Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Halloween version of car camping?

I hate to be all, "When I was a kid, a can of Coke cost five cents..."

But honestly. When I was a kid, none of us dressed like sluts. We just wore kid costumes. I was a really good witch one year, with a long papier mache nose that my mom had made for me. My brother liked to be a cowboy.

I remember one year I was a bunny. But not a sexy bunny. A big, dorky, white, flop eared bunny. They weren't supposed to flop. We just couldn't get them both to stand up at once. And of course since I wore thick glasses, I was a big, dorky, white, thick glasses-wearing, flop eared bunny. With sandals. Because it was hot. It was Bangladesh, after all.

I know Halloween has gotten popular all over the world in recent years. Who doesn't like a holiday with costumes and tons of candy? But in the 70s in Bangladesh and Egypt? Not so much.

We went to American or international schools, so of course we'd celebrate with a parade at school. But then Halloween night? We'd get all dressed up in our costumes. And then our parents would drive us around. Because the houses with Americans were few and far between.

There was no house-to-house trick or treating. There was get in the car, drive, park, get out of the car, and run up to the house all excited.

We'd go to the door, "Hi Mrs. Novins! Trick or treat!" and then the parents would chat a bit, and maybe have a cocktail, and then we'd load back up in the car, and we'd drive to the next house. I suppose it made for more drama per house, but it lacked that excitement of tromping around in the dark with a bunch of your friends, wondering what you're going to get at the next house.

And of course you were never going to pull any Halloween tricks. Like that was ever a consideration when you're standing in a nice living room with friends of your parents. It was more "Treat or treat! And Mr. Davis? Can I have a grape lolly pop? I hate cherry."

The good thing was, you had more time to select candy.

I think they must've given us a lot of candy per stop, because we'd always wind up with a ton, and the whole adventure can't have been more than ten houses. But ten long houses. I'd wind up falling asleep in the car on the way home.

See? We did American kinds of things...In a modified kind of way.


  1. It's funny. I know what you mean. Halloween is just an adult excuse to dress like a slut. But I was RAD things for halloween as a kid.

    -a princess
    -little red riding hood
    -a court jester
    -the energizer bunny
    -a witch
    -Heidi (of Swiss Miss fame)
    -a can can dancer (only because I was in kindergarten and refused to wear ANYTHING except my dance recital outfit.)

    it wasn't until high school that I started wearing stupid costumes, like "slutty cat" and "baby." Uggh. I still refuse to dress like a whore for entertainments' sake usually.

    Even my costume this year, more funny than whorey.

    I'm glad that you like grape. Me too. We're few and far between.

  2. Grape is better than cherry... but Strawberry is tops... at least when it comes to Jelly/Jam/Preserves.

    I always like the vampire costume. I don't remember any others.

  3. SD - Yes, you totally had cute, non-slutty costume ideas. Your costume this year was very fun. Grape is definitely the way to go. I never had to compete with anyone for it.

    VVK - Vampires are fun but the teeth are a pain. I did that a couple years ago. Yes on strawberry jam. But not for candy.

  4. i was penny desperate from 'the rescuers' for like 4 years in a row. i think you'll have to wikipedia that b/c it was so long ago :)

    the best house for us was the mansion that gave out donuts. fricken donuts!! how cool is that?

  5. they have articles abounding about how slutty the costumes are, and it's sad that kids want to grow up faster than they should.

    I remember being the grim reaper one year, with the scythe thing and everything, except I had to chase my on-the-lam dog around the neighborhood when she got out. Imagine that...death chasing a furry, frantic golden dog. Now THAT'S Halloween.

  6. jess - Wait! As in R-E-S-C-U-E rescue aid society??? And donuts - that's awesome!

    moosie - I know. I find the whole thing horrifying. As for you as the grim reaper chasing your dog down the street - that makes me laugh out loud.


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