Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday, on our way over to my parents' house, Nick stopped at a gas station to get a Diet Coke.

He came out with a Fanta Orange for me as well.

Betty has been dying to feel the baby, so he suggested we get the little dude all jacked up on sugar, so she'd be sure to feel him. It totally worked.

Also, I love Fanta. Which I pronounce with an "ah" - in the same way as the word "want." Fahnta.

In my world, this also rhymes with "aunt."

Yes, I get teased for it a lot. But not as much as for my pronunciation of "sauna" - even though I'm so totally right.

Although not by my parents, as they pronounce these words the same way I do.

Fanta is a drink of my childhood, and as a kid it was Fanta Grape that I loved. I haven't had one in years. I don't even know if they still make that flavor?

I remember Betty would give me one when we'd have to drive somewhere far, because the old VW bug had no AC - not to mention the lack of seat belts or floor in the back seat.

I'd whine that I was hot, she'd say, "Think about ice. Think about snow!"

Ice? Yes. Comes in cubes from the freezer. Snow? Totally abstract concept.

Fanta Grape? Very cold and perfect for cross-town car rides.


  1. My love for Fresca is the same. You have to say it right to represent just how refreshing it is, though:


  2. Wow, he can already be felt on the outside? That was fast! That is so much fun. YAY! :)

  3. I haven't had Fanta in years. Maybe I'll go get one. And I'm so glad you're feeling Little Lemon kick. I bet that is making pregnancy a little more fun.

  4. LiLu - You are right. Fresc-aaaaah definitely makes it all the more refreshing. Fresca! I haven't had Fresca in ages and ages!

    A.S. - It IS fun! And he can really only be felt under these very specific and time-consuming circumstances: I feel him move. You put your hand against my stomach in roughly the same place he bumped against. I hold still and we wait. Betty and I played this game for a good long time yesterday.:)

    Jules - It definitely makes it more fun! I love getting these little surprises. Plus, I feel like we has more weight (no pun) than I. As in: "We're hungry." "We'd like a Fanta." I quite enjoy it.

  5. Yay - baby moving around for Betty! Very exciting. I'm very into Ginger Ale right now. Root beer float with vanilla ice cream is one of my favorite desserts - has been since I was little.

  6. I had a great chuckle at this post. I may live in ND. But my original language is from the OC. So when my kids were growing up in ND, I would get a bit undone when their teachers would have them pronouncing words such as Aunt, just as you do. And my argument was this "Have you ever heard them say Aunt as in "font" in the movies?" No, because we all know Hollywood knows everything! And who in their right mind says gooms for the part where your teeth are attached to your mouth? Gooms? as in Goober and Gomer Pyle? Yep, sorry Leena, I mean Lisa, I think your original language is redneck. Lutefisk! Oh btw...I eventually told my kids not to argue with the teacher. Some things are just wiser to conform to. Yah?

  7. Oh I LOVED Fanta Grape when I was a kid, too! Only, we were having it in a 1972 Dodge Dart that had tempermental A/C and black vinyl seats. Did I mention that the seats were vinyl? And that there were six of us crammed into that f-er? I don't ever want to hear a kid complain about being in a car until they have sat through July humidity on black vinyl seats with nary but a Fanta Grape to cool off! ;-)

  8. HKW - Oh, my gosh, I love love LOVE rootbeer floats! When we were kids we'd go with my grandma and aunt in North Dakota to the A&W DRIVE IN and have hamburgers and root beer floats!

    Lynn!! - Is this why my parents (and I) say "aunt" like that??? I guess all my relatives must have, and I never payed attention! And your kids learned it growing up! Wow! Yah! And I think both my ND grandparents were born on farms - moved to the "big" city, but definitely born rednecks, with their parents and siblings staying on the farms. Aaaand Lutefisk, which I've never, ever eaten, has to be one of the most disgusting things on the planet.

    Ryane - Oh, I want to hug you! You know EXACTLY the heat (Bangladesh and DC area can't be *that* different in the dead of summer???) and the cool relief of Fanta Grape of which I speak!

  9. Oh they TOTALLY make Grape Fanta still...I had one last week!

  10. When I was in Sri Lanka (in 1993), they were making a big deal out of new Fanta pineapple. It was bright yellow and tasted nothing like a real pineapple, but it had so much sugar it made grape and orange Fanta taste like diet pop, which is really saying something. I'm guessing that one didn't last...

  11. I think you're totally right on both pronunciations!

    I was married to a native Finn, they say it "Sowna".

    And I was living in Hungary when I first heard of Fanta and all their commercials pronounced it "Fahnta."

  12. I'm so going to have to get some grape, orange soda and red pop (I don't know why grape and orange are sodas and red is pop, but anyway) now.

    I am so excited that you can feel the baby moving! It makes it all the more real, doesn't it?


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