously I'll heat up anything. If it's hot I want it scalding, if it's scalding...I want it to be the sun.
    - I once purchased a *signed* copy of the satanic bible from a church sponsored rummage sale in a small town in Ohio. It's authenticity is still up for debate.
    - I require little to no supervision.
    - And lastly, I deleted someone just last week, it's still pure ecstasy.

    Keep up the good work Doll

  18. Love the blog. First time coming no really I'm straight.
    Happy anniversary!

    Me: Avid reader of many BLogs out there

    Murderer of the english launguage hence I read it as "buh logs" ...yes my friends make fun of me, but it's just one more thing I can get revenge for!!

    Midwesterner who has fallen off "normal" a little...well more like I think I know what normal is and choose to go in a slightly different direction. Doing so makes me happy so screw the haters.

    May have some latent anger or aggression issues, but for some reason no one has told me about them...hmmm I wonder why?

    Enjoy my career, or job, or even so far as Profession. Of course it is not so lofty as being political in any fashion, although both the company I work for and the industry in general lobby in the billions and deal with some regulatory agencies that get the pleasure of regulating us- their initials are the "FDA" so everyone knows they suck in general.

    Otherwise try to take life as it comes and so far no matter what I've encountered enjoyed it to the best of my ability- of course this is with the caveat that I am a pessimist :)

  19. I am a married, working (outside the home) mom of a 2 year old. While fulfilling, those three things take up nearly all of my time so it is sometimes a struggle to have any other identity.

    I enjoy your blog because it is well-written, but also because it allows me to vicariously live - just a little bit - the life of a single woman. I guess the grass is always a bit greener. Or perhaps it is a matter of just not being able to have it all in life...

    Keep writing!

  20. Oh, you guys, this is so so so very fun for me! Thank you so much for giving me details of your lives! I love it!

    Just Me - Love strappy sandals with high heels, although you're lucky - you don't need the extra height!

    Jenn - Thanks! Orange is my favorite color as well! I painted my kitchen bright orange! I love it love it!

    Anon - Oh, cool - thanks! And don't you think filters are overrated?

    Sean - Thank you! And I just checked out the post! Very cool! I hope your BBQ basics class is going well this eve.

    Mark - I am so incredibly happy that we've reconnected and that you like LG! Wow, isn't that crazy? Neighbors all those years ago on Bhagwan Das Road. It's been way too long, my friend. And Alberta Espie introduced you to risotto? Your comment has made me so high school nostalgic.

    HBMS - Ha ha! Wow - thank you! And goodness! At 6'4" it's astounding that I missed you. Although maybe while we were being introduced I got dizzy looking up that far. Will definitely have to get DT (who I adore, really and truly) to re-introduce at the next opportunity.

    Kerry - Hi! Thank you! Pure normal, as defined by I don't know who, is boring. So a slightly different direction is always preferrable.

    Anon - I think it's true - the grass is greener. But I'm glad you like LG enough to drop in with your busy schedule. Thanks!

  21. I'm delurking to say happy 1st year and I hope you have many more. Otherwise, my morning coffee wouldn't be nearly so fun.

  22. I had no idea that you have only been blogging a year--congrats. I must have started reading your blog shortly after you started.

    My favorite shoes are leather clogs. My second favorite pair? Hiking boots. I know, I know, what am I doing reading this blog.

    I watch too much TV and don't read much anymore because I fall asleep too easily.

    I don't like to listen to music but I love NPR news.

    I have a low-paying job that I love too much to leave.

    I have one of the most beautiful half-hour commutes you could imagine, but I hate to drive.

    I love your blog and read it every day.

  23. Lately I've had an overwhelming urge to finish with the army crap and go home. Not that I want to leave my family behind, I'm just ready to pack them all up and live back among the regular people. Everywhere we go in the Army, the crowd is always the same - heavy on the Republican Baptists (many of whom are delightful, but none of whom have anything in common with me). You remind me of my friends from college - people who are curious, thoughtful, interested in both sides of an argument and most importantly, really funny. I don't hear from my college friends every day, but it is nice to hear from you. Happy Blog Birthday!

    Today, like every day, I listened to the High School Musical 2 soundtrack in the car.

  24. Happy Anniversary!

    Something about me? Sure: I'm writing this comment on the potty. And I think you rock the fucking house.


  25. Happy blog-o-versary!

    One thing about me: I consider myself well-read, but I'm only now reading Faulkner for the first time.

    One more related thing: I only skim the newspapers. I don't know why I find it difficult to actually *read* an entire article.

  26. Height: 5’9 in stockinged feet.

    Favorite pair of shoes: NorthFace sandals – very comfy.

    Listened to on the way to work this morning: ESPN unless it’s a commercial, then Dean Martin.

    Least favorite vegetable: Brussell sprouts –the devil’s veggie.

    Took to prom: Sweet Melissa to the jr. prom, Maria the nutcase to the Sr. Prom.

    Three things you have in your fridge: Mango chutney. Garlic cloves pickled in lemon and dill. Unused film.

    The toilet paper goes on the roll over. Under is for losers.

    I'm glad you've enjoyed your first blog year. Slim and I have enjoyed reading it. I think I started mine for a similar reason as you. The idea that intelligent people find each other this way is a wonderful gift. There are an awful lot of morons out there that we have to deal with every day. To be in this club you must be literate. That's a good club to be in.

  27. Happy Blogiversary, Lisa ~ thank you for keeping me so entertained this last year. Your posts crack me up on a daily basis, leaving me wishing DC was closer to Boston so we could hang out.

    I dated someone who was extremely OCD about which way the TP was placed - if I didn't put it on the roll so it pulled under, he flipped out. Seriously. One of the many, many, MANY reasons we broke up.

    Height: 5'1" in barefeet

    Listened to on my way to work: KISS108's Matty in the Morning radio show. I've been listening to these Boston fixtures since I was in junior high - they crack me up.

    Favorite shoes: Used to be my black Old Navy flip flops that were molded to my feet from so much wear; sadly, they fell apart at school last month and were replaced by similar brown ones. I'm currently reveling in the fact that it's Oct. 13 and I wore them to school yesterday.

    Favorite fall/winter shoes? Toss up between my brown faux suede loafers and the Docs I've had since I was 17. When it's dress up time, I prefer my black, knee-high "hooker boots."

  28. Hi Lisa,

    My mom set me up for prom. I was pathologically shy, but I surmounted it long enough to call the cute red-headed boy in my science class who said no, which crushed me, so I was bemoaning not having a date, and she offered to set me up with the son of one of the nurses from work. I declined, knowing that if I took her up on her offer, I would never, ever be cool. She called me from work the next day, and said, "Don't be mad," which was a Very Bad Sign. Turned out the son of a nurse was going to call me in ten minutes. On our pre-prom get-to-know-you date, my mom and I both forgot his first name, so I didn't even know what to call him until we ran into one of his friends getting ice cream after the movie.

    She also set up my best friend...who made out on my couch with her blind date after prom while my date and I pretended to sleep on the floor.

    Anyway, another lifetime later at 34, I sure wouldn't be 17 again, but it doesn't seem so life-ending, and if my mom knew any single men, I'd let her set me up now. She's become cool.

    Happy blogday, Lisa.


  29. Let's see. My name is Sheila, I like long walks on the beach and margaritas. Just kidding. Hmm, something interesting. I had the best high school job at a pool hall (except the wicked boss woman). I learned to play pool better than most of the guys I knew. I've been very out of practice. I miss it.

  30. Hi Lisa,

    This is actually the first time I've visited your blog. How fortuitous that I did so on your anniversary.

    I'm visiting because Rich of Championable told me today that he enjoys our writing styles, so I was intrigued :).

    I lived in D.C., on the street behind the Hawk and Dove, many years ago. Wonderful, fun city, especially when you're young and in a pre-kids incarnation.

  31. Happy 1st, Lis!! I just can't do without my daily dose of your fresh perspective, brutal honesty, and always engrossing writing!

    You are a wonderful person and a wonderful writer.

    Oh, and next time you come over, I'll be sure to have the toilet paper roll OVER (and not under, as I prefer). ;) And hey, twobuyfour, I am NOT a loser for that, LMAO!

  32. Hi L,
    Sorry I've been away from your blog a while.But I'm back.Missed you.You inspired me to start my own,and I absolutely agree with you-it's a great way to vent among other things.I don't have nearly as many readers as you do, but the ones that I do,do not wanna comment?!Shy,I guess.Or lazy.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'm going to use the advice for new bloggers I've got today:give the link to mine in this comment.
    Thanks L,

  33. Hey Miss Lisa,

    I'm sitting here having a gorgeous spaghetti dinner (salad with NO ONIONS) and nursing the baby and watching a little Arrested Development and checking your blog. That's four of my favorite things all at once, woo hoo!

    Today on the way to work, I hit the random button and Arvo Part's Tabula Rasa came up. Perfect for a foggy morning drive.

    I've been in love four times and devastated three times. (That's a lot of weeping!) Twice I've had a period of promiscuity -- once regretted, once not. Now I'm married and I can hardly believe my good fortune in finding this fella.

    The baby is dancing now and eating cheerios like mad.

    On Thursday I got myself a penny whistle. I haven't practiced much yet but I'm excited to try a new instrument. I love to sing, love to learn new songs. Baby's favorite songs so far: Down in the Meadow and You Go to My Head.

    I love your blog. It has been a good year.

  34. Once again, fun fun fun reading! Thank you all!

    Miss G - Thank you! What a lovely thing to say!

    PJ - Hahaha! I think I knew you weren't into girly shoes. How awesome you have a job you love too much to leave. I envy you! Thanks!

    Shannon - Ohhh, I'm sorry! I want you to leave the Republican Baptists behind and come back to where you have people who delight you and stimulate your brain! I'm delighted I remind you of friends! That'a great compliment!

    Rich - Wow - you do test the limits of a laptop, huh? And thanks - nobody's ever said I rock the fucking house before! I love it!

    DCBrownie - Hi! Yikes - I've never read Faulkner, and I consider myself well-read as well...

    2x4 - Not with you on the Brussels sprouts, but we can agree to disagree, particularly because I'm with you on the TP. Big hugs to you and Slim.

    Miss B - In my mind you are tall! That's so funny! And you know how much I love to hear about shoes! Awesome. Oh, and good riddance to OCD guy. Life is too short to flip out over TP. Ugh.

    Alex - Thank you! I love your prom story! How horrible to have to pretend to sleep while the other couple made out.

    Amisare aka Sheila - I've never had the hand/eye coordination for pool. I envy that skill!

    po - Hi! I'm so excited Rich sent you over! I will have to check you out. Although I don't know him, I heart him.

    Almost - Thank you! I'm so glad to have you as a friend. And seriously, I love your fabulous place so much and always have so much fun when I see you, I don't even remember the TP being under.

    M - Hi! Thanks! I am glad to hear things are going well with you in NY! Big hugs to you!

    A.S. - Ooh, I want to hug you! Clearly there are a lot of people I want to hug. I love your candor. And I'm so glad you found an awesome guy! Thank you for your lovely comment!

  35. LG -

    i have been reading your blog for several months now and i can say that i am thoroughly addicted.

    i have never commented on a blog before, but i felt compelled to congratulate you! and i will just leave you with one thing -

    i loved your post on the way you eat when you travel. i have been doing this for several years now, but i haven't ever been able to explain the behavior. i love that you stocked up on goodies before your flight out of SA - once when i was running quite late for a flight in Zimbabwe i figured i would grab something to eat at the airport - turns out the airport was little more than one room, with a stand outside selling "bottled water." since then i have learned my lesson - i am always prepared with snacks on hand for the journey.

    anyway, thank you so much for your wonderful stories - the traveling, the dates, everything. your blog truly inspires me on a daily basis.

  36. Congrats on a year! And a year of daily, or almost daily posts - SO impressive.

    About me...just as I started writing this I got an email saying I did not get the job I applied for. I am BUMMED. Promise to share something happier next go round!

  37. Let's spelling is often flawless. I strongly dislike answering the phone and making phone calls. If you ask me, I'll tell it like it is. I would really like to learn a few karaoke songs in a language other than English. I plan to go to bra school sometime in the next year. I'm a heavy drinker. And I read you every day. Thanks!

  38. I just started reading this blog and that is EXACTLY why I blog too.

    Seriously. Where else can I rant about ridiculous things for paragraphs on end and not feel guilty of being a time suck to someone.

    On that note, reading your blog is so not a time suck. You are hysterical.


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