Thursday, October 04, 2007


I'm a little stressed lately. And when I get stressed, I eat. Seriously. If I see it, I eat it. That's how it is.

But, being at least reasonably self-aware, I know that means I can't have things like, oh, a pound of M&Ms sitting around. Or a bag of Oreos. Or a kilo of chocolate covered crack.

And so my fridge and my cupboards are fairly healthy. Or sparse. Depends on the day, the week, the moment.

So last night, as I was working and stressing here's what I ate, starting from when I got home to just before bed:

A bowl of pasta (with sauce)
Four granola bars (pumpkin spice flax, or some such thing)
Some really yummy muesli I brought back from England (very nutty, unlike me)
Half a watermelon (yes, a whole half. with salt.)
Roughly a pound of Brussel's sprouts (yes, a pound. with olive oil.)
Two spoons of honey (straight, on big spoons)

Next-day realization: Fiber content of aforementioned list? Alarmingly high.


  1. I also eat when I'm stressed, and I have been known to put together elaborate desserts at 2AM in the morning. We're talking Chocolate Tortes and Flans.

    I never keep convenience foods on hand, because I know I would snack like there's no tomorrow.

  2. When I'm stressed, I go to the eating extremes, I either don't really eat anything, or I eat a whole lot. Neither really helps my already super crappy metabolism.

  3. OMG, if I'm interpreting that last line correctly, that is the most hilarious thing I have ever read in my life!!! LMFAO!!

  4. ES - Wow you are fancy! I love flan - if I made one I'd eat the entire thing in one go.

    VVK - I hear you. When I'm emotionally upset I can't eat. But stress, eat eat eat.

    Almost - Yup, precisely. Which has of course not reduced my stress level. But maybe I'll drop a couple pounds.

  5. ha haaaaaaaaaaa. museli...better than pizza, at least the fiber

  6. uh, wait- did you say watermelon with salt?

  7. Love me some brussel's sprouts. I like to oven roast them in olive oile na spices.

  8. SL - Yes, better than pizza. But what a random conglomeration of stuff.

    Aileen - Yah, I always salt melon!

    Sean - Oh, yum. I steam them and then pour olive oil and salt on them. But I bet roasted is great.

  9. I'm a bit curious... how much time is there between when you get home from work and when you go to bed? 12 hours?

  10. Hahaha! This is great. At least the food was healthy. I eat spoonfuls of peanut butter every now and then so I cracked up at the honey part.

  11. 2X4 - Ha! Shockingly, this was over a roughly 5-hour period.

    mm - Oooh, I love peanut butter on a spoon, but I didn't have any.


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